Will you survive the Searing Plague Event!?

The Soulbound Studios Outreach and Community teams have been working overtime to bring you our greatest community event so far. Step back in time with us to when a plague was ravaging the known lands. Will it overtake all of Elyria and plunge the world into death and decay, or will the citizens of Elyria band together halting its growth, to save the world? Only YOU can determine the fate of Elyria and help write the history of our world!

We are super excited to share with you our latest story reveal and the mysterious as well as exciting event it precludes: The Searing Plague!!


Though accounts from the time of the Searing Plague are plentiful, the exact events are unclear.

This terrible disease tore through Elyria for three, long years, bringing suffering and death to every corner of the world. What I can tell you - what I have seen - is that it was the region of Menas which was hit the hardest. A fertile region, known as much for it’s family farms handed down for dozens of generations as its stately trees dripping with moss or highland passes accessible year round. The region was a jewel and therefore settled by several tribes who took advantage of its meandering rivers and mild winters to grow their crops.

-Anara Starsong

To learn more about what transpired that led to this fateful time in Elyrian history, read on!

What is it?

The Searing Plague is a massive community event with a lot of participation options. The event outcome will canonize Elyrian lore, and ultimately it will all depend on you! As either a Plague Carrier or as a Pure Elyrian your actions will dictate the course of the Searing Plague!

When is it?

This event will run from today, August 3rd to September 14th, at noon pacific time - that's over 40 days of fun and excitement!

What is involved?

The entire community will help decide not only the history of Elyria, but also which awesome rewards you will earn by the event's conclusion.

Each of you have a variety of ways to take part, either as a Plague Carrier or as a Pure Elyrian.

Many of our community members have been hungry for a longer lasting promotion similar to the Free Kingdom of Elyria event, and this is it! This event lasts over 6 weeks and, while not the norm for us, we know you'd appreciate the extra time to rally your compatriots, spread the word, and strategize.

There are many elements to this promotion and event. Here we will outline them and, later in this blog, point you to further instructions.

  • Event Landing Page - A place to check on the status of the meters, participate, choose roles, keep track of all that is happening with the event, access the discussion channels, and so much more.
  • Pick-A-Path Lore - The event wouldn't be complete without a lore story and, this time, you get to help decide how it turns out! Each week the collective actions of the community will cause additional lore to be revealed that will help shape the story and fill in a major event in Elyria's history!
  • Discord Channel - We will open a special Discord channel called #searing-plague-event that will remain open for the duration of the event (and possibly longer). This is the only channel where you should discuss this event.
  • Event Forum - A new forum will be made called "The Searing Plague" that will be used exclusively to discuss and participate in this event. This is the only forum where you should be discuss this event.
  • Social Sharing - We've made it easy for you to help spread the word of this event; find the details on the event landing page.
  • Play a Role - We've created 16 different roles for you to customize your experience during this event. What type of role will you pick? Find out more details on the Event Landing Page.
  • FAQ - You probably have even more questions, so we built this list of answers that we'll be continually adding to as the event unfolds.

How to Participate

Make sure you're logged in and then go to the Event Landing Page to participate. In conjunction with the help you can get from fellow community members via the forums and Discord, you will have everything you need to take part.

If you have a pledge package, you'll find that you are "pure" and are able to generate Purity Seals to fight the plague every 4 hours. If you have no pledge package, you'll find you are generating Plague Signs that, if untreated, will increase the Outbreak Meter! Purity Seals and Plague Signs can be traded between accounts by generating request links and, if a plague carrier is able to collect enough Purity Seals, they can redeem them for an Elyrian Package and begin helping in the fight against this terrible disease!

The Outbreak Meter is a ticking time bomb, but converting Plague Sign generators to Purity Seal generators is just one of the tactics to fight the plague. Purity Seals can also be contributed to the Cure Meter, which will unlock global bonuses and rewards to help out everyone!

