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Welcome to the domain of Cap Town - Feann Duchy Capital

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Cap Town - A place to settle and prosper

Cap Town is the duchy capital in the Duchy of Feann, inside the borders of the Al-Khezam kingdom. It is a town with a focus on welcoming new players and enabling them, along with citizens, to learn, and specialize within the crafts/interests that they would like to pursue.

Cap Town Lower Docks

To do this, the town will focus on building and maintaining communal crafting areas and by helping townsfolk with the resources/contacts/finances needed to start their own businesses. This will give people a solid foundation to focus on exactly what interests them while Cap Town helps with funding, food and lodging.

As a mayor, I cannot currently make any promises in the form of the location, environment nor biome of the town. However, I can present my plans as they exist today and the core tenets I intend to build the town's foundation on.

The Golden Goose Trading Company

The trading guild of The Golden Goose Company has its’ home inside the domain of Cap Town. It is in this symbiosis between the Company and the town, that both will take form and shine their brightest.

The Golden Goose Company (henceforth Company), is a Guild which will primarily focus on establishing a Elyria-wide trading system, using an online out-of-game Marketplace. In addition to this, they will also be creating a worldwide logistical network. This will allow players to buy/sell their goods in one common place and also allow them to have their goods delivered directly to their doorstep.
You can read more about those plans here.

The Golden Goose Trading Guild Headquarters

This symbiosis will help the Town in getting easy access to the materials and resources that the town and its' citizens need, in return for helping the company with the town's available manpower.

A focus on specialization and new player experience

So what exactly do I mean by this?

The majority of players who will be playing CoE have most likely not even heard about the game yet. But once they do, they will enter the world with dreams of what they want to do but nowhere to start. I want to create a helpful place for these players to begin that journey and help them along the way as much as possible.

The way I intend to do this, is by helping new players with the bare necessities needed to get started. This includes:

  • Access to a helpful and knowledgeable community
  • "Free" lodging and food
  • "Free" starter backpack

I have free in quotes here, because it might not be possible for me to hand out these things to everyone and their mother, since we know nothing of the in-game economy yet.
However, it is my intention to create a system of so-called Goose Tokens, denoting a simple currency of labour, allowing players to trade their labour for goods. Players can freely approach a job board in the town, see available projects and directly take part in these projects with their labour, in return for Goose Tokens. These tokens can then be traded in at any Golden Goose Company facility in exchange for lodging, food, resources or so called "starter" backpacks that are very reminiscent of the profession kits that we can buy with our EP.

Any player is welcome, whether they're interested in being a crafter, a soldier or an adventurer. There's a place for everyone;
The town needs farmers for food and animal husbandry
The Company needs traders and logistics personnel
The town needs guards
The Duchy needs soldiers
The town needs masons for roads and buildings
The Company needs caravan guards
And the list goes on...

Communal living, crafting and tasks

To provide lodging for a big group of players at the same time, there will obviously need to be a place for these players to live.
One of the first things I intend to do as part of Exposition is to establish a giant inn of some sort, inside the domain of Cap Town.

Cap Town Boarding House

This is the place where I envision non-citizens will be lodged, until they decide whether they'd like to continue their travels elsewhere or become a fully fledged citizen of Cap Town. It is of course also a perfect opportunity to provide Company transports, their entourages and passing adventurers with lodging.

Non-citizens can also get access to the town's communal crafting areas. In this area they can, together with a citizen, begin learning the crafts they'd like or help out in local town/Company/Duchy projects that Cap Town is currently involved in.
During exposition, I will also focus on getting this area established, to help the local crafters and kickstart the town's economy.

This facility will be planned, built and maintained by the citizens of the town.
It is therefore also possible for citizens and non-citizens alike, to propose additional extensions to be built within this facility. These could range from small crafting stations to giant woodsaws and windmills.

Cap Town Crafting Area

The individual's specialization and journey

Players are free to specialize in the areas that they like, whether that's crafting, adventuring, gathering or military. There's a place for all.

To help players get started on this journey, Cap Town and the Company will have a combined effort in helping players along. Since the Golden Goose Company runs a marketplace site and has their home in the town, it makes it easier for Cap Town to source the materials needed for players and their crafts. On the other hand, the Company helps players by providing available jobs and tasks. Through these, players always have some way of turning their labor into either resources or cash.

