Duchy of Asébeia

The county of Sekinah, located in the most southern lands of the Duchy of Asébeia in the Kingdom of Al-Khezam, is where one finds Sheki's Den - the home of Duchess Shekinah of House Agaue.

To the North and West lies more Woodland Savanna, to the East is a long stretch of coast running down to the South, where the Swamps are just over the border. It is at this most Southern point in Asébeia that a blooming port was born and the foundations laid for the Capital of Sekinah. With Shekina being the Duchess of Asébeia this port also became the Capital of Asébeia.

The Capital being a port, maritime activities are a main focus, going hand in hand with trading and exploration.

Food is another focus, with forage and farmland as the two most abundant resources, combined with game and fish this ensures that citizens of Sekinah don't have to worry about getting hungry.

As the Duchy's Capital is in Sekinah, opportunities arise for the more ambitious ones to pick up various specialized professions, those that wish to do so will be encouraged and supported by the Duchess .

Though Asébeia is situated in the Woodland Savanna, which is the home of To'resk, in Sekinah they only count for a third of the populaton and they are outnumbered by Dras, who count for almost half of its citizens.

Neran and The Waerd can be found in small groups spread over the lands and there are some rumors that a Janoa has been seen.

The official religion is Quindred, although other religions are recorded as being present. As a sidenote, The Cult of Luna, is gaining some traction in the most Southern woods. For sure it is a coincidence that this is where Shekina has her Den... or not.

Lore: From Kypiq in Nirath to To'resk in Al-Khezam.. this will take some time and magic to work out.

Settlements Sheki's Den



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Wip: To complete after DSS and/or when the time is right.

We are actively looking for players to settle in Sekinah and to fill some of the roles that will open up after DSS, both citizens and mayors/barons are more than welcome to join us.

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