Keep that shield at the ready!

As the diehard I am, while most often silent running in the forums, I'm usually not too far from Elyrian Topics. Thus, this project is part of a concerted effort on my part to create CoE cosplay, specifically for PAX attendance in the future. (PS By request. Cheers, you know who you are.)

First, glory at the hot mess that is the rear side of my new toy. 'Twas blacked out after I was done making a hot mess with paint (see below).

Back of the shield open.

Next catch a gander at the thickness! Good thing cardboard is light!

It's 15 pieces around!

Here's a fun idea, try and take a selfie while wearing a deployed arm shield! Not a simple task, but I managed.

Smiles were abundant during the making, no smiles for picture.

And finally, the (almost) finished project. The rats are only outlined with pencil. I will fix that so it doesn't get rubbed off by accident.

My pride and joy.

~ Goody Odsbodikins, Count of the Highest State. ~
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5/12/2019 8:38:05 PM #1

Can't wait to see it at Pax Goody! Love the artwork <3

5/12/2019 8:48:28 PM #2

That is awesome!

5/12/2019 8:49:41 PM #3

Great work, Kudos for the work put in to create the shield. I'd definitely really like to see you recreate more of the Kypiq work as we see more from SBS!

5/12/2019 9:22:44 PM #4

@Darhk I hope to have some Kypiq armor ready for PAX. Pictures will abound

~ Goody Odsbodikins, Count of the Highest State. ~
Friend Code: F41EFF

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