Introducing the Meowl

Even with the updated rewards, there are still 0 people pledging at the Chimera level. I've decided that on the offchance nobody does and we haven't a single player made creature enter the game, I'll give my suggestion. Meet the Meowl.


To examine the Meowl, as with many fantasy creatures, is to examine the beasts that it's being is comprised of. The Meowl is no larger than a house cat and very alike in looks. It's key differences begin in the face, for the eyes are far larger than that of any cat, looking more like those of an owl. Owl similarities continue to the feet, where sharp talons replace cat claws. The tail stands as an odd part out for Meowls because it is more akin to a monkey, given the strength to curl around a branch and support the creature's hanging body.

Meowls are most active at night and spend their time hanging upside down from trees or traversing their branches in search of insects. Whenever possible, hanging Meowls use their keen nocturnal eyesight to leap down on unsuspecting prey, no matter it's size. Since Meowls typically live in groups large ambushes are possible, and many nighttime travelers have lost parts of their face, arms, and even their lives to these vicious forest dwellers.

Taming Meowls is no small task given their diet, appetite, and behaviors. Adult Meowls cannot be tamed, so their young must be raised specifically to the end of obedience. As social animals, the Meowl without another nearby will refuse to eat in captivity. Unfortunately, adolescent Meowls complicate the process beyond simply raising them as a group. Meowls reared together reach an age at which they turn aggressive towards one another, fighting until only one is left - an ingrained behavior that ensures only the strong survive. Simply separating the Meowls will do no good either because without this experience, their social growth is stunted and response to commands will often be slack. The solution adopted by most Meowl tamers is to cut down on costs by raising Meowls as pairs, allowing the victor of the pair to finish off the weaker one, and go on to finish its growth and training afterwards.

A final note on Meowls is that aside from their fierce talons and teeth, the true danger is in what cannot be seen. Meowl scratches have an incredibly high incidence of infection, and their bites are only slightly less dangerous in this department. Surviving a Meowl encounter should always be followed by a visit to the local doctor, lest infection have a chance to spread and fester.

5/13/2016 10:59:44 PM #1

I believe this would be way more fitting

5/13/2016 11:07:52 PM #2

Awesome, love the idea.

5/13/2016 11:13:47 PM #3

Very interesting idea. I'm for it....I probably wouldn't go near one though unless it was tamed haha.

5/13/2016 11:14:15 PM #4

hahaha I like that actually.

5/13/2016 11:14:25 PM #5

I would breed them. 10/10

5/13/2016 11:15:29 PM #6

They if tamed would make excellent defence animals because while you check the floor for traps.. they get you from above.

5/13/2016 11:31:05 PM #7

Absolutely love it!!!

5/14/2016 12:16:23 AM #8

Hear me, oh devs, if there ends up being nobody backing Chimera tier... Let us have Meowls.

5/14/2016 1:54:05 AM #9

Wonderful idea! I would definitely want a flock er pride...well a bunch of them hanging around. :)

5/14/2016 1:56:43 AM #10

Need more Meowls :) Love it!

5/14/2016 10:26:15 PM #11

I like the idea of them being a bunch :D As hey hang like bananas.

5/15/2016 4:20:52 PM #12

Haha, this is great. Love the way you combined the two.

5/16/2016 10:59:11 PM #13

I'm in love.

This too shall pass.

5/17/2016 4:21:24 AM #14

I would like to have bunches and bunches of Meowls, please??

5/17/2016 4:26:19 AM #15

Looks like I'm going to be a crazy old cat... man...