Sylvanwood, City of Quality Goods

Sylvanwood, City of Quality Goods

Kingdom: Solaris Confederation

Duchy: Cremoria

County: Sophrosyne (Forgeborne Collective) (Current map: Sylvanwood in Pinespear Shoal)

The city of Sylvanwood will be a city known for the quality of goods produced within. While all will be welcomed and supported, Sylvanwood will be organized to cater to those who wish to achieve Master, Grandmaster, and Legendary skills.


Sylvanwood will have a school to allow for better quality research. Professionals who intend to push towards high quality merchandise will be supported within any reasonable means necessary for them to succeed.


As well as trade within the city, I plan to establish trade routes and partnerships to allow products to be more easily sold.

Supporting professions

No city can function with only crafting professionals. We will also have great need of those willing to be producers and procurers of goods. Despite the research focus of the city, those who support the city will themselves be supported within reasonable means.

Daily Life

The citizens of Sylvanwood will have the benefit of the protection needed to comfortably build a family and live their lives, be that one of adventure, or one of security. Laws and regulations will only be strong enough to protect the rights of the citizens, otherwise granting them the freedom to do as they please.

Sylvanwood is an inclusive city, and all are welcome!

3/30/2019 12:26:57 AM #1

Loving the rename and the new iconography!

5/14/2019 6:53:59 AM #2

I really like the name and the spirit of Sylvanwood! A good balance of production and trade, and a great leader and people that will strive together to see their ambitions come to fruition.

5/14/2019 8:20:22 AM #3

Really like your post, looking forward to work together. Hope you will be a great trading location. Looking forward to how that turns out.

8/27/2019 1:54:09 AM #4

Long live the Cremorians

8/27/2019 4:39:09 AM #5

For the good of Elyria, I am with you!

...when it comes out

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9/5/2019 3:48:58 AM #6

Updated to show affiliation change to Solaris Confederation.

9/19/2019 10:43:09 PM #7

Glad we'll be neighbors!

9/29/2019 6:21:06 PM #8

This is PERFECT as we are on the same general team, and my "bow guy" just told me last week that he is not sure he wants to spend time on it anymore. Looks like we might have to make a yearly trip out to your guilds and schools!

12/8/2019 11:43:35 PM #9

Cremorians and their crazy weapons smh.

I'll uh, take a few thousand bows...

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