The Rahlmont Army

"Today, our County's soldiers have come together and sworn to stand united as one entity, to protect its lands and borders in the face of imminent danger. The troops of Rahlmont will exist as one army, pledged to uphold the founding principles of Terenia and to ensure the safety of its citizens."

What is the Rahlmont Army?:

Our army serves as a localized military guild between the three Baronies that exist within our borders. It was founded with one particular purpose in mind - being able to faster organize and mobilize our garrisoned troops in order to secure our realm from a direct threat that might require immediate attention. It has therefore been agreed upon, that in such a scenario the Count may call for the military leaders of Rahlmont to assemble a larger host of men with a defined hierarchy and ranks. This way our Barons, being loyal subjects to the Duke of Terenia, will be able to take swift action in the face of a dire situation. All to prevent losing ground before the Duke can rally his banners and rush to our aid. Existing as one section within the Terenian army, we work with other military guilds (such as The Legion) to offer safety and protection to ours and neighboring Counties within Terenia.

About the organization:

The Rahlmont army started out as a defensive pact between the allied forces of the County's three main strongholds - Watcher's Rock, Vandemar and Verdacragg. Count Layne then called for a meeting with all of his lords to bring forth his proposal of a united army, consisting from the garrisons upheld by all of their settlements. Each lord chooses how many men he can contribute, depending on his own limits and the weight of the current threat. The Brudvir combatants from Íngíshorn serve as a militia of freemen mobilized to protect their settlement. They are welcome to join our ranks as volunteers, but not required as there exists no contract with the Duke.

How will it work?

When we find ourselves under attack, the outposts scattered across our border have to be quick to evaluate the level of the current threat and quickly report it to the closest military stronghold. The Count issues an order to light the great brazier atop Owl's Tower, which will send smoke black as tar coming from Watcher's Rock. He would then ride out with his men to meet the others by the town of Marscheck. The walled inner city will serve for evacuation of smallfolk coming from the nearby hamlets and villages, and the keep of Verdacragg will serve for holding the War Council. The Commandants sitting there offer counsel on which course to thread, After which a plan is drawn out and the necessary preparations undertaken.


Leadership positions:
  • Marshal - The Count himself shall serve as the head of the army in that case, where he will measure the words of advice given to him and issue the orders for further action.
  • Commandant - The lords Zandyl Latos and Gaius Uriel Sigismund serve as the Count's Commandants and assume a position at the war council. They oversee their own units, issuing the commands for battle.
  • Vice-Commandant - The Vice-Commandant can serve as a temporary Commandant on the field, and also be appointed to the war council in case of one's absence. In addition to that, he controls his own regiment.
  • Officer - The Commandants appoint Officers to take charge of certain units of troops, command them accordingly and direct them toward the completion of set objectives.
  • Heavy Cavalry: Each of the strongholds possesses stables and a strong mounted cavalry. The heavy cavalry includes our esteemed Knights, heavily armored riders and war trison riders. Their primary usage is to engage in direct combat with the enemy's troops.
  • Light Cavalry: Comprised of lightly armed and lightly armored riders in comparison to our heavy cavalry. They are usually armed with a sword and bow, or with a spear. They are most useful for scouting out the field, engaging in skirmishes or support.
  • Freeriders: Independent combatants, usually mercenaries, whom we can hire into our ranks for an arranged sum of coin. They are less reliable, but at times necessary to boost our numbers. Their contract is with the Count himself.
  • Heavy Infantry: The heavily armed and armored foot soldiers from our united ranks, organized into swordsmen, axemen an spearmen. They are the bulk of the army, and perform direct frontal assaults or serve as defensive center of the battle line.
  • Light Infantry: The light infantry regiments are organized such as the heavy, but not reliant on their speed and ability before brute strength. This makes them excellent skirmishing troops, and they are often seen in the army's vanguard to harass or soften up the enemy's front lines before battle.
  • Archers - Divided into units ranging from longbows to short bows, but also including javelinmen. They are key in offering support during the fight and for taking out the enemy's own bows, once they are in range.

Enlist today!

Fight for the safety of your livelihoods, your families or simply for a greater cause. Each of our Baronies are actively recruiting capable soldiers to fill out their ranks, and to help strengthen our army you simply have to reach out to them.

With kind regards!

Grenric Layne

5/27/2018 6:29:08 PM #1

I feel a bit safer now.


5/27/2018 7:33:59 PM #2

Posted By Terrantal at 8:29 PM - Sun May 27 2018

I feel a bit safer now.

As you should, Terrantal. Thanks :D

5/28/2018 9:33:04 AM #3

Yeah finally something that looks good like my Legion X Invicta.

5/28/2018 1:30:52 PM #4

Great concept Gren. Looking forward to see your troops in the game and in action ;)

Keep up the good work.

5/29/2018 9:05:22 AM #5

(Possumus Rahlmont gloria decori)

5/29/2018 7:42:33 PM #6

Thank you all, glad you liked the idea of it and yeah I am looking forward to put it into practice in order fight alongside (hopefully not opposing) your own formidable troops :) And yes part of it even has some roman inspiration to it (coming from Vandemar), I suppose that's one small similarity we've got with the Legion X Invicta from Latium. A good addition!

6/1/2018 7:49:41 AM #7

Looking good 😁👍🏼

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