Chaos Fall Village

Welcome to the Town of Chaos Falls

Chaos Falls is located near a great waterfall in the Grand County of Drakemoore. We would like to focus on making weapons and armor and breeding horses. We plan on using the waterfall as a defensive structure and as our primary water source as well as a secondary food source.

Town Location

  1. Server: NA-W

  2. Kingdom: Ashlands discord:

  3. Dukedom: Sanctaphandri discord:

  4. County: Drakemoorei Discord:

  5. City : Discord:

Town Goal

The primary goal is to produce arms armor mounts for any army or militia. We would like to breed horses, mainly for war, transportation, and farm use. Supply armed soldiers for the local military force As a Secondary focus: mining for metals in order to make proper weapons and armor. We will breed cow for food milk and leather. Fishing from the waterfall.

Town Planned Production

Planned production in the order of importance:


  1. Horses
  2. Leather
  3. Iron
  4. Lumber
  5. Livestock Feed
  6. Weapons and armor


  1. Metals
  2. Stone
  3. Crops
  4. Fishing

Who will we need?

We will need people from all walks of life! However, some jobs stand out as must-haves. Below I list a few of them and a rating system of need. 1 + will be Reasonable Need, 2 + Heavy Need and 3 + Major Need

  1. Farmers +
  2. Cattle herders ++
  3. Sheepherders +
  4. Miners +++
  5. Stonemasons +
  6. Winemakers +
  7. Lumberjacks/ Foresters ++
  8. Carpenters ++
  9. Distillers +
  10. Hunters/Rangers ++
  11. Blacksmiths +++
  12. Butchers +++
  13. Wagoners +
  14. Guards +++
  15. Weavers/tailors ++
  16. Leatherworkers +++
  17. Vet ++
  18. Animal Breeders +++
  19. Fishing ++

Town Council

Below are some ideas of members of the town council helping with the daily running of the town.

Inner Council-

The inner council are members of the town that have roles and a vote on town issues, they are also the first to know about important town matters, They must attend all town meetings including, open and, closed,

Master of Arms: will be in Command of the towns Armed Forces. He will deal with there Training, Equipment, Patrols and pretty much anything to do will Military Matters he will enforce the number of arms and armor being made for our military force. And meet with the miners' smiths and leather workers to make sure they hit the quota

Guild Master: TheAngelOfChaos will make sure all guilds operating in the town are following the laws and are operating legally. If guild leaders hold events or meetings they need to run it by the GM first to make sure it isn’t against the town as a whole. They will also be in charge of holding a meeting that the head of the guilds and the mayor will attend.

Master of Coin: will be making sure taxes are paid both to me then what needs to be passed up to the county. They will also need to track spending by other departments and issuing their spending limits. (ie Master of arms)

Sheriff: would deal with all Crimes of the town and be a de facto prosecutor for town cases. They will organize the recruitment of specialized police force and work with outside law enforcement agencies as well as bounty hunters. They would also place bounties on the heads of Criminals that got away or poachers.

Town Planner: I will do a lot of the town planning and building but I will need someone to organize the builders, also organize people to fill the important roles like tavern keeper and such. They will also need to think of things that will help in streamlining our production lines for the town's trade model.

Master of the Crafts: his role will be to represent the towns crafters and work with the Town planner to meet their needs. So they would need to keep an active list of what crafters we have in town and what their plans are.

Agricultural Overseer:thekobaltslayer will be to make sure that the breeders, farmers, and hunter/gatherers are all producing the amount that is needed to hit our quota. They will have a monthly meeting with the heads of each section of agriculture. They will have the authority to set the quotas based on city needs. They can also make decisions on personal needs in the agricultural department.

Outer council-

Members of the outer council are allowed to join in on open and closed town meetings they also have a vote on most town matters.

Landowners: as a base level any player who owns 3 lots of land part of the town will have a seat on the council.. if they have invested that much into the town they deserve a seat on the council and a right to have the voice heard in its deliberations. (they will not get paid as they are just powerful landholders invited as a courtesy) the number of lots required to be on the council may increase as town size increases but a warning to this effect will go out before any changes

I hope my town is of interest to you all! Please let me know if you want to become part of it

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Glad to have you in the county looking forward to making history with you :)

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