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In the Kingdom of Vornair, in the Duchy of The Anemoi, within the
County of Zephyros close to the mountains, is a town nestled in the woods with grasslands waiting to be plowed and seeded that calls for herdsmen, farmers, crafters, and warriors alike:

The Town of Sirona

Important information to lead with here is that we are a double kingdom and that will help when it comes time for land selection. Please read the Kingdom of Vornair write up to understand how this could work in our players’ favor. I also urge you strongly to read the write-up [The Anemoi] posted because it is so informational and will help you get an idea of just how great Sirona will be.

The town of Sirona can be found nestled at the foot of the mountains in the alpine woods. It is an RP community that is open to those interested in learning to RP or who are heavy rp’ers. You’re welcome to be a hermit in the woods here too so long as we don’t get 3 of them. Rules? Help each other especially when in trouble or in need. Don’t be a dick. RP will require negative and abrasive personalities and evil characters but outside of game you don’t need to be that way. If you are being a jerk ooc and I get complaints we're going to have a chat and if necessary you will be shown the door the very first time. If not the first time then you will be shown the door the second time. I know that sometimes we have a bad day but an honest felt apology goes a long way.

As Mayoress I will need a Scribe and steward to help keep track of the taxes collected. The position will include an income. I am looking for people interested in breeding, leatherworks, carpentry, blacksmithing, herbalism and veterinary medicine. I am looking for tamers, hunters, healers and there will even be a place for warriors.

I have plans for housing to include small gardens behind or next to them, if possible, or even connected shops to sell out of to make the requirement of owning more than one building not necessary early on, if at all. This will also help when it comes to keeping taxes lower for the townspeople. Having your home above your shop and your garden in the backyard gives you added security for selling, less need to buy land right away, lower taxes, and room to grow.

Sirona is home of the School of Animal Medicine and will teach how to handle all things blood and bone related in animals and I’m looking for teachers too. I hope to also offer herbalism and apothecary as it applies.

Sirona is seeking guilds interested in opening new locations in and outside of town. We are looking for tamers interested in focusing on canines, beasts of burden, anything else that can survive the climate, and make a good pet. We want to attract those training or finished training at the county’s The Anemoi Hall of Animal Husbandry and the Bestial Breeding Program, and even the Fangs of Fenris

I will be hosting monthly PvP events, more if possible, and inviting surrounding towns to send in their own best warriors to compete. In time I hope it will become a circuit of towns and counties competing, that all towns will have a town champion, and each county can field a team made up of them that can be sent to festivals as a representative in larger events with larger prizes. All of this will fit nicely into general kingdom plan for tournaments. Who knows? Maybe you get to show off your skills in combat or in 3v3 or 5v5 in front of the King!

Where the trees thin is grassland good for farming. Perfect for those wanting a more grounded-in-earth life. Just what we need to round out the plate of fresh meat and to store in root cellars for the Winter months when growing is hard.

I would like the town to have several smaller underground root cellars to store reserves, instead of one building above ground, to protect our stores in case of attack. As mayor I will be looking for an architect or master builder to help lay these out and would like several trusted townsfolk to take up the responsibility of having one under their home. The additional taxes could be covered by the town. A decision will be made before launch.

I will be working with our duke and counts, to get a trading contract in place as soon as possible to get our goods traded as far as possible, and for the best possible prices, because your gain is a gain for the town and the better the town does the bigger, and stronger, we can grow.

Fresh meat, mead, and tales more outrageous with each telling will be passed around the mead hall to pass the long and cold nights. Won’t you join us!

Contact: Lady Cimmera Reghrlich

Lady Cimmera Reghrlich Vornair-The Anemoi-The County of Zephyros-Cimmera's Friend Code: 1551BF Click here to Join Anemoi Discord

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