[DEMALION] County Sweetwater



Just where in Elyria is this place!
  • Server:            The EU Server

  • Kingdom:        The Demalion Empire

  • Duchy:            Anor

  • Capital City:    Shanklin

  • Tribe/Biome:   Neran/Grassland

  • Religion:         The Virtori Faith

  • Join Us:           Duchy Discord Channel

  • Website:         Official Anor Website

  • Sweetwater is ruled by Count Eladrielwen.

  • Sweetwater is a Multi-Cultural Society & all people are welcome in this County.    Sweetwater is primarily a protected roleplay County but PvP is accepted in self defense, law enforcement or wartime.


Neran / Grassland

Sweetwater lays at the very heart of the grasslands biome and is the Duchy of Anors primary farming province. Responsible for the majority of the Duchies food supplies it's lands are extremely diverse, growing a variety of different crop types including fruits, vegetables and herbs. There are also large sections of fertile grasslands set aside for breeding cattle and horses as animal husbandry is a large part of the economy. The quite sizeable Neran population is mainly farmers with growers, gatherers and breeders.

Sweetwater is truly a picturesque County to live, explore and relax in with many citizens enjoying just taking in the sights on their days off from tending to the fields and animals. The beautiful rolling hills, vineyards and flat plains interspersed with woodland and rivers brings many a hiker, painter and traveler through these parts looking for inspiration.


There will be a wide variety of opportunities within Shanklin and the other settlements in the County.

Shanklin has long been the epicentre for producing fine foods and drinks with few neighbouring regions coming anywhere close in quality thanks to the abundant produce it has access to. There are many taverns, markets, shops and stalls for traders to ply their wares and Cooks/Chefs will do extremely well. Bards are needed to assist in animal husbandry and Shanklin would be a fine place for a bard school.

The Capital being the administrative heart of the County will see opportunities for trades not directly related to agriculture, such as towns guards and administrators who will work with the Mayor and Count. Architects who may like to specialise in small town planning and infrastructure will be welcomed. In fact it is envisioned Shanklin will grow to be a place where most if not all trades are welcomed.

Although not as developed industrially as other places the County completely supports growth in this area especially, therefore Blacksmith’s, farriers and woodsmen professions just to name a few are always welcome in Shanklin and the County at large. There is also great opportunities for thriving clothes makers to make use of the by products of animal husbandry with an expected brisk trade in furs, leathers and garments to help the citizens of the county and Duchy, both for everyday ware and military use.

There will be plenty of land for sale throughout the County so that people can build or rent houses and own land for farming or other commercial activities that will add to the economy of the County and the rest of the Duchy.



At the heart of the County lays the Capital City of Shanklin, whilst Sweetwater is renowned for is farming, pastural land and beautiful countryside, Shanklin is the bustling central trade hub. Produce from the surrounding areas flow directly into the City where it is then shipped out to other Counties and Settlements within the Duchy. Not all produce is immediately exported however and much of it is processed into other commodities such as grapes being turned into delicious wines.

Shanklin was founded very early in Elyrian history by a tribe of hunter gatherers who finally decided to settle down in one place and grow their food and breed their own cattle. As generations passed the settlements grew exponentially until it became the breadbasket for the whole of Anor.

Sweetwater is a very quiet and peaceful County but security is one of the Counts goals as nothing can be taken for granted. The Capital is protected by walls, guard towers and a local militia. Further protection comes in the form of the Duchies Military known as The Anorian Guard commanded by the Master of War.


County Sweetwater has a bustling economy that is based mostly off agriculture. It's main exports are raw products such as grain and meat but also commodities produced from them, Sweetwater Wine is a highly sought after drink.

There will be safe and easy access to trade routes within the county and to the Duchy. Though trade on open roads may always carry some risk, caravan guards may be hired by citizens via contracts to support the flow of goods. It will be in everyone's interest to ensure the safety of these trade routes so that the Duchy can maintain it’s food supplies and continue to develop.

To encourage population migration into the region to expand the diversity of the economy taxes will for a while be set at a low reasonable rate


As the County grows, further taverns and markets will naturally spring up due to the building of villages and hamlets. It is envisioned this will attract entertainers and Bards to the County and being plentiful in grain, there will be many opportunities for merriment, song and dance. The rural areas of Sweetwater are just as interesting and imporant as the urban.

The Count is known for hosting many a County agricultural show and fair with many competitions and prizes, beer tents and animal shows.

Being a peaceful county with beautiful countryside, people can settle in peace here, living a rustic yet fulfilling existence. It is not uncommon for the elder generation of Anorians to choose Sweetwater as a place of retirement.


Count Eladrielwen understanding the importance of infrastructure works hard to ensure that all settlements within the County are fully connected and that perfectly maintained trade routes exist into and out of the region. Exports of the Counties foods, drinks and other commodities is of utmost importance. With such extensive farmlands throughout the rural areas, other smaller road connections are continually laid down so farmers and breeders can travel with ease.

Aqueducts are another important feature of the Sweetwater landscape as keeping the crops watered during times of insufficient rainfall is a must, therefore the expansion of this type of infrastructure is a high priority to the Count also.


The University of Anor

Sweetwater prides itself on it's farming community and history but growth in the future will also be aimed at industry and manufacturing in order to diversify the economy. All this will require training and learning and nowhere better is there than the large and great University of Anor. The University sits within the Duchies Capital of Dawn's Reach but can be easily accessed from Sweetwater thanks to the Counties road/trade networks leading between the two Cities.


