Dras in the Salt Marshes

One of the Dras biomes are the Salt Marshes. In the tribe description and the biome descriptions only the Freshwater swamp wetlands are mentioned. But I could not find any information or picture of Elyrian Salt Marshes.

What does this Dras biome look like? What kind of plants can we expect there? Gras? Trees? Mangroves? I can only guess, that there should either be a lot of shadow donating trees, or the Salt Marsh Dras must be less affacted by the sun.

Dras are said to be immune to poison, but can they drink salt water, too? Or can we expect freshwater streams or wells in the Salt Marshes?

4/21/2019 3:46:30 PM #1

I don't know how they plan to make this interesting because Salt marshes are basically grass + streams of salty water. So it's very flat...

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4/21/2019 4:40:27 PM #2

Yes, dras can drink salt water without a problem.

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4/21/2019 6:38:09 PM #3

Salt marsh seems to be contrary to the Dras Tribe discription. Since it has a lot of open spaces with no trees hance wouldn't the Dras have a lot of problems there with their "pale skin"?


4/23/2019 2:57:42 PM #4

Is it official from the devs that Dras can drink saltwater and have no problems?

Im skeptic, it sounds to good to be true.

4/23/2019 3:04:04 PM #5

I also keep hearing Dras can drink saltwater, is there an official source for this? Dras sailors will be so OP if that's true.

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4/23/2019 4:57:40 PM #6

Caspian said so on discord. So maybe not “official” (take it with a grain of salt, lol) but it’s quite reliable.

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4/23/2019 6:34:57 PM #7

I would love if that was the case, to bad thay cant be out on deck in the sun onboard a ship.

And OP does not exist in CoE as in other games. It is not ment to be fair.

4/24/2019 6:01:04 AM #8

Salt marshes in CoE are said to have mangrove trees, IIRC, so the environment is not necessarily like reed marshes which are flat stretches without trees.