County of Alayviel [EU/Demalion/Anor]



Just where in Elyria is this place!
  • Server:            The EU Server

  • Kingdom:        The Demalion Empire

  • Duchy:            Anor

  • Capital City:    Achelon

  • Tribe/Biome:   Neran/Lower Montane Forest

  • Religion:         The Virtori Faith

  • Join Us:          Duchy Discord Channel

  • Website:         Official Anor Website

  • Alayviel is ruled by Count Ossian Silfversvärd.

  • Alayviel is a Multi-Cultural Society & all people are welcome in this County.    Alayviel is primarily a protected roleplay County but PvP is accepted in self defense, law enforcement or wartime.


Neran / Lower Montane Forest

Alayviel is situated within the Duchy of Anor, which in turn can be found in the beautiful inland lower montane forest biome not far from the beautiful northern Hrothi mountains. The main tribe is Neran but we count on there also being Hrothi and Brudvir families in the Duchy.

The Duchy of Anor is in the inland region with valleys, rivers and hills which provide abundant resources for manufacturing and farming lands as well as a good location for trading. As the center of Anor’s manufacturing industry and one of the main military training locations, Achelon rests peacefully next to one of the rivers traversing the Duchy despite the bustling trade and industry that defines the fortified city. From there seafaring traders can follow the river routes to other nearby Duchies and ultimately the sea while the wide range of road networks upkept by the Anorian masonic order connects the County to the Duchy capital and all surrounding Counties.


Alayviel’s main focus' are known to be manufacturing and military. This often gives people the erroneous impression that there are only blacksmiths making swords in the City. Nothing could be further from the truth! The fact is that Achelon is home to any profession you can think of. Career opportunities in Alayviel and Achelon are ample for anyone willing to put in some work. As a manufacturing epicenter for goods of all types for Anor there will always be need for all types of crafters to fill the stalls and booths in Achelon, not only ship builders, blacksmiths and carpenters but also artisans such as for example glassblowers, paper-makers, scribes and tailors.

The fortifications surrounding the city and the presence of the Anorian guard provide protection for all those who want to peacefully practice their chosen trade in a safe haven that permits them to have a quiet life (other than the occasional brawl in the tavern or archery competition). The variety of goods and the presence of the guard has however also made Achelon a popular starting point for trade caravans preparing for dangerous routes since they can restock and get an armed escort before setting out on their perilous voyage. But Alayviel is not just Achelon. There are other settlements and Baronies in the County for those who are looking for a more quiet existence in a smaller settlement.

The Anorian guard is looking for good and trustworthy people who feel the calling to protect those who cannot protect themselves - or simply long for some adventure or want to carry a sword. There are many career options within the guard and both Achelon and the other Baronies in Alayviel can provide a good start and the best training for the Duke’s future heroes.

But no city can function without the important services rendered by the everyday heroes who put up with our drunken stupor in the tavern or the whiny soldier in the healing house. Tavern keepers, butchers, alchemists, priests, herbalists, administrators and bakers (just to mention a few) are the folks that keep the machinery well lubricated and working. A busy trading hub as Achelon is the ideal place for anyone who wants to settle down while still meeting new people.

Though not primarily a farming County Alayviel still needs to ensure its citizens have food on the table and mead in their mugs. Farming lands are therefore also available in the County for those with a more close-to-earth attitude to life.



Alayviel’s capital is Achelon, a heavily fortified city overlooked by a keep and one of the core defensive structures in Anor due partly to its strategical positioning and partly to its role in supplying the Duchy with soldiers, military equipment, ships and also manufactured products of all other kinds. The name hails from its ancient name Aelon, which alludes to a body of water, such as lake or pool, and refers to the city’s proximity to water.

It’s role in the defense of Anor, training of troops for the Anorian guard and manufacturing of military equipment is visible through the presence of soldiers in and around the city and the Baronies surrounding it. The sense of security provided by the fortifications and soldiers as well as the infrastructure that connects the city to other settlements are some of the things that attracted so many crafters, traders and merchants to Achelon. And following in their steps also the service focused professions needed to care for the wellbeing of the citizens of such a bustling city began sprawling up everywhere. Taverns, butchers, herbalists, alchemists, masons, tanners… The list goes on and the city steams with life and there is no shortage of opportunities to make a good living, whatever your trade.

Though Alayviel is not a farming focused County it needs to be self-sufficient to some extent in order to be able to perform its defensive role, for which some lands surrounding the city are reserved for farming.


The County is situated in the beautiful Duchy of Anor and stands out from its neighboring Counties by a heavy military presence. This is not due to the fact that the County is unsafe, but rather to all the new recruits that come to hone their skills and join the Anorian guard. Alayviel happens to be Anor’s military powerhouse, where soldiers are trained and then geared by the skillful crafters at the guard’s disposal.

The military presence instills a feeling of safety among the citizens and also among the merchants that come from far and wide to trade, though some brawls in the tavern every now and then are to be expected.

A bustling city of crafters, traders and soldiers may not be appealing for everyone and for those that do not enjoy the shouts of traders selling wares, or want to be able to enjoy a pint of mead in peace at the tavern without suffering through a brawl, there are smaller settlements and farming areas in the region where you can enjoy a quiet life and from where to serve the needs of the city from a distance.


