The Burning Gospel

I come before you to to bear the word of the Passions of Daemon! To undo the centuries of misinformation by the Qindred and Virtori alike! They seek to paint a picture of Daemon as the violent fire that destroys all in its path, but I say that is not so!

Daemon represents a Passion so intense that it burns! Passion for life, love, and work. For in His life, Daemon simply wanted to love his wife Selene. His fire was too strong for her, thus he sought help in making her safe. The other Qin refused to help him, so he set upon himself the task of creating a ring to try and protect her! Sadly that was not enough, and yet their passion, their love, was so strong that Selene withstood the pain and injuries of being near Him, bearing Him a son to whom she passed the ring.

Alas Daemon was so ashamed of the injuries that He inflicted on Selene in their pairing that He could never forgive Himself.

THIS is the true story of the Fire of Daemon, His burning passions!

Join with me in righting the wrongs taught by the Qindred and the Virtori to the descendants of Mann!

5/5/2019 2:19:40 AM #1

A fascinating truth.

Lord of Aversía, Duchy of Ksana of The Osaurian Accord. Friend code: BB89A9

8/15/2019 7:29:53 PM #2

Myrkul, the Lord of Bones shall smite all the followers of your fraudulent god, and drink the souls of the filthy mortals your 'god' is supported by. Your will shall crumble under the weight of plague and undeath, and your sacrilege won't go without the punishment of your kin.

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