Down the road, there comes a need for more and more specialized resources that players need for their continued crafting experience.
As Cap Town is a common entity, we also have a certain measure of "social capital" that we can use to amass resources. This could be with bulk purchases, giving everyone a better price than if players were to buy everything individually.
This is an area in which I'd like to keep exploring available options, as we get to know more about the town's location, the trading routes and whom we are close to.

Players who would like to take up permanent residence in some capacity as part of Cap Town, are free to become citizens.
This gives them additional benefits and rights, but also bestow certain duties upon them.

Sounds interesting?

If Cap Town (or The Golden Goose Company) has caught your attention, don't hesitate to get in contact with us on our Discord here.

Cap Town Marketplace


As a player rise above a journeyman's skillset in their chosen area of interest, they might decide to take up citizenship in the city. This gives them access to land ownership in the town, as well as complete access to the communal crafting area.

Citizenship involves the following additional rights:

  • Land ownership rights
  • Free Goose Tokens
  • Access to all communal crafting

Citizens in Cap Town not only get help with figuring out what they want to do, they can additionally benefit from economical aid.
We realise that most people just want to get started with the things that they find fun and that's why we want to help people do just that.

The initial Goose Tokens awarded upon citizenship will coincide with the approximate amount needed for either:

  • A small storefront kit for crafting
  • A small home and a set of armor, weapons and equipment
  • Or a small homestead with accompanying farming fields

We want people to get started as soon as possible and this is our solution to do exactly that. Citizens won't have to worry about where they might settle or how they can get their own career started. They just need to focus on getting started and do the things that they'd like.

Citizens also get full access to the communal crafting area and all of the benefits that this entails.
We hope that as the community in Cap Town grows, people who have already received help and begun their journey, will also pass it along. This would mean taking in new players who are interested in the same gameplay that they are. This way, we implicitly create a good foundation for an apprenticeship system, where skilled players can take in new players to help them with their existing projects.
This gives the experienced players free labour, while helping these new players get started and developing their own skills.

Finally, citizens get access to land ownership within the town's domain. While I can't promise anything for the land outside the incorporated land of the town's domain (that is, the land owned by the count), I will do my best to prepare areas suitable for all available playstyles. These areas will then be suitable for citizens to own. This includes areas for stores, farming areas, living areas, crafting areas, warehouses and more.


While citizens have the rights outlined above, there are also additional duties bestowed upon them.
Primarily, these come in some form of required participation in public works. That could be:

  • Town communal projects: establishment / maintenance of roads, defenses, establishment / maintenance of communal crafting facilities, communal living quarters, etc
  • Duchy/County funded projects: projects that the duchy funds and needs labour for. These could include bigger projects such as infrastructure, churches, schools, culture-specific buildings or even bigger military structures
  • Company funded projects: establishment / maintenance of warehouses, giant shipments of goods, establishment / maintenance of trading routes

I don't expect to force people to work on things that they really don't want to, but some kind of involvement in these projects will be mandatory. Maybe you can craft relevant items that are needed, maybe you can provide labour or maybe you just want to pay someone to take care of your participation.
All of these are possible options and help grow the town, which helps all of us.

Cap Town Farms

Town Council

Coming later, depending on game mechanics.

Economic policies

A small section about my thoughts on various fiscally-related policies, namely taxes and tariffs. The difference between the two is that taxes occur on income, sales, property and other activities. Meanwhile tariffs are applied on the import/export of goods.
I actively want to avoid taxes but will make use of tariffs and duties.


Taxes is a bit of an unknown area, partly due to the lack of domain selection and partly due to unknown game mechanics. Primarily, I want to avoid taxes as much as possible.
The only areas in which I intend to apply taxes, is land ownership, because I want to avoid discouraging people from actually doing things actively.
Since the people whom own land, are often also the biggest users of them, these people should have a vested interest in actively improving and maintaining these areas. That's why it makes sense that they're the ones who front the bill for making sure that happens.

While I actively want to avoid taxes that inherently discourage being active in the city or the area around, I will do what is necessary to make things happen. If my kingdom or even the town's residents forces my hand, I will most likely have to abide by their tax rules. But rest assured knowing that I will do my best to avoid these kind of taxes completely.

