[EU/Al'Khezam/Feann] The City of Khersoness



I am mayor Zamphox, I live in Ukraine and work as web-developer. I consider myself a nerd and will probably spend most of my free time on this game. I promise to always listen to concerns and aspirations of my townsfolk and will do my best to help you ensure their success. Also I will gladly provide help in explaining and translating anything about the game to any russian speakers as best as I can.

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The City of Khersoness will be focusing on agriculture and fishing first, and exploration by land and sea in second. I want to commit to production of food as I believe it will make our citizens prosper since, well, people need food, and I expect the majority of players to not be interested in farming. I will work on making our town a major part in making the citizens of our great kingdom of Al-Khezam fed and happy. But the game will be full of wonders and I am very interested in exploring them and claiming unimaginable rewards they might wield to boost the glory of our city and Al-Khezam community.

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I plan on settling in grasslands biome with the native tribe of Neran, I myself will be playing To'Resk (maybe Mydarri later) and will try to cultivate them in the city. Every race is welcome though, of course.

The perfect place would be somewhere along one of those nice looking bays, outlined in the image below, as it would fit us perfectly with access to open sea and fertile land.


We will be a part of Feann duchy within Al-Khezam, on top of that we will be joining the county of the Duke Capsup, and will be provisioning the duchy capital Cap Town as our top priority. In return we can expect a degree of protection and support, if we ever require it.

I would like to add that I do not want to manage a huge community and I hope Khersoness will not become one, with dedicated discord and stuff like that, I want to keep it simple. And the outcome of no one joining the town is fine with me too (which is how it is as of now :D). That being said, if I do get people joining, they can always come to me and ask for support in any of your (reasonable) endeavours, I will always listen and try my best to support you in them.

If what i’m selling interests you, I welcome you in joining me.



Diaries of elder Zizira Zamphox


4/1/2019 1:22:08 AM #1

Excellent presentation - I appreciate honesty and pragmatism. You will do well. Let me know whatever support I can give, always here to help.

4/1/2019 4:38:40 AM #2

I am flattered, Sang. You can always count on me too.


4/9/2019 2:23:33 PM #3

good job

4/24/2019 1:52:49 PM #4

Update! Have a lot of free time at work right now so I made the arms crest of the city/family, hope you guys like it. Also, location of the city changed from woodland savanna to grasslands, a bit to the north, into the neran native region.


5/1/2019 3:38:42 PM #5

Good luck, my fellow aristocrat of Al'Khezam ;)

5/3/2019 8:12:56 AM #6

Update! There was made an arrangement between me and the Duke Capsup. We will be ensuring the fullness of bellies for citizens of the duchy capital — Cap Town! Also I wrote some lore about the origins of the town, and its first mayor. Hope you enjoy reading it, warning: its a bit grim.


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