[BH] {NA-W} Bloodraven County

County of Bloodraven (Formerly Ballywater)

County Seat: Sarin Vale (Formerly Thistlewind)

Location: Royal Duchy of Darkholm, Blackheart

Swamp biome abundant in Lumber and Fresh Water

Settlements: 9 with 3,769 - 5,100 parcels

Population: 302-407 Estimated Wealth: Rich

Top Professions:

  • Fishermann, Woodworker, Hunter, Carver, Merchant

Notable Professions:

  • Carver, Ranger, Woodworker, Spy, Groundskeeper

Bloodraven County is located centrally within the Royal Duchy of Darkholm with excellent trade routes spreading far and wide centered on Sarin Vale. Each mayor/baron is free to decide what type of industry/ research/ etc. that they wish to pursue.

I am looking for one mayor who wishes to deal with logging/ replanting as our primary resource is Lumber, if that is you, let me know so I can be sure to help you be supplied. Other than that, I am open to any other types of settlements.

The county seat of Sarin Vale’s primary focus is trade, as opposed to production, and the primary research focus will be on the alchemical sciences.

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Hey man! Excellent write up, goodluck with your County!

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Nice post foresty mann

9/16/2019 5:22:54 PM #3

This is a great bit of land. Congratulations and good luck!

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Excellent post Syl, I look forward to sharing shop talk correspondence with you from Duskholm!

-Count Sombris Toxilayn

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Thank you!

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Hello Darkness, my old friend!

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Do you know Mr. Darkness?

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Edited! :)

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