I fully expect people's OPCs to be able to pay for their taxes. I have several ideas for employing people's OPCs while they're offline, however, this is an area I'd like to return to as soon as we know more about the game mechanics.


Tariffs is a different beast altogether. Tariffs is a certain form of tax that a domain can levy on specific goods, to control the import/export of those goods.
I intend to make use of these to actively encourage the citizens to work together with each other, while still allowing the town to earn an upkeep from external sources who wants to make use of the town's facilities.

I have ideas as to how to combat abuse from non-citizens, that tie in nicely with the Company's out-of-game tools, but I'll wait for more information about game mechanics to elaborate further on these.

Administrative policies

While the town has a focus on helping new players get started and citizens getting specialized, there also comes a need to combat those who don’t want the best for the town.
My view on this is plain and simple: criminals and deviants, be gone.

I don't want to encourage the players who enjoy this kind of gameplay but will instead, actively take a stance against them.
I intend to make great use of out-of-game tools that will help with for example, validation of identities, official "seals" for import/export of goods and an active guard corp. This should make it harder for deviants to conduct their shady activities inside the town's domain.

Enforcement and security

To help the townsfolk remain secure, it is necessary to have a core trusted group of players, that will take care of security and enforcement of laws inside the town's domain.

Citizens who show a continued devotement to the town and also have an interest in becoming a guard, may be able to do so.
It is necessary with a rigid process in place for players to become guards. If nobody trusts them and the guards don't want to be there, we will quickly see a lack of quality in their work. Or even worse, they will actively be working against the interests of the town.

Citizens who have honed the skills of combat or adventuring are ideal candidates for this.
I imagine that it will be a separate line available, in addition to those mentioned earlier in the post.
Guards will undergo training and are given equipment on behalf of the town/Company and help actively combat deviants.

The Company will have a need for caravan guards as well, so it might make sense to combine these two groups in some capacity. This will allow players to both help the town, while also experiencing the gameplay that arises from a hectic journey across vast distances.

Law and judgement

Coming later, depending on game mechanics.


Final confirmation coming later once I get to pick during D&SS, but currently aiming for the northern coast in the K5 kingdom, specifically 11 in this map.

Contacting us

If Cap Town (or The Golden Goose Company) sounds like a place you'd like to join or if you have any questions, where can you get in touch with us?

You are obviously free to attempt here on the forums, but the easiest way would be to get in touch with us on our Discord server.

All of the information above is liable to change as we get to know more about the in-game mechanics as well as domain selection.


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10/16/2018 11:33:50 AM #2

Really great post, I like hoy you have laid out all the possibilities for anyone who might visit or settle in Cap Town. I can't wait to see how it develops!

10/16/2018 6:47:57 PM #3

Great post Cap! And I learned some things about economics. I highly recommend Capsup’s town to any player looking for a great home!

10/18/2018 1:58:11 PM #4

Capsup's a really cool dude with some really nice ideas on what to do ingame.

If you're still searching for a home, want to see what the game offers and find out what's fun for you to do, this is the perfect place.

10/18/2018 9:04:21 PM #5

Stunning post and well thought concept mate, looking forward to your Settlement. Definitely a place for great economic trades & tidings to happen!

11/9/2018 7:27:45 PM #6

Cap Town will be a important trade hub for sure! o7

5/1/2019 9:18:29 PM #7

Updated the post a little and put in a link to a specific position that I intend to go for. We are also now a duchy capital!


9/20/2019 12:23:17 PM #8

Hello and Hail the Duke! My name is Perzival of the town of Blackash in the county of Torisea. Happy to make your acquaintance my Lord.

So it turns out I have a relatively moderate sized town specialising in trading on the east side of Feann!

I've been wanting to be a trader for a while and having a town specialising in this felt like a massive step forwards, and finding this thread was an even bigger one.

I think the Duchy capital is in the north of the Duchy? While I'm centre east, I would like to join the Golden Goose Trading Guild and expand the companies interests in my area. I would like my Town to become the transport and distribution hub for my area and have direct trade routes reaching to all major cities. Not only would this be good business, but during times of war or conflict they could provide an easy way to transport supplies and soldiers.

I also bring with me a team of blacksmiths, miners, brewers and crafter's so we can produce, improve and process any raw materials that come through.

Is this guild still open to applications? Looking forwards to talking soon!

Gold makes my Free Speech worth something.