Prosperity Mining & Engineering (PME)

Prosperity City

Prosperity City will focus on resource gathering to further our progress in various crafting tech lines such as smithing and architecture. Prosperity Mining & Engineering (PME) will promote fast paced learning and experimentation of forestry, metallurgy, smithing and will be rewarded with the use of various crafting stations, storage, tools and trade contracts. These contracts will be negotiated in the best interest of the community within our county. Opportunity to expand learning will be meet with our neighboring cities building universities for advanced technology research. Roads will be built and have a PvP defensive focus for establishing secure trade routes for our transports. Security personal will be required in defending these lines in times of war and when the time of larceny is upon us.

Just because we are focused on one or two types of industry doesn’t mean we will neglect our basic needs required to grow our city. PME requires all types of players to craft, transport and gather basic resources to fuel our economic ventures. This will lead to opportunities for people to come in and start their own business and will be supported with housing and crafting tables built by the Magistrate. Motivated individuals will be rewarded with extra storage, larger housing and other epic tools required for their specific crafting trade.

Prosperity City is part of a bigger group of people that have come together form around the world, from multiple games and guilds. The County of Excidium is operated by close friends that we have acquired over time. Our sole mission is to make a strong presence in the Chronicles of Elyria both economically and in the PvP fields! Small groups of fiends will be highly sought after to help make Prosperity City a thriving city for years to come.

Feel free to join us in discord

NA-E Luna

County of Excidium
Kingdom of Bordweall

4/24/2019 5:35:31 PM #1

Looking for a place to call home? Lets talk! send me a message in our discord!

4/28/2019 2:13:16 PM #2

Prosperity Mining & Engineering still looking for motivated people to join my city! Join our discord to send me a private message!

8/26/2019 11:07:09 PM #3

Maps are out!! Time to get excited!