Whether you are generating Purity Seals or Plague Signs, you can use your abilities to further stave off the Outbreak Meter's advance. You can adopt a role and unlock additional abilities once you've utilized 10 Purity Seals or Plague Signs. Descriptions of the roles and abilities can be found on the Event Landing Page.

Trading Seals and Signs will be vital to survival, so we've created an Event Forum and Discord Channel for you to coordinate, trade, and strategize!

If you get stuck, the bottom of the Event Page will contain the top questions and answers for this event, as well as a link to the full FAQ that may expand over time as the event unfolds.

There's a lot to keep track of and many roles for you to fill, so we've built an Event Landing Page where you can monitor the event and take action to fight the plague all in one place! Bookmark and visit the Event Landing Page now!

New Store Items!

It just wouldn't do if we didn't offer unique and special store items to commemorate this historic event. See below for a list of all new items added to the store.

All promo items are tradeable and giftable.

Distiller's Starter Kit

A kit containing specialized supplies to get you started brewing your own spirits

Though alcohol dates back to the Second Age, simple fermentation can only do so much. Real spirits are a product of careful distillation of those fermented alcohols into a far more potent and pure drink. Something truly intoxicating! Whether you see your future in whisky, gin, vodka, or other liquors, this kit will get you started. The still is small enough to brew out of a wagon.

Purchasing this item will allow you to redeem the following Standard-quality items from a vendor in-game:

  • 1 Portable Alcohol Still
  • 10 Sacks of Barley
  • 1 Yeast Culture
  • 1 Recipe: "Howling" Whisky

Vintner's Starter Kit

A kit to get you started on the Vintner's Path (vineyard not included).

It is said (mostly by wine aficionados) that civilization was poured into Mann by the cask. True wine has been produced in Elyria since early in the Third Age. It's difficult to imagine a world without wine. A seemingly simple concoction of grapes and time, there is still ample room for a vintner to make his or her mark by what is (or isn't) added beyond that. This kit will get you started but full wine casks are really heavy so we recommend you own a wagon at the very least.

Purchasing this item will allow you to redeem the following Standard-quality items from a vendor in-game:

  • 1 Portable Alcohol Still
  • 1 Wine Cask
  • 10 Bushels of Grapes
  • 1 Wine Yeast
  • 1 Recipe: Port Wine
  • 1 Recipe: Brandy

Trollmouth Salamander

This hideous creature has several uses prized by alchemists, including water purification.

It was quite by accident that the alchemical qualities of the Trollmouth Salamander were discovered, and it's not a tale for polite company. These brutish amphibians are not well-suited to captivity as they stop producing the enzymes for which they are prized the less wild they become. Trappers can always expect to make a sale when one is snared. But the buyer should take care to not store the carnivorous salamander anywhere its elastic tongue can snap up a beloved pet or songbird.

Purchasing this item will allow you to redeem the following Standard-quality items from a vendor in-game:

  • 1 Trollmouth Salamander (not tame)
  • 1 Small Cage
  • 1 Glass Bottle with Stopper

Physician Set

If you're committed to providing lifesaving care to those in need. These supplies will help!

All manner of remedies and schools of thought exist when it comes to healing: naturopathy, apitherapy, pharmacology and more. A wise healer might choose to hedge one's bets and practice a little bit of everything. After all, it's difficult to ignore a patient in need when even a placebo might bring peace of mind. A wise healer also knows that treatment can be messy work.

Purchasing this item will allow you to redeem the following Standard-quality items from a vendor in-game:

  • 1 Oilcloth Smock
  • 1 Oilcloth Apron
  • 1 Pair of Leather Gloves
  • 1 Pair of Leather Boots
  • 1 Herb Pouch
  • 1 Mortar and Pestle
  • 1 Recipe: Wound Salve
  • 1 Recipe: Cooling Tincture

As well as the following Artisan-quality items:

  • 1 Waterskin of Purified Water

Additionally, owning this item will contribute additional Purity Marks to the community Cure Meter each day during the Searing Plague event.

