Let's take control of our map.

It is done, we selected our map, and as it was started in this other thread, we can now try to name remarkable features on our map to help us all understand what we are talking about when talking about our map.

Those were the points of interest i had selected at that time and once again i'm sure i have missed some while some of those i selected may not sound that interesting for others, so do not hesitate to tell me what i missed and what i should remove.

To start i'd add a 116 point just to the right of 98 for the river there and a 117 for the gulf between 12 and 99, a 118 for the islands between 78 and 80.

And i'd name:

98 => squirrel bay

117 => gulf of long ships

6 => the Forge (as i expect 6 to be a volcano)

10 => antlers bay

51 => cap vulture

29 => hammer sound

Go for it let your imagination speak and maybe if we find cool and nice names they will carry on either by us if we can name a few things in the process of the game or by the dev if they read us and like what they see.

By kajoreh

87 => Queen Rock

11/24/2018 3:03:52 PM #1

Can you please make the map so it enlarges when clicked upon?

Very tiny at this size.


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11/24/2018 3:12:11 PM #2

Hum, how do i do that ?

So far what i do is open the image in a new window and enlarge it there, but i'm happy to learn new tricks.

11/24/2018 3:25:56 PM #3

that's what I was doing too lol...thought I was just the only one who didn't know that other trick either....

And to add to your list I would nominate Queen Rock for #87 in honor of The Two-Fold Queen herself.

We Are The Many... We Are The One... We Are THE WAERD !!!

11/24/2018 3:26:26 PM #4

I like 69 point of interest. Where the the river starts and goes all the way to the sea 🌊

11/24/2018 4:26:39 PM #5

The map may be made clickable with this code:


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11/24/2018 6:14:46 PM #6

Thank you

11/30/2018 12:54:57 PM #7


Missing northen Ireland and a bit lopped off the south of England. I'm pretty sure that's a map of the UK? :-)

First post. No idea if that was the point!

  • Fazza
12/23/2018 11:51:14 AM #8

I like to suggest #99, the part which looks like a wolf's head, to be "Nehigeq wuruhi".

Took some inspiration from "nohoanga o te wuruhi", in Maori, which means the wolf's home/seat of wolf. That way it could even be a story in game of the wolf chasing the squirrel. Just a suggestion though =).

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12/23/2018 5:00:35 PM #9

How about we call them by those numbers ?

alt text

1/7/2019 2:03:12 PM #10

Shouldn't the names be in the language of the local inhabitants?

1/7/2019 2:06:23 PM #11

Every Duke will name as he see fit his own land key points I believe .

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