Domino Fox Model

Good tidings, friends,

The Royal Wardrobe I shared last week seemed to be universally appreciated, no matter if folks saw it as a simple clothing repository, magic portal entrance, worthy raid loot, or elegant skeleton storage.

This week, I've found another furry creature for your bestiaries: the Domino Fox! You might remember the original concept:

Many of you longed to see this interesting fellow in the flesh (digitally-speaking). Well, wait no longer. Behold!

Just check out that mask!

Stay shiny,


8/31/2018 12:15:06 AM #1

Lovely indeed , I love the white version.

8/31/2018 12:15:20 AM #2

Ugh yesssss Theyre soo cuteeeeee ♥_♥

8/31/2018 12:15:20 AM #3

Looks beautiful :) Great shiny!

8/31/2018 12:15:36 AM #4

Can't wait to see the animations to bring this furry to life :)

8/31/2018 12:15:41 AM #5

Looks cute :D


8/31/2018 12:16:01 AM #6

They are so cute <3

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8/31/2018 12:16:14 AM #7

Does the mask have a biological purpose?

8/31/2018 12:18:54 AM #8

I love it

8/31/2018 12:20:21 AM #9

Can you tame them and train them as hunting dogs?

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8/31/2018 12:20:43 AM #10

Wants one immediately

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8/31/2018 12:21:59 AM #11

Posted By 1mmaculateDeception at 10:16 AM - Fri Aug 31 2018

Does the mask have a biological purpose?

If I remember correctly the mask was a protective adaptation against one of it's favourite meals - the flowercup porcupine.

Imgur Imgur

8/31/2018 12:22:24 AM #12


8/31/2018 12:22:52 AM #13

Will they give two hardnesses of leather or just normal throughout the body?

8/31/2018 12:26:53 AM #14

Really nice. :)

8/31/2018 12:38:00 AM #15

I also wanna know if these will be tamable >_> if not I may just have a sanctuary of them XD

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