County of Ballyale [Skyslope | Tryggr]

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  • Server: Selene [EU]

  • Kingdom:

  • Duchy:

  • County:

  • Tribes:

A friendly group average age is 30+ from over the EU and a few souls from the NA region. We have people interested in PVE and PVP play styles.

Looking to be a trading hub and resting place for the travelers and caravans passing by.

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We have two main focuses one of them is to grow into a powerful economical county, Hardworking miners and woodcutters, farmers and husbandry will provide the goods for crafting en trades within our Kingdom. We will not restrict ourselves to just our own Kingdom as we are bordered on the Kingdom of Nirath we have already established and are always open to conduct trades with counties located in that kingdom.

We are also open to be safe place for travelers and caravans to take a rest, get repairs done, and browse around our shops. If you are looking for the best quality horses look no further. As our Horse ranch has the finest horses you will anywhere.

Skyslope as a Duchy is not very populated yet (we hope to get more people settling during the Dutch auction), but those that did settle there, we have a great cooperation going with them. Check out our friends in The County of Sunward

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Our second focus is to find men and women interested to secure our borders! We will heavily invest to be a defensive force. When needed we shall be an aggressive attacking force using a variety of tactics. So for the more PvP minded players we have a home for you.

Click here to read more about our army

A variety of other roles are needed to make sure we are self sufficient as a County and are able to trade with our neighbors.

WE SEEK: Friendly minded people interested in a multitude of professions, including but not limited to the ones listed below:

  • Horse ranchers and Animal Husbandry
  • Soldiers / Skirmishers / Cavalry / Artillerist / Rogue warriors

  • Blacksmiths, carpenters and other crafters

  • Scholars
  • Miners, lumberjacks and quarriers
  • Hunters, farmers and foresters

We also would like people interested in running our Tavern: 'The Lost Feather' Alt text - can be left blank

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About me: Baron Althaf Stundar comes from an ancient bloodline that has fought and bled for his tribe since its birth. He calls home the Fort of Ravensreach, and from there he commands the fearsome Legion of Akir. Although friendly-natured the Baron is a man that does not take kindly to injustice. He places his people and his honor before all else and will gladly lay down his life in defense of either. Baron Althaf Stundar and his army are always ready to defend the lands of his people.

If you are interested to join us, please follow the Discord link to get in touch with us:

Click here -> Discord <-

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I love jumping around in a Voxel assets

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looking good

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Grat post, best of luck to you! :D