The Virtori Church

The official Religion of Sweetwater is the Virtori faith, whilst the head of the Anorian faith resides in the City of Dawn's Reach and Sweetwater is primarily an agricultural region, faith is still a very important and integral part of the County and as such the City of Shanklin hosts it's own religious centre so members of the religion can freely practice their faith.


The Anorian Guard

The protection of the County falls under the umbrella of the Anorian Guard, All soldiers perform a number of different missions to ensure the protection of the Duchy.

The Head of the Military is the Master of War and this position is currently held by Baron Creighton Halleck of the Barony of Londo.

To learn what Missions may be undertaken please click here to visit our 'Organisations of Anor Thread' for more detailed information.

The Anorian Guard is the absolute backbone of the Duchies Defensive and Offensive capabilities and is Commanded by the Master of War. It is responsible for all military missions.

Aswell as the defense of the realm and going to war against would be aggressors the Anorian Guard deals with intelligence gathering and intelligence missions. With eyes and ears everywhere, Scouts ensure they know precisely what is going on and who is or is not a threat. Anybody willing and able can join the Anorian Guard. Benefits include access to the most advanced weapons, armour and training facilities available aswell as payment for completion of Missions.

As soldiers make their way up the ranks it is possible for Soldiers to be spotted and can become a Knight of the Sun taking a command position in the military. The Knights of the Sun are an elite chivalric Order within the Anorian Military and only the best of the best gain the right to join it. The Knights are usually handpicked from the Anorian Guard when a soldier has proven themselves capable and worthy of a Knighthood. So long as they prove their metal and their loyalty to the Duchy/Duke is steadfast, they will quickly join the orders ranks and take their rightful place.

Knights are responsible for some of the more important missions, aswell as personal protection for the Duke should it be required and training and handing out missions to those of lower rank. All Knights gain access to a specially designed set of armour, designed by the Duke himself for such a prestigious group of warriors. Other benefits include payment for services and access to excellent equipment.


If you wish to join County Sweetwater and become one of it's Citizens then please feel free to join the Duchy of Anor Discord. Please click the Discord image above to gain entry. Thankyou.

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Repost to fit Empire sig link

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Love the concept you have for your County, when I need to import some food and drink I know where to come. :-D

6/19/2018 10:10:41 AM #3

Looks very good! Good luck

6/21/2018 8:46:25 AM #4

Great thread Eladriel! If everything goes according to plan I guess your county will flourish and pose a good trading partner for mine. Hope to be able to work together later in the game. Keep it up.

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Hi Garrulus, just wanted to say welcome here, I am very pleased to have you as a Mayor and I am sure we will be able to do great work together for Anor and Demalio as a whole.

Welcome aboard!

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A wagon appears around the bend. It's occupant gazes upon the rolling hills as a gentle breeze caresses a sea of golden wheat as far as the eye can see. Dotted farmers working hard under the heat that nurtures this cornucopia. Closer to the capital he sees many other crops and a variety of farm animals. Enough to feed an entire Duchy! As he rolls into Shanklin, he can't help but notice how the excellent infrastructure makes the well developed capital feel bustling with activity, but not overly crowded. Still retaining much of that peaceful rustic charm that he adores and frequently laments when at the Duchy's University. The wagon wheels creak to a halt as the lumbering ursaphant stops in front of the tinkerers shop.

I am home.

(and thanks for having me)

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We are very lucky to have someone such as yourself within Anor Mio.

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I am very much looking forward to helping Sweetwater and the Duchy grow.

Thank you very much for the warm welcome!

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Thx, you are all a really friendly bunch and I look forward to helping this county become a very special place in the Duchy. :)

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Loving the new shiny Coat of Arms. Very fitting.

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Thank you Sweetwater for the warm welcome! Looking forward to supplying you all with the fastest horses and the sweetest apple pies :)

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A Hint of Spring

Warm Spring winds whispered across the fields and through the barren forests of Sweetwater, teasing rain and a temperate weather that she prayed - a little prematurely perhaps - held the course through Summer. The budding fields and trees were struggling even then to break through the stubborn chill and though she knew it would happen, she was entirely too impatient to yet again see the lush green and vibrant colours return.

Sharp and fragrant scents of drying herbs mingled with the smell of breakfast and the bread she had put in the oven, reminding her that she had set a tea to steep. Running her fingers back through the coppery strands of her hair, she took in a deep breath of the fresh air and smiled out at the yet barren lands while offering a longing sigh to the chill that lingered. There was still snow on the ground and would likely be more yet before Winter finally gave in to the seasonal shift. Everyone she knew was ready for warmer weather.

She was about to turn back into the warmth of her home when the sound of wheels drew her attention to the roadway and she spied a wagon stacked with familiar wooden barrels. The newest batch of spirits, likely headed into the town proper! That'd bring a smile to people's faces, she thought and offered a wave to the man driving the wagon before disappearing back into her house.

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Count Eladrielwen,

Keep up the good work with the increasing of your citizens in Sweetwater. Thank you as always for your contributions.


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Admires his neighbour's healthy livestock Things seem to be going well for you in Sweetwater my friend, what are you feeding these mighty beasts? :D