Val'Aira Duchy - Tylsia

The Kingdom of Tylsia - The County of Val’syn’aira - [City of Roh'eselle] - [The Val’kyryn] -

We of Val’Aira are a proud people who remain loyal and true to the kingdom of Tylsia.

Here in Val’Aira we have a heavy emphasis on creating an immersive environment through our lore, duchy based storylines and roleplaying. Each county and settlement within Val’Aira will have a mixture of pve, pvp and survival gameplay so you should find it easy to find yourself a home.

We seek people who want a mature, fun loving, tight knit community. We enjoy sharp senses of wit, teamwork and those who bring poise and culture to our beautiful lands.

Val’Aira Overview

Deep in the sylvan mixed leaf realm within Tylsia lays the home of a fierce and daunting people. Fearless Val’Kyryn soldiers, gentle healers, teachers, priests, officers, farmers and the mysterious oracles all reside in a place breath taking to behold. For all that Val’Aira is untamed it is also rich in culture.


The capital city, stands proudly like an iron rose in full bloom, a melting pot of peoples, professions and cultures. Here you will find the Val’Kyryn marching the avenues whilst the healers tend to the ill and injured of all walks of life, from farmer to noble. The capital a place of learning, healing and spiritual guidance. Where you will find the Arcora walking the streets in vast numbers, spreading their wisdom and knowledge to all who wish to receive it.

With the marriage of healing arts and the art of battle, Val’Aira represents the unlikeliest balance held in check by the gauntlet clad fist of Duchess Ohnara Thornn.


Val’Aira is located in the south east of Tylsia amongst the mixed leaf forests. With lumber, game, fish, fruit and farmland in abundance we will never want for a full belly nor a dry head.

The population is Neran majority though the Waerd and Kypiq are also well represented should you wish to choose.

Governing Body – The Circle

Val’Aira’s leadership will be governed by The Circle, of which each voice is heard and respected. They will be overseen by the Duchess and will only make decisions if all voices are one on any topic at hand.

The Circle will be comprised of citizens who have proven loyal to house Thornn, the crown and the kingdom. They do not require a noble title for a seat though I’m sure many nobles will do their best for a spot.

It is important to note, Val’Aira will be ruled by a Thornn woman (where possible), an unbroken line of daughters spanning back to the burning. Although the ruling house of the Duchy is a matriarchy, each count and mayor / baron does not need follow suit.

Settlements Roh’Eselle

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Such a great thread. I really love the style of the art. :3

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A proud member of this Duchy and kingdom

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The people of Wynn and the City of Hope, pledge their allegiance to the Warrior-Princesses of Val'Aira, and are excited as ever to live side-by-side with their Sisters in Val'syn'aira.

May our goblets be full, our hearths warm, and our blades sharp!