I think new players should not use Acronyms

To invite new players to a game with too many Acronyms, they will just get frustrated and find some other game with more simple language.

So.... at first use simple plain Language.

Later after the game develops then maybe the use of them.

Don't get me wrong I use them also.... I am just suggesting for the game developers.

I still don't know what some the acronyms mean.

7/18/2019 8:09:38 PM #1

Just like any new experience there will be a learning. curve. The community is very helpful. If you have any acronyms you would like explanations for, just ask. Here is a guide to the most common CoE acronyms

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7/18/2019 9:07:20 PM #2

What does the -3 and +2 in the upper right near the red explanation mark after each post mean?

Are these some kind of script writing points.

7/18/2019 9:09:02 PM #3

They are basically likes and dislikes. Anyone logged in can upvote or downvote your post.

Divide et Impera

7/18/2019 9:20:02 PM #4

There is always a learning curve no matter the game, and each gave has an abundance of acronyms. It takes time to learn everything so don't feel overwhelmed- we have plenty of time before the game launches. :)

Scuttle made a nice list for new players

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7/19/2019 12:12:52 AM #5

CoE has become like the army for me. There's a lot of acronyms. I'm not sure what any of them mean, but I know what they're talking about when they're used.

7/19/2019 10:18:21 AM #6

Posted By Focii at 5:09 PM - Thu Jul 18 2019

They are basically likes and dislikes. Anyone logged in can upvote or downvote your post.

They are ultimately meaningless, cause no penalty to one's forum account, and can be safely ignored.

Could be considered a bit of an intelligence test though when you think about it.

Of those that vote I mean, not the posts themselves.

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