what to play while waiting?

hello there fellow people who are waiting for COE!

could you guys reccomend me some mmo's or multiplayer games (please note if they are free or their payment model) that I could play?

after joining the coe community 3 years ago and hearing about the mechanics I still cant really find the appetite to play anything else, damn you soulbound studios!


8/2/2019 11:21:33 AM #1

I, and some friends, play Albion Online. It is free now. It is not much, but with friends is more fun.

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8/2/2019 12:39:11 PM #2

Wurm Unlimited/Online has some good in-depth crafting. Crusader Kings II gives you a bit of a taste of the Dance of Dynasties.

8/2/2019 12:43:41 PM #3

WoW Classic start at 27th, it should provide some nostalgia gaming if nothing more.

8/4/2019 1:23:37 AM #4

I am a long time Guild Wars player. After a couple of years away from the game, it has gotten away from me. But it is still a great game.


8/4/2019 1:30:26 AM #5

depends: Witcher 3 if you want to adventure, Rougelikes if you want permadeath, crusader kings 2 if you want the dance of dynasties, mordhau or something like that if you want on the battlefield. but all of it in one game, there is only CoE.

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11/8/2019 12:42:35 PM #6

any other suggestions? :x

11/14/2019 6:07:48 PM #7

Project Gorgon is keeping me busy. It's in beta and still has a few rough edges here and there but is regularly updated, regular events too....very good fun,

Fight, craft, loads of different fighting styles and lots of skillsets, explore, quests etc. From memory you can try it for free & play on the tiny starter island so as to try the game out before setting out for the big game world. Steam or via their own website IIRC.

11/14/2019 10:07:19 PM #8

Pillars of Eternity II have a lot of replayability potential, and on extreme complexity can be challenging, immersive and long enough. I like simple but very rich class system in PoE2

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