County of Alayviel is a trade and manufacturing region where raw materials - such as stone, ore, gems, wood and skins - pass through every day to satisfy the constant need for supplies in the production of civilian goods as well as military equipment and constructs.

Crafters with all kinds of specializations have been drawn to the area since times immemorial, turning the region into a hotspot for commerce. However, the abundance of soldiers and heavy military presence in the area has also resulted in the best blacksmiths, carpenters and bowyers to seek their fortune here, granting Alayviel the highest reputation for its weapons and armors.


Achelon is the home of the Anorian Guilds of Industry (AGI) and the seat of the Anorian master of industry.

The County’s placement within the Duchy and the network of infrastructure that connects Achelon to the neighboring Baronies and Counties made it easy to transport materials and goods, both by land and river. This resulted in a growing market and trade which in turn attracted crafters from all over the Duchy. The growing settlement and increased military presence that came with it, also due to the strategical placement of Achelon, as well as the appointed honor to train part of the Anorian guard meant that part of the manufacturing industry began focusing on military gear. Today the Achelonian industry has grown to be one of the most important, if not the most important, in the Duchy with all sort of goods being produced and sold.

The gathering of so many crafters in one place led the Anorian Grand Council to create the Anorian Guilds of Industry, a coalition of multiple guild types and individual crafters within the Duchy that supplies the entire Anorian military with weapons and armor as well as any product, construct or ship required for government designed, funded and approved projects. The AGI is led by a master of industry which is currently me Count Ossian.


The Anorian masonic order is responsible for building and upkeeping the Duchy’s infrastructure. They are the main force behind Alayviel’s network of roads and bridges which connect the County and its capital to the Baronies and settlements within Alayviel as well as the Duchy capital, Dawn’s Reach, and the neighboring Counties. This network of roads is necessary to provide the rest of the Duchy and Demalion Empire with weapons, armor, clothes, utensils and all types of luxury items manufactured in Achelon as well as the import of prime materials necessary for the industry but also items and produces for the citizens of Achelon. The mead, honey and vegetables from the County of Sweetwater for example are as important to Achelonians as the swords and shields are to the soldiers of Anorath.

The roads are also important from a defensive perspective since they are necessary for quick troop transports within the County, be it for defending trade caravans within the borders or to provide the rest of the Duchy with necessary troops.

With trade and military manufacturing being 2 of the most important aspects of Achelon the city was purposely founded next to a river to allow for trade by waterways. The shipyards however do not only repair and produce trading vessels but are also responsible for the manufacturing and upkeep of exploration and military vessels.


Alayviel prides itself of its guilds of industry where crafters can learn and perfect their chosen trade. Of its barracks where soldiers can join the Anorian guard and train to master their chosen specialty before joining the proud ranks of the Duke’s army. Most of the schooling and training facilities in Alayviel are found within and surrounding Achelon though part of the military training will be carried out in the County’s Baronies.

Those who want to reach mastery of their skills may however need to complement their training with academic studies. The same is true for scribes, researches, herbalists, cartographers, etc. The University of Anor is one of the Kingdom’s most prestigious academic institutions and can be found in Dawn’s Reach, the Duchy capital. There you will be able to not only study, but also to perform research and increase the wealth of knowledge within Alayviel and, ultimately, Anor.


The backbone of Anor’s military forces is made up of the Anorian Guard which is tasked with defending the Duchy and Counties from hostile threats, both from within and from without the Duchy, and the protection of the Duke. The guard not only forms the core of the army but also holds law biding as well as peace keeping responsibilities. It is under direct command of Duke Alduin of Anor.

Starting a career in the Anorian guard usually means starting your training in one of the Duchies Baronies, possibly in one of Alayviel’s training facilities, after which you can choose what you would like to specialize in or what type of missions you want to undertake. Unlike what most people believe, a career in the Anorian guard is not reserved for pvp:ers but there are also many career possibilities for pve:ers. In other words, there is something for everybody in the guard, no matter whether you are the adventurous type of the quiet type (yes you read right!).

The Anorian guard does not only defend the realm against aggressors but also deals with intelligence gathering, escorts, bounty hunting, courier and sabotage, just to mention a few types of missions they carry out. Members of the guard are outfitted by the Duke and have benefits such as access to the best weapons and armour.

Those who prove themselves and show their dedication to Anor may earn the honor of being accepted into the order of the Knights of the Sun, and gain a knighthood which can lead to command positions within the Anorian military and gain access to a new range of missions. The Knights will also be responsible for the training of soldiers and are easily recognizable through their special armour.


The official religion of the Neran tribes is the Virtori faith which is also the official religion of the Duchy of Anor and thus of the County of Alayviel. The Anorian high priestess and her cathedral can be found in the Duchy capital of Dawn’s Reach. The followers of the faith however are found all over the Duchy and the light of Virtori shines on all its followers in Alayviel through the shrines and churches from where the priests bless the trading caravans as well as the soldiers sent out to protect the Duchy and the citizens that seek blessings, help or just want to find inner peace.

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