The Temple of the Sun - Event Campaign

Stumbling through the darkness, I came upon a distant light. I did not believe my eyes at first, so long had I been without any light, so long had the days stretched into night stretched into days in an endless blur of blackness. But the closer I drew, the larger it grew. And I was intrigued. What was this place...?

As I stepped into the temple between the marbled pillars of its entrance, I could feel the heat rippling off the stone upon the dais ahead of me, chasing away the chill with the darkness that had clung to my bones. Bright as the sun, I'd never seen anything brighter beneath the sky. There was something unnatural about it all, but I cared little for I craved the light. I basked in it, and it comforted me.

As I stood in its warm glow, there finally came a voice from behind, from some place I had not seen as I entered the chamber.

"Eternal is the Fire, brother. Have you come here to worship?"

In the Land of Fire Lies a Temple of the Sun

Lavishly built and with skilled hands, the Temple of the Sun houses the mysterious relic known as the Sunstone. To many, the stone is seen as a powerful but practical thing; An object destined for the purpose of producing a harvest in places where it might otherwise be difficult if not impossible to do so. To others, particularly among the Virtori, it is seen as a divine gift - a lone beacon in the darkness - that offers shelter and respite from the long dark years of Longest Night, and salvation to those driven to the brink of madness by it. Or so some say, anyway.

The Cult of Karcion

Among a zealous few, most often among the Qindred, the Sunstone is venerated and believed to be a holy relic imbued with the spirit of Daemon, whose fire still rages in the realm of Karcion. These followers in recent years have become the caretakers of the temple within which the relic rests and fiercely defend it from treasure hunters and would be thieves.

Why Am I Doing This?

At the heart of CoE are stories - hopefully, good stories. Yet all stories require a setting, and good stories require good settings. So what I'm hoping to achieve with this campaign is to create a place of significance within the world, a place that we might consider a Wonder of Elyria around which people can create their own interesting - and good - stories. The game after all demands that we seed the world with such places, and I believe it's no coincidence that included in the grand prize is a substantial amount of Exposition Points.

And so what I pledge to do if I win is to use the 25K EP to actually construct a Wonder of Elyria, and in my case, a grand temple dedicated to the worship of a relic that symbolizes fire and days everlasting: the Sunstone.

But Hieronymus, Isn't This Self Serving?

There are undoubtedly a lot of people who desire the stone for one reason or another, some of whom I know and respect. While I've made my intentions known here, I genuinely hope that this concept I've presented on the forums isn't viewed with any sort of ill will. In fact, I welcome and encourage others to step forward in a similar way, to present their own ideas to the community, and in the spirit of this "player driven" world SBS is creating, let future Elyrians decide what ideas they want to see in the world and who they think would be the best custodians of those desires.

If you like what you've read, if you think this would add something novel and interesting to the game, please consider donating your ancient coins to me (Hieronymus) to help bring the concept to life. Thanks for reading.

For any questions or if you'd just like to shoot the breeze with me, feel free to come and chat on Discord. Everyone is welcome. Even you guys at SBS.

Discord Link: Just Click Me

UPDATE: Dec 23, 2018

The story evolves and continues. Read more about the event and what items you can earn!

12/19/2018 2:40:23 AM #1

With respect to the question I was asked about coming in second place and earning the duchy package with a fighting style, it's a great question but a somewhat complex one because it involves the pre-D&SS fealty system and the potential outcomes that could result from it. So let me first lead in with some important considerations before I offer an overview of my current plans for a duchy.


It is not a foregone conclusion that simply winning a duchy in a contest will win someone a place within a kingdom of their choosing. This is because it is entirely up to monarchs to decide who they'll accept as their vassals and for whom they'll reserve duchies. Outside of the reservation system, there are simply no guarantees that a player who wants a duchy in a specific kingdom will get one in that kingdom. This only gets harder to achieve without approval and support from the monarchy.

People should understand this on both sides of it - candidates vying for position and community members considering who to back.


Given that selection order is predicated on Influence Points (IP), players attempting to make the jump into this tier could be handicapped by a lack of IP with under 2 months to go until D&SS. Not having enough IP could result in not being able to secure a desired biome or even a duchy within a desired kingdom, and this reality presents unique challenges to monarchs who are all trying to secure the territorial integrity of their kingdoms at D&SS.


While there is no requirement to invest any more Exposition Points (EP) into a duchy beyond what a package comes with, the more a player has available to them, the more they can develop their duchies during Exposition, up to and including helping their own vassals (counts) who may be PCs with limited funds or NPCs with no funds to speak of. The quality of the duchy setting at launch therefore is largely going to be dictated by the investments a player makes with EP.


As a Duke in the kingdom of Ashland, I've already gone through the confirmation process, so while there are still other really important considerations about the viability of having one more duchy in Ashland, being vetted and approved as a vassal isn't a hurdle I have to overcome.

Furthermore, as my forum rank indicates, I'm already at a monarch level in terms of influence. This means I'm not selecting in the lowest possible position once D&SS arrives. It's also a good indicator of what investments I'm capable of making into any duchy I'd acquire but also my willingness to spend toward that purpose, which I think is an important consideration for players in choosing where they want to go and play.


