Settlement of Bördig - Guildtown

Welcome to Bördig - Settlement


Kingdom​: Blackheart
Duchy​: Baxteria - Discord
County: Grand County of Lindinheim - Discord

Focus​: ​RP, Animal Care, Farming, Adventure, Crafting, Economy, Trade, PvPvE, Military
Preferred Tribe​: Everyone
Biomes​: ​Suitable for Animal Husbandry and Farming, guaranteed water access
Point of Contact​: Amras (letsgo2u#6032)
Recruitment Status​: ​Open

Town Purpose and Focus:

Home to the Guild of Bördig, the settlement focuses on the success of the guild. Success of the guild will result in survival and flourishing of the settlement.



Animal Caretaker
Animal Breeders
Animal Trainers
Journeyman/Apprentice of any craft
Anyone willing to make his future

Weary of fighting, looking for something else? You like animals? Want to relax after a hard days work on the fields or the stables, enjoying a mead with fellow farmers? You prefer working in or on the water? Tinkering with animal products is more your style? Want to barter local product on the big markets? Strike contracts with the aristocracy?

Then Bördig and it's Guild might be the place for you.

4/22/2019 7:50:10 PM #1


4/22/2019 7:56:18 PM #2

Great post! Glad to have you aboard!

4/22/2019 8:31:13 PM #3

Congratulations on becoming a Mayor. Lindinheim is happy to have your settlement.

4/22/2019 9:21:08 PM #4

Wonderful post Lord Amras. I love that you've taken the quick and clean approach with clear defined goals and wants for your community. Animal husbandry will be quite pivotal to the success of Drakeolm and I am always happy to see mayors that wish to take the task at great length. Pair this with your choice of County group and I begin to see visions of great success.

Thankyou for settling within Duchy Drakeolm, I look forward to purchasing one of your many magnificent animals in game.

5/3/2019 2:02:12 AM #5

Amras is a great guy and Bordig will do great! Its sure to be a wonderful settlement and guild for any players needing a great place to call home! Check them out!

Count Aziael Aurelia, Aurelia County, Drakeolm - Blackheart - Angelica

5/3/2019 5:15:27 AM #6

Love the post! It's nice to see someone else focused on RP!

5/5/2019 4:02:47 PM #7

There is going to be a lot of humping in this Settlement! Long live Bördig!

5/12/2019 12:03:32 AM #8

I love this. It's great. In my mind I'm imagining a simple farming town. But you left out all the glorious honey. With the farming you could literally have the land of milk and honey.

5/19/2019 12:41:50 AM #9

Looks like a much needed peaceful town, quite different from what I am used to seeing from Blackheart as a whole. Looking forward to visiting it one day.

5/24/2019 3:56:48 PM #10

Just remember that I want a horse bigger than I am. And several ravens each lifetime. Look forward to seeing what else you achieve!

6/9/2019 9:24:11 AM #11


My friend from across the pond! Lets get it brother!

7/17/2019 5:10:56 PM #12

One of the great chefs of Drakeolm. Amras is a wonderful person to talk to, and is always up to something fun. Exploring new foods, planting a wonderful garden, or simply being friendly. He's a wonderful asset to Drakeolm.

9/6/2019 12:21:36 AM #13

Thank you all for the warm welcome and posts.

Bördig is still looking for Citizens.

Expect a update once Bördig is placed on the map.

10/11/2019 7:25:51 PM #14


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