Virtori Missionary Supplies

Virtori Missionaries treated plague victims with prayer, among other forms of charity.

Chief among these were a ritual to plea to the angels for salvation and the ritual to perform last rites when all else failed.

Vicary beads are a well-known symbol of the Virtori faith and provide the devout a conduit for prayer. These bracelets have 7 beads of organic materials (such as wood, bone, or horn) for the Virtues and 7 metal or stone beads for the Vices, each bearing the symbol of one of these angels.

Fatecasting Medallions are a set of 7 coins that are emblazoned on one side with a symbol of Virtue, and on the other side by its opposing Vice: Chastity-Lust, Temperance-Gluttony, Charity-Greed, Diligence-Sloth, Patience-Wrath, Kindness-Envy, Justice-Injustice.

The Prayer of Salvation uses the shroud, chalice, and vicary beads at bare minimum. Subjects are draped in the shroud, ideally before a Virtori altar. Each vicary bead is touched to a part of the body as a prayer is uttered for the selected bead. Wine is drunk from the chalice to allow their eternal spirit to receive the angels' blessings. Then, to keep only Virtue and drive out the Vices, the subject is flogged.

Last Rites are performed by an attending priest, if possible, and requires the robes, shroud, and fatecasting medallions. The subject is laid in repose, whether dying or recently deceased, and draped in the shroud. The priest casts the fatecasting medallions around the subject, revealing their fate: whichever side lands facing up reveals which entities hold sway over the individual. Prayers and sacraments are selected by these results. In an ideal setting, the sacraments would be burned in a censer over the subject while all in attendance speak the prayers. The attending priest concludes the rites by ringing a bell (or whatever is available) 7 times.

Purchasing this item will allow you to redeem the following Standard-quality items from a vendor in-game:

  • 1 Vicary Bead Bracelet and pattern
  • 1 Missionary Robe and pattern
  • 1 Ceremonial Shroud
  • 1 Ceremonial Chalice
  • 1 Set of Fatecasting Medallions
  • 1 Book of Virtori Scriptures "The Virtuous Path"

Note: These items will be available for purchase until the end of the event, September 14th, 2018 at noon pacific time, and then will return to the vault!

A World Bettering Event

Throughout this event, we are raising awareness for Doctors Without Borders to help support their cause. Founded in 1971, this organization has treated tens of millions of people all across the world, irrespective of political or religious boundaries. Doctors Without Borders was created on the principle that all people in need of medical care should be treated regardless of gender, race, religion, nationality, creed, or political affiliation. We hope that their commitment to the needs of the people inspire you in this event and that you'll support their cause as well.

You can contribute by going to

In conclusion...

Are you excited yet?!

Head over to to begin participating.

The event ends, and the outcome forever becomes a Chronicle in Elyria's history, on September 14th at noon pacific time.

Good luck and as always,

More to come...

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

8/3/2018 4:03:34 PM #1

Please review the following questions and answers below, just in case there is information that is pertinent to you. Don't submit a support ticket or ask a question about this event before reading this FAQ in its entirety.

Thank you for your cooperation and participation!


Q1: I do not have a pledge package, what is my part in the event?
A1: Without a pledge package, you will be one of the infected. Every 4 hours you will generate Plague Signs. These plague signs will be contributed to the Outbreak at the end of every day if you cannot cancel them out with Purity Seals, use them for role abilities, or otherwise try to get rid of them.

Q2: I do have a pledge package, what is my part in the event?
A2: As a pledged player you will begin the event uninfected, as one of the pure. Every 4 hours you can generate a purity seal to fight the outbreak. You can use purity seals to nullify plague signs, use role abilities, or contribute them to the effort to find a cure, thus advancing the Cure bar.