I'm presently the Duke of the Duchy of Thorne — styled The Dominion of Thorne for reasons I'll explain sometime later — so if I don't win the Sunstone but wind up winning the duchy package, my intention is to use the additional package to grant more biome/tribe/resource diversity to the citizens of Thorne if it's possible to do so or convert the title to EP and make much deeper investments into Thorne as a single duchy. This decision won't be made in a vacuum but in conjunction with the Ashland monarchy and its council of dukes.

In either case, I intend to build upon the ideas that I've already planned for, which I'll briefly describe below in hopefully digestible bits, and that includes erecting a Wonder of Elyria landmark. I'm still very much interested in pursuing the Temple of the Sun concept even without the Sunstone itself, but in that case, just leave it up to players to collectively decide what may have happened to the stone/temple on their own, not unlike the Greek temples from antiquity scattered about our own world. There's rumored to be a ... rumor system. Maybe we could use that. ;)

Now for that quick overview I promised. Finally.


The Dominion of Thorne — "We Reap What You Sow"

The Dominion of Thorne is a duchy in the kingdom of Ashland dedicated to exploring the world of Elyria, to discovering lands beyond our continent and making contact with foreign tribes, to chasing down and unlocking some of the mysteries hidden in Elyrian lore.

We are committed to supporting institutions that accelerate skill development and that allow our citizens to have greater impact on the duchy and world around them. Those who wish to teach or to study, and those who seek to expand our understanding of things — especially about the ancient relics spoken of in our legends — will find kindred spirits here.

We are determined to play a diplomatic role in the world order, insofar as there are others interested in collaboration and finding common ground. It is our hope that by fostering cooperation between kingdoms and people, we can lay the groundwork for greater wealth and prosperity for ourselves.

But above all, what we want is to create a place that promotes fun adventures and good storytelling. And it is in that vein that our EP and our efforts will be spent in CoE. Whether it's cooperation or confrontation that arises from these affairs, we will reap what you sow.

The Fighting Style

No duchy can exist — nor duke hold dominion over lands — without an army. No realm can prosper without security. It's what creates the space necessary for civil society to exist and for people to be able to focus on their own goals. It is with this solemn responsibility in mind that a strong and effective military will be established.

The custom fighting style included in the package gives us the opportunity to introduce a signature style for the soldiers of Thorne and for those who swear fealty to the duchy. While it's possible that the technique could be reserved for an elite branch of our forces, my preference is for it to be as inclusive as possible so that we can become proficient with it, construct tactics around it, and ultimately build a reputation through its effective use.

Now I cannot promise anyone that enlists fame or good fortune, but what I can promise is this: you'll get so good with that flail that you'll learn to love the sound of steel crushing bone.

And if it really is a flail & offensive shield type of style, as the rumors suggest, I think there's a great tie into religion there that's worth pursuing along with the Temple of the Sun concept.

The End

That's all for now. Thanks for reading and for any support you're willing to provide to make any or all of this possible. :)

12/19/2018 2:46:56 AM #2

Looks Amazing.

You have my coins. Can't wait to see this turn into a full religion and for people to come and worship the sunstone from all over.

12/19/2018 2:56:13 AM #3

Yus! Very lovely!

5 stars, will visit soon.

The Longest Night, Vacation Destination! ☀️

You have all my coins 💰 and more 🌹

12/19/2018 4:11:10 AM #4

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12/19/2018 4:47:25 AM #5

nice, sad its NA-W

Count LizenÇace VeLeîjres of Mydra's Crossing, VII of the order of the IX.

Order of IX

12/19/2018 5:31:24 AM #6

Thanks for saying so, Zimmah.

And thanks to whoever just donated. It is very much appreciated. :)

12/19/2018 6:23:40 AM #7

Another very generous donation.

I don't know who to thank, but thank you kindly! <3

12/19/2018 6:29:41 AM #8

Nice post and bio! You put a lot time and effort into this.

Earned some coins from me.

12/19/2018 6:32:00 AM #9

You're so sweet.

Thank you! <3

12/19/2018 7:30:41 AM #10

Glad to see this idea gaining traction.

Thanks to all supporters, and Praise the Sun!

12/19/2018 10:46:24 AM #11

Praise the Sun, I like the Idea hey can I help you design the temple? I'm an architect student Irl and it'd be kinda fun!

Being normal is vastly overrated!

12/19/2018 2:46:40 PM #12

Posted By Faustes at 02:46 AM - Wed Dec 19 2018

Praise the Sun, I like the Idea hey can I help you design the temple? I'm an architect student Irl and it'd be kinda fun!

The design isn't currently.... Set in Stone.. :D

Point is we want this to be a marvel, we want people to come upon it in the daylight and be amazed, or during the longest night and weep tears of joy.

If you want to help design that, we would love your help.

12/19/2018 6:58:10 PM #13

I think this is a very interesting idea. All my coins to the Temple of the Sun! Also, I have a Mayor package so, as long as I get a town, my town is at your service. Have you thought about what kingdom you want to put the temple in?

12/19/2018 7:04:31 PM #14

I'll drink to that, shut up and take my coins.

"You cannot alter your fate. However, you can rise to meet it."

12/19/2018 7:49:30 PM #15

Thank you both for the contributions. The support really means a lot. :)

Bayerd, with respect to your question, I've chosen Ashland as my kingdom. This temple of the sun concept really is intended to build upon the kingdom's fire-based motifs.

I'll DM you shortly about joining. :)

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