County of Ulfrgaard (Demalion Empire)

The county of Ulfrgaard

Server: EU (Selene)

Kingdom: Demalion Empire Link

Duchy: Lyon Link

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through marriage between count Malis og countess Quinn the two country has become one under the name Ulfrgaard. we are going to be Marquis (Baron count) so we are to hold the peace and enforce the law. the plan for our game play will be focused on PvX we will strive to have a good social welfare and to give good and active help for folk that live in our county in D&ss we are going for coastline countys and it has been approved by our Duke so seafarers will become a big part of our game.

for the Mayors and Barons that are going to live in our land we will try to empower your community and its gameplay. So if you are PvP minded I will try to have a conflict you can join or PvE give you the good contracts or RP give you a place to create your story and set a framework for good lore. we are going to be Brudvir so we play with a Viking theme

Úlfrgaard is a group of friends who play games together and many of us have been playing together for 2 years When we bring new people into our community, we make sure they feel welcome and as part of the community and give them something to be proud about There are people online all day because we play from America, Canada, Portugal, England, France, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark We write and speak English together We always have room for new players. So if you want to join a group in development and would like to have fun with new friends then Úlfrgaard is definitely a gamer community for you.

in our county we are looking for:








County of Ulfrgaard

The county of Ulfrgaard is located on the west coast of the Taiga and is owned by Marquis Malis Elison. Ulfrgaard's economy is generated mainly by forestry, ship building, trade, seafaring and exploration. Ulfrgaard prides itself on protecting it's peoples, encouraging independent and innovative citizens, standing up for what they believe in and working as a team to benefit all. Ulfrgaard's symbol is the wolf. The Wolf is a symbol of guardianship, ritual, loyalty, and spirit. The Wolf has the ability to make quick and firm emotional attachments, and often need to trust their own instincts. As Marquis, Malis teaches us to trust our hearts and minds, and have control over our own lives. Wolves run in packs, numbers give them more strength, hence Ulfrgaard's motto : Together we Hunt.


The county of Hranfgaard, owned by Marchioness Quinn Ravenclaw, is seated next to the county of Ulfrgaard on the west coast of the Taiga.

The Raven is the symbol of Hranfgaard and it symbolizes creation, knowledge, prestige as well as the complexity of nature and the subtlety of truth. The Hranfgaard Raven also represents protection, magic, and prophecy.

Marchioness Quinn is betrothed to Malis Elison, Marquis of Ulfrgaard, and they plan to unite their counties through marriage.

Barony of Grimhold

the hold for the Grimnir family, vassals to the Eli clan of County Úlfrgaard, long have they bled for the wolf of Úlfrgaard as Lions on their fields and they will continue to do so until there is no blood. Located on the west Front of the County Úlfrgaard near the coast lies Grimhold. It's lord is Ves Grimnir lord of house Grimnir and his lady Vend, second in command is Dominic Mickerson. Grimhold is also home to the highly elite military guild called Grimblades, highly skilled infantry unit loyal to the Baron himself and Captain Dominic Mickerson.

Valemist Bower

For the wanderer that gets lost, for the intrepid adventurer that ventures out through the thick forest; they may stumble upon a small settlement, obscured to defy the curious eye through a heavy fog that seems to dull the senses as well as camouflage that what lies beyond. The resolute mind will find beyond its boundaries a place forgotten by time, a refuge amongst the chaos. The pursuit of Knowledge and Craft rule here and the inhabitants cherish the calm and peace. Strangers are not a common occurrence and so they may be met with a wary eye, but those of good intentions will soon find a warm welcome.

The Saga of Ulfrgaard Link

Together we hunt

Death before Dishonor

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Death before Dishonor Brothers!

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Glad to have people like you to call an ally! Welcome to Lyon

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Thank you for having me, everyone has been so welcoming! Looking forward to exploring Elyria together!

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Death before Dishonor! Together we Hunt!

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cant wait to make some food ;)

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Nice presentation ! I have the pleasure to talk with member of this county almost everyday and i highly recommend new players to come and talk with them on their discord !

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Nice presentation ! I wish you the best with your project !