NieNie's Art Mega-Dump (Lots of Art here)

NieNie's Art Mega-Dump

So I haven’t posted a lot of my artwork to the forums, despite posting to the Discord a whole bunch, so here is a mega-dump of my Chronicles of Elyria related art so far. There is probably more art out there than what is featured below, but it either got lost on the internet or died with my hard drive last year.

If you wish to use any of the art below, credit is appreciated. Thanks for your time and I hope you like my art. Also I have a Patreon if you want to see more of what I create:



Kypiq + Brudvir Relations

Bear-Mole Hybrid (Player-Suggested Animal Idea)


Buy More Otterbears

Otterbear Wallet Stealer!


Chasing Butterflies

Happy Little Otterbear

Foxcelot Pup - This was envisioned just before they revealed the design for the foxcelot.

Tentakeels - They may or may not exist.

Hrothi-Kypiq Friendship

Foxcelot II

Dras + Kypiq = Swamp Kypiq !

A Kypiq christmas

Pufferdile - A Crocodile/ Pufferfish Hybrid (Player-Suggested Animal Idea)

Me and my Otterbear

A Kypiq’s Best Friend

Kitty Kypiq

Peakitten - Peacock/Kitten Hybrid (Player-Suggested Animal Idea)

Dras + Kypiq Relations

Pandagolin - Red Panda/Pangolin Hybrid (Player-Suggested Animal Idea)

Tribe Smiles

Kypiq + Hrothi Friendship (4-Panel)

Souzou the Ursaphant Rider!

Bob Dras

Otterbear Catches the fish

Pteroguin Book Mock-up


Pteroguin Laugh

Derpy Otterbear Walk

Happy Otterbear

The Domino Fox

Otterbear Licks

Kypiq Wave

Otterbear Wave I

Pteroguin Walk

Otterbear Wave II

Emotes + Icons

Pixel Otterbear

Pixel Pteroguin

Pixel To’resk

Otterbear Tongue Emote

Otterbear Cool Emote

Otterbear Smile Emote

To’resk (Sticker Style)

Janoa (Sticker Style)

Emotions of a Kypiq

Otterbear Supporter Logo

Otterbear Supporter Logo (Text Version)

Oarterbear Logo

Tribemoji Collection

Otterbear Avatar

Conifer Rat Avatar

Ursaphant Avatar

Leffit Avatar

Shrubland Wildcat Avatar

Trollmouth Salamander Avatar

Trison Avatar

Pteroguin Avatar

Flowercup Porcupine Avatar

Domino Fox Avatar

Dryas Elk Avatar

Canis Rabbit Avatar

Paper Pteroguin Avatar

Full-Colour Art

The Otterbarge

Otterbarge Wallpaper Version (1440p)

Hrothi Gifts

Shy To’resk

A ‘Merry’ Dras Christmas

Leffits are like Cats...

Cheeky Kypiq

Baby Pteroguin

An Otterbear - My first ever CoE fanart.


Timelapse Video of me creating my Otterbarge artwork

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6/15/2018 11:13:50 PM #1

Yayyy they're sooo cutesssss

6/15/2018 11:32:31 PM #2

I love them all! Such a good artist!

6/15/2018 11:33:20 PM #3

Lovely art, absolutely adorable. Thank you for showing it to the community. :)

6/15/2018 11:48:21 PM #4

Amazing. Love em all.

Alt text - can be left blank

6/16/2018 12:16:25 AM #5

So much awesomeness in one place!! Love it! Love it! Love it! :-D

6/16/2018 12:21:32 AM #6

I l9ve these, Bob dras love it almost the most

When I am lost, I know I have traveled the farthest. Sayeth the guy jeff. 49F48A =FC

6/16/2018 1:04:54 AM #7

These are all perfection Nie I love them so so so much omgggggg <3


6/16/2018 5:00:32 PM #8

These are all really amazing and adorable. Love it :)

6/16/2018 5:24:14 PM #9

Wonderful! Keep up the good work!

12/11/2018 10:05:27 AM #10

That's great art ! Can I tame the pteroguin that can't fly ? =.=

(d'you mind if we use the avatars ? :3 )

12/11/2018 10:19:41 AM #11

Wonderful Art. I love it. If you ever are searching for a place to live, Balmore's Nature reserve welcomes you :)

12/11/2018 10:34:12 AM #12

Absolutely adorable!

Thanks Ilyria for sharing this. ;)

10/31/2019 5:44:26 AM #13

Absolutely in love with your art style! It has such a unique character to it and is fun!

If you ever illustrate a book in the future, give the community an insider's heads up so we can all pre-order ;)