[EU/Al-Khezam] County of Arceian


Every grand civilization that has stood the test of time has been built on the backs of its people. You may believe that when songs of their glorious deeds are passed through the ages, of heroes, kings, and queens whose names are remembered and passed on, the people are forgotten. This is not true.

Every Kingdom that has ever risen and fallen has done so on the backs of its people, the farmers who toil in the dirt, the alchemists with their concoctions to cure or to kill, the wranglers with horse and fowl in tow. These people are the lifeblood of a kingdom, and when that same kingdom is remembered only through books and tales, when the only thing left is crumbling stone and whispers in the wind. It is the names and faces of these people that carry that breeze, their names that fill the ink on the scroll, and it is in Arceian that these souls will find their home.

Goals and Aims:

Arceian is a county situated within the Duchy of Falzame and dedicated to Agriculture both as a source of food and alchemical discovery and animal husbandry. Our aim is to provide the duchy of Falzame - and even the kingdom - a stable source of food so they may focus their attention on other matters.

Arceian is seeking those who would likewise take up the thankless, yet necessary task of providing sustiance to our community, helping to raise and breed a whole range of animals whether they be for sustenance or for transport, perhaps even war. As well as the Alchemists looking for a quiet place to tend to their own gardens of ingredients.


The duchy of Falzame is located within the southern swamps of Al’Kehzam. inhabited by the Dras and shall be where the roots of our county take root. The wetland will provide rich soil and many opportunities for agricultural development and Aquaculture as well as a great baseline to help foster more amphibious animal breeding, as a warning to any potential wranglers that if you take Arceian as home, horses are unlikely to be what you raise.


Although nothing is set in stone as of yet there are plans to found a school of agriculture and alchemy within the borders of Arceian, this school will be located within the city of Androctonus the capital of the county, it’s main purpose to help research and teach techniques of wetland farming as well as funding the research of perhaps more personal areas of study for alchemists.

Closing words

Arceian is the embodiment of hearth and home a quiet and pleasant place to watch the world go by, with friendly faces across every field to welcome you. Arecian is open to you, will you join us, will you make this land your home?

(More to come soon ^_^ )


Link - Arceian Discord (under Construction)

Link - Duchy of Falzame

Link - Kingdom of AL’Khezam

Gæð a wyrd swa hio scel! - "Fate goes ever as she shall!“

5/5/2019 1:53:03 PM #1

Reserved <3

Gæð a wyrd swa hio scel! - "Fate goes ever as she shall!“

5/5/2019 2:05:51 PM #2

Yet another grand addition to our great Kingdom!

5/7/2019 6:58:53 AM #3

I love that owl.


5/9/2019 11:44:44 AM #4

“Arceian is the embodiment of hearth and home a quiet and pleasant place to watch the world go by” 👌

looking forward to more content and to see your county prosper and flourish. ^^

Duke Usifan Banner

5/15/2019 7:12:56 PM #5

i can't wait to see the great success of your county.

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