[NA-West] Duchy of Nareveth

Duchy of Nareveth


The Duchy of Nareveth is an economic and research focused Duchy with the ultimate goal of providing everyone with the means to be successful in their trade or craft. We have a multitude of schools to offer, and plenty of jobs that need to be filled.

The Duchy of Nareveth is in the Kingdom of Aranor. Nareveth is home to 57% Hrothi, 31% Brudvir, 8% Neran, and 1% Kypiq. Nareveth touches the ocean by access of a cove in it's north-eastern corner and will likely become a major economic player in the years to come.


  • Monarch: Queen Kallar
  • Duke: Levi Symond
  • Duchess: Lady Zaria Symond of Nareveth
  • Hand of the Duke: Baron Nero Raus
  • High Pleniopotentiary: Countess Aurabella
  • High Commissioner of Defense and Security: Count Kuznetsov of Strelkovia
  • High Commissioner of Law and Justice: Baron J.C. Westbrooke
  • High Commissioner of Naval Defense: Count Bastian
  • High Commissioner of Research and Academics: Count Wiegand of Ardenburg
  • High Commissioner of Trade and Coin: Count Callian
  • High Commissioner of Agriculture: Lord Llurendt

Knowledge, Solidarity, Order


In Nareveth the most important tool is your mind. Knowledge gives you power, the power to do anything. Knowledge is the foundation of any society and having superior knowledge will put you a step above your competitors and our enemies.

  • Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family. -- Kofi Annan


In Nareveth we are all equal. We support the common man and we act as one. We do not act as a lone wolf hunting for its next meal. We will support each other as one, and die as one.

  • Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. -- Mattie Stepanek


Along with solidarity, Order is needed to establish a creative environment for all. All citizens will be expected to follow any laws in place, and to face the consequences if broken. Nareveth is a place for all to come and we will support you to the best we can, but will not tolerate people who abuse the system or others. With that said, do not take abuse from others and act within the law.

  • Be peaceful, be courteous, obey the law, respect everyone; but if someone puts his hand on you, send him to the cemetery. -- Malcolm X

Laws and Policies

The laws and policies of the Duchy will be written at a later date and will comply with all Kingdom-wide laws.

Why Join?

Nareveth is more than just research and academics. We will be an economic powerhouse that encourages small business owners, landowners, traders, crafters, scholars, students, Mayors, Counts, anyone and everyone to do what they love.

You sound kind of like a carebear Duchy...

At the heart of Nareveth, we want everyone to participate in activities that are legal and activities that you want to do and enjoy. We will have a standing Military and Internal Guard for those who enjoy that. After all, got to keep the carebears safe.

I am sold, where do you need me?

Currently, we need everyone from all walks of life. We will need farmers, breeders, miners, soldiers, scholars, traders, everything. The possibilities are endless!

I am a Mayor/Count, who do I speak to?

That would be me, Levi Symond! You can reach me at the Duchy Discord or Kingdom Discord.

Kingdom Discord

Duchy Discord

Currently Pledged Counties

County of Forsa (Duke Levi Symond)

The County of Forsa is the capital County for the Duchy of Nareveth. Forsa County will be home to the Duchy-funded university, Silverleaf University of Excellence. The County will also house any other schools that wish to set up, and will be the primary hub for all Duchy related needs.

The County of Forsa is home to 50% Brudvir, 43% Hrothi, 4% Neran, and 1% Kypiq. The City of Mercy Isle is home to Duke Levi Symond.

Ardenburg County (Albrecht von Wiegand)

Ardenburg will focus primarily on the scientific, alchemical, and technological advancement within Navareth and Valyria. With your help we can pool our minds together to create wondrous machines, alchemical masterpieces, and technologies that leave the world in awe.

All boundaries of mann will be pushed in the pursuit of science! Inventors that wish to chart unknown waters with their fantastic ideas and marvels of machinery. The alchemist pouring over his notes and vials to ply his craft in that next concoction. The masters of metal and woodwork to pour life into nonliving material to create wonders that the world will come to see.

The County of Ardenburg is home to 56% Hrothi, 34% Brudvir, 6% Neran, and 1% Kypiq. The Keep of Wiegand is home to Count Albrecht von Wiegand.

Strelkovia County (Kuznetsov)

The County of Strelkovia is a county within the Great Duchy of Nareveth. The county's primary focus will be that of metal and industry. Stout laborers and masters of the metal will ply their craft here!

Strelkovia will be focused towards the production of metal and all of its byproducts. Mines will dot the mountainsides, pulling forth the precious ore and coal needed to fuel the smelters. The smithies will turn the metals into the finest works of metal in the Kingdom. From the master armourer and weaponsmith, to the humblest tool smith, all are welcome.

The County of Ardenburg is home to 65% Hrothi, 20% Brudvir, 12% Neran, and 1% Kypiq. The Stronghold of Strelvania is home to Count Strel Kuznetsov.