Q3: So how do I play?
A3: As an “Infected” member, use your plague signs, either by trading them with other players or using your role abilities before they are contributed to the outbreak bar at the end of each day. This helps slow the outbreak's spread and give the race for a cure a better chance at success. As a “Pure” member, use your purity signs to contribute to the cure, trade them to infected players so they can be purified, or use your purity seals on your role abilities to advance the cure bar more quickly or drive the outbreak bar back down.

Q4: What is a "Role ability" and how do I get one?
A4: After you've used some of your purity seals or plague signs, you will unlock the ability to adopt a role and select it from the event web page. Each role tackles the plague in a specialized way, with three distinct abilities that can be used throughout the event if you pay that abilities cost of plague signs or purity seals.

Q5: I'm infected! How do I cure myself?!
A5: Infected members can purify themselves using 180 purity seals. Doing so will earn you an Elyrian package, so you can play Chronicles of Elyria when we launch! (yay)

Q6: How do we win?
A6: There is no winning or losing since what happens with the event will affect the game world no matter what occurs but, to find a cure for the plague, the community needs to advance the Cure bar all the way to the end.

Clarifying statement added on 9/4/2018:

A 100% on either bar before the event ends will mean a "win" for that bar. (e.g. hit 100% on the cure before the 14th and everyone who is pure and has performed 30 actions by the end of the event will gain the title, plus whatever they unlock along the way.) If no bar has hit 100% at the end of the event, then the bar that is closest to 100% will "win" - players will only earn whatever rewards they have unlocked up to that point, but they will "win" the bar's outcome, be that plagued biomes or the inheritable resistance/title.

Players will earn rewards when they are unlocked, so any unlocked rewards they have accumulated by the end of the event will be awarded later, regardless of if the related bar wins. E.g. you'll get your plague mask regardless of whether the cure or the plague wins.

Q7: What happens if we fail to find a cure?
A7: If the Outbreak bar reaches 100% before a cure is found, each server's world will be scarred by a plaguelands biome, and the searing plague will rear its ugly head more frequently, as well.

Q8: What happens if we do find a cure?
A8: Congratulations on finding the cure! If the Cure bar reaches 100% before the outbreak grows out of control, each player will gain a title, "Plagueborn," they can apply to one of their characters. The character that carries this title will be resistant to the Searing Plague and that resistance will be passed on to their children.

Q9: What else can happen in this event?
A9: Your efforts to find a cure and fight the plague will directly influence the course of events that unfold throughout the plague. Every week new lore will be released and, when you reach certain milestones on both the Cure bar and the Outbreak bar, the state of the world and the game will change to reflect that. Milestones met on the cure bar will often grant players rewards such as plague related items, including the cure for the plague itself once it is discovered!

Q10: What are the dates of the event?
A10: The event runs from August 3rd to September 14th, 2018 at noon pacific time.

Q11: I don't have a package which means I am generating Plague. If I gain a package, will I automatically start generating Purity Seals?
A11: If you gain a package via the event by the collection of 180 purity seals, you will be cured and begin generating purity immediately. If you receive and claim a package via any other method, you will need to wait until the next 4 hour period of the timer to finish before you become pure.

Q12: When will new events in the Searing Plague happen?
A12: This is answered in the Lore story and The Searing Plague video

Q13: I bought a package after the event started, do I generate both types of marks (plague and purity) now?
A13: No, you will have been purified and now generate Purity Seals instead of Plague Signs!

Q14: I would like to donate directly to the same charity you are, how do I contact them?
A14: You can reach out to Doctors without Borders here and donate right on their page.

Q15: I can only see the event page but I cannot do anything?
A15: You must be logged in to view the event page. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact us with as much information about the issue as possible at [email protected]

Q16: Can I create new alt accounts so that I can help the Plague advance?
A16: No. An account must be active to participate and you should not create unnecessary accounts to try and "game" the event. Doing so may result in disciplinary action being taken against that account and any other accounts you may have. Play safe, play by the rules.

