[EU/EN] Demalion /Lyon/Ulfrgaard - Valemist Bower

Server: EU-EN (Selene)

Kingdom: Demalion Empire

Duchy: Lyon

County: Ulfrgaard

Mayoress: Gwyn Faoiltiama

Valemist Bower

“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.”― Rudyard Kipling

For the wanderer that gets lost, for the intrepid adventurer that ventures out through the thick forest; they may stumble upon a small settlement, obscured to defy the curious eye through a heavy fog that seems to dull the senses as well as camouflage that what lies beyond. The resolute mind will find beyond its boundaries a place forgotten by time, a refuge amongst the chaos. The pursuit of Knowledge and Craft rule here and the inhabitants cherish the calm and peace. Strangers are not a common occurrence and so they may be met with a wary eye, but those of good intentions will soon find a warm welcome.

The crest of house Faoiltiama can be found on every piece of quality craftsmanship that is created here. From the fine blacksmithing to the impressive pieces of pottery and the intricate and elaborate cloth that is famed for miles around. Mayoress Faoiltiama spends most of her days in the renowned library of her manor, buried in research for her latest project, but everyone who searches for her will find her door open. Although a bit of a recluse, her people turn to her for wisdom and herb-lore, as well as the occasional sage advice.

Pledged to the Grand Count of Ulfrgaard and the Duke of Lyon by proxy, Valemist will gladly pay the dues owed for the protection it enjoys.

-Whilst I am not actively recruiting at this point, anyone is—of course— very welcome to join. This post is made mostly as a placeholder for future updates around my growing settlement. As described above, this will be a settlement focussed on research, discovery and crafting, likely a bit of farming thrown in for self-sustainability. I have pledged myself to the County of Ulfrgaard and hope to enjoy the game with them through exploration and character development and perhaps even make a few new friends along the way. :) -


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Amazing Post! I love it and welcome to Lyon and to Úlfrgaard Wolfwitch.

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Well done! Welcome to Úlfrgaard and Lyon!

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Welcome to Úlfrgaard Milady.

Nec Timo, Nec Sperno

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Thank you all! Such a great bunch to hang out with! Wolfhowlz