Q17: I prefer not to participate, is there any way I can avoid the event?
A17: You are not obligated to participate if you don't want. Like world events that occur in the game after launch, your role in the event is up to you. You may participate directly or avoid it altogether, but the actions of others always ripple out through the world of Elyria.

Q18: Will The Searing Plague promo items in the merchandise store be available after the event ends?
A18: No. The promo items will all return to the vault after the event ends on September 14th, 2018 at noon pacific time.

Q19: Are the Trollmouth Salamanders breedable?
A19: No, at least not in captivity.

Q20: What gender will my Trollmouth Salamander be? Can I pick the gender?
A20: Random, since determining this is difficult under the best circumstances.

Q21: If someone gifts me an item that has passive effects after the event has already started, will I still receive the item’s passive bonuses?
A21: So long as the item is in your inventory during the event, it will count.

Q22: Will Vox/Alpha/the game be delayed because you spent time on this event?
A22: No. The effort behind this event and promotion was done by the Community and Outreach teams. The studio is still spending their time on our current Adventure 0.4.0.

Q23: Do passive bonuses stack if I have more than 1 of each item?
A23: No, they do not stack.

Q24: Will the Trollmouth Salamander be available in all biomes? And will it have a different appearance based on said biome?
A24: You can claim a Trollmouth Salamander in any biome, but they are relatively delicate creatures and they aren't exactly suited to some biomes. They're kept in cages and are feral. They are not native to all biomes.

Q25: If we earn a title in this event, how does it integrate with our surname in game?
A25: Surnames and titles are two different systems. There should be no problem.

Q26: Will this game use friend referral codes like previous web page games?
A26: It will not! Instead you can request trades using the trade functionality on the event landing page to generate links you can share with anyone.

Q27:I have a package on layaway that hasn’t been fully paid yet. Does this make me infected or pure?
A27: If the package is not fully paid off, you do not own a package and therefore you will be infected until it is paid off or you earn an Elyrian package and become pure. If you own a package and have an upgrade on layaway, then you will not be infected.

Q28: If the reward for the cure makes my CoE character resistant to the Searing Plague, does this mean that the Searing Plague will be in the game at launch and other characters can become infected with it?
A28: Oh my, yes.

Q29: If I have a package on layaway, will receiving a package from this event change the layaway total?
A29: No, you will simply have an additional package in your inventory that you can either gift or merge into your account after your layaway is paid off and package merging functionality is released.

Q30: Will the results of the Plague be different per server, or does the same thing count for each individual server?
A30: In this particular event the results will carry over to all servers.

Q31: Can I purposely infect other players without them knowing that I did it?
A31: No you may not. But as the outbreak grows, the plague will spread...

Q32: What are the various different roles and abilities?
A32: You can see the roles on the Searing Plague page.

Q33: Can you change roles?
A33: When you first unlock the ability to adopt a role you will have a one-time option to choose from one of four roles. As you play more, however, you will unlock a second tier of roles and gain another one-time opportunity to select a new role from your new list of choices. Unless something happens during the plague, those are your only chances to choose new roles.

Q34: Where am I allowed to post my trade links?
Q34: TSP trade links are only allowed to be shared in the #plague-trading channel in Discord, or in The Searing Plague forum. Any TSP trade links posted in other channels or forums will be removed.

Q35: Are there specific places that I am required to discuss this event?
A35: For Discord, you can discuss the event in any channel you have access to, but we'd prefer you discuss it in the #searing-plague-event channel created for this event. In the forums, posts related to this event go in The Searing Plague forum only. Posts will be moved if posted to any other forum.

Q36: If I want to make alcohol spirits other than wine or whisky, which kit would I choose: Distiller or Vintner?
A36: Either kit comes with an alcohol still, which is needed to make alcohol. The remaining items in the kits are meant to give you starting ingredients and a recipe. You will still be able to learn other alcohol recipes to use with any alcohol still.

Q37: Does the generate purity action stack?
A37: No, use it or lose it.

Q38: What is a plagueland or plagued biome? A38: A plagued biome is a normal biome where a deadly disease has taken root. In a plagued biome, one or more species will be greatly impacted – perhaps to the point of extinction – and lack of this species in great number will have affected the ecosystem. Animals might be more aggressive, predators more numerous, or life may fail to thrive with a key piece of the ecosystem missing. And, even as the biome’s ecosystem swings out of balance, the disease settles into everything, turning animals and plants into potential vectors for infection. A plagued biome isn’t a magical necromantic biome and it isn’t a total wasteland, but it is a hazard to travel through and more dangerous still to settle in. For more information see Snipehunter’s post.

Q39: If the Cure or Outbreak bar reach 100%, will the event end?
A39: The event will last the full 6 weeks. if either bar reaches 100% before the end of the event it will mean that the ultimate end of the event is decided, but players actions will still help to define the weekly lore. A number of triggered events, rewards, and outbreak escalations are hiding in the cure and outbreak bars that could tip the scales one way or another. Expect a lively push to complete either bar.

Q40: If the Cure or Outbreak bar reach 100%, will players still generate seals and marks and will abilities still work until September 14th, including the ability to redeem an Elyrian pack?
A40: Yes.

Q41: Do I have to be Pure to receive the in game book of knowledge?
A41: Yes, you must be Pure and have chosen a tier 2 role by the end of the event on September 14th, 2018 at noon pacific time.

Q42: Will we receive the tincture and the recipe for it?
A42: Yes, once event rewards are granted, both the tincture and recipe will be awarded to all eligible players.

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

8/3/2018 4:07:06 PM #2

Yeahhhh! Time to make some moonshine! I mean... medicine

8/3/2018 4:12:40 PM #3


Novigrad County~ Together we stand strong and bring despair to those who dare cross us.

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8/3/2018 4:19:12 PM #5

so excited!

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8/3/2018 5:41:30 PM #7

Lets banish this darkness from our lands !

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8/3/2018 6:23:21 PM #8

Guess I should play nice and help instead of spread.. But first: Trollmouth Salamander, I choose you!

8/3/2018 6:43:44 PM #9

We are fighting the searing plague, it is time for all us all to battle together for in the...

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8/3/2018 6:44:40 PM #10

there is a typo here: Event Forum - A new forum will be made called "The Searing Plague" that will be used exclusively to discuss and participate in this event. This is the only forum where you should be discuss this event. the last be shouldnt be there.

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8/3/2018 7:41:46 PM #11

What if I want to kill as many Elyrians as possible?

8/3/2018 8:14:33 PM #12

Can we get more informations about how the roles work?

-do all effects of all roles have a day cooldown or only some (which?)?

-what costs do the abilities have? (I wouldnt want something that costs the seals I dont generate)

-do things like Corpsetakers "Collect Dead" trigger automatically when daily reset is at 9PTD? Follow-up: if yes, do generated Purity-seals get directly consumed for left-over plague or do they stay (aka Corpsetakers always keep their Purity-seals -> perfect role for plagued players)? This way, all we'd have to do is: "all plagued players choose corpsetaker, get 6 purity seals from the community and the plague is stopped as no one raises the bar anymore, as long as they always keep min 6 purity seals (needed to counter the daily 6 plague) and only use leftovers". Afterwards, all we'd have to do is use the other roles to generate purity as much as possible...

-do trade-utilities effects depend on the number of traded seals?

-does one get a role after 10 actions or after 10 used seals? does neutralizing count as two seals? or do players that want a role asap better use both for the progress bars?

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8/3/2018 8:55:19 PM #13

What do the +Infect and +Cure buttons do when successfully used?

8/3/2018 9:02:47 PM #14

So at what point is plague added to the bar? (Do we have a time)

8/3/2018 9:37:00 PM #15

Alright, so I have 10 Plague Signs, but I cannot use them to get a role, how do I do so? Do I need to commit them to the bar or is this some sort of bug?