25 October

Conquest of PAX AUS 2017

By Vye

Greetings, Elyrians,

Whether you've got your finger on the pulse of Down Under or not, we've got an exciting weekend activity for you! PAX Australia is this weekend and, while we won't be exhibiting there in person, we will be activating a new round of our convention companion game, Conquest of Elyria. This is an opportunity for us to interact and grow and, in the spirit of community, we encourage everyone to participate!

PAX AUS runs Friday-Sunday 10am - 6pm AEDT (UTC+11) or Thursday-Saturday 4pm-12am US Pacific time.

How to Play

If you're new to Conquest, here's the rundown:

Conquest of Elyria is a cooperative and competitive game where players try to collect resources, build weapons, and then wage war on hostile domains. Conquest of Elyria can be played during show hours at PAX AUS 2017 as long as you've got an account with at least 250+ Influence. Simply go to either chroniclesofelyria.com/conquest or ConquestOfElyria.com after 10AM AEDT (4PM PDT) to play.

Once there, there's just a few simple steps to play.

To start, join a domain of your choosing. Once you do, you'll be assigned a random resource type (Wood, Stone, or Metal).

The domains during this conquest are:

  • The Duchy of Aernvania
  • The Grand County of Cirelle
  • The County of Trellast
  • The Grand County of Shuriyana
  • The County of Phorezia
  • The County of Sreasea

After you've joined a domain, begin gathering resources by going to the Gather tab and entering the friend code of another active player. Note that a player is only active if they also have 250+ IP and have chosen a domain/traded. Entering friend codes of people who are not active, while allowed, will not earn any points during the tally at the end of the day.

If you're at PAX AUS, you can also gain resources for your domain by finding other Conquest players at the show and scanning their QR code. Just click on the Gather tab and snap a picture of their QR code to receive their resource type.

Resources gathered by you and your fellow citizens are contributed to your domain's overall score. The resources you collect can be used to build items to fight other domains. To build items, click the build buttons on the resources tab.

Lastly, by 5:59PM AEDT (12AM PDT) each day, choose a domain to attack on the Attack tab. At 6PM AEDT (12AM PDT), the domains will go to war and the items you built throughout the day will contribute to your attack power against the domain you selected. The domain with the highest score at the end is that day's Conquest of Elyria winner!

But it's not as easy as it sounds. To be truly successful you'll need to coordinate with your cohorts to hoard resources and plot your attack strategy against your opponents. To coordinate, you'll want to use any and all of the channels you can: Discord, Twitter, our forums - anything you can do to win!

Why? Because each resource you trade grants both you and them a resource. So be mindful of who you trade with, as you may just be funding the enemy.

Why should I play?

So you can win fabulous prizes!

There are three different ways to win: as a domain, as an individual, or as a community! There's no reason not to go for all three.

1 - Domain Win

Be a member of the domain who is the winner each day. The Prize: A PAX AUS exclusive, in-game accessory. All members of the winning domain will receive an Amber Ring of Conquest, an Amber Necklace of Conquest, or an Amber Bracelet of Conquest - depending on the day - for their character to wear in-game. These trinkets match those earned at PAX East and West, but are - you guessed it - Amber in color and substance.

2 - Individual Win

Out of all the domains, gather the single most resources for the day and you will win an in-game Suit of Armor, Caparison, and Barding for your Horse! Best of all, the colors and crest will match the domain you represented during PAX AUS 2017 Conquest of Elyria! (Limit one)

3 - Community Win

Help spread the word and get 1000 new registrations for the site. The Prize: Exclusive, in-game PAX AUS cloak. All players active in the Conquest of Elyria game will receive an Orange Cloak of Community that their character may wear in-game. Every 1000 signups, the quality of the cloak increases!

Artifacts of Communication

But wait, there's more! On the clasp of each Cloak of Community is a broach containing three gem sockets. These sockets are specifically made to hold gemstones pulled from the Rings, Necklaces, and Bracelets of Conquest. This includes the Sapphire from PAX East, the Emerald from PAX West, and the Amber from PAX AUS.

When you take any three - different colored gemstones out of the Ring, Bracelet, or Necklace of Conquest and combine them inside any colored Cloak of Community - it becomes a Cloak of Communication Artifact.

The Artifact enables further communication by granting the wearer of the cloak the ability to understand and speak two different languages as dictated by which cloak it is.

  • The Blue Cloak of Communication allows communicating in Northerner or Yoru
  • The Green Cloak of Communication allows communicating in Wetlander or Tropical
  • The Orange Cloak of Communication allows communicating in Neran or Kypiq
  • The Red Cloak of Communication (PAX South) allows communicating in Deserter or Savanna

As a final reminder, there's three different cloak qualities - Lesser, Normal, and Greater, based on the number of new, qualified registrations we receive. Each one provides progressively MORE understanding and communication of the foreign languages. So remember to invite your friends to join the community!

But remember, you need at least 250 Influence to participate or win prizes.

Future Conventions

Worried you missed a previous game of Conquest and missed out on your chance for the Cloak or Items? No worries. We'll be offering the same cloaks and items each year at the same conventions. So this winter, Conquest of PAX East will once again provide an opportunity to get the Blue cloak and items.

So who should I trade with?

How do you know who truly belongs to which domain? You don't! In Chronicles of Elyria, it won't be immediately apparent where another character's loyalties lie, and they might even be in disguise. Fealty to a domain will be a point of pride and contention in Elyria, so we want to simulate that aspect during Conquest of Elyria. So feel free to ask what domain someone belongs to... or feel free to lie!

Rules on Posting Friend Codes

One final note on the rules. To trade resources online you simply go to the gather tab and enter another player's friend code. This is going to encourage a LOT of people posting their friend codes in different places.

We're okay with that, with the following two exceptions:

  • Don't spam the forums with your friend codes. It's okay to have it in your signature, but don't post your friend code in post bodies and don't spam the forums to get your code seen.

  • Don't spam the CoE Discord - ANY CHANNEL with your Friend Code.

So what does that leave? Everything else! Use other forums to share your codes, use the friend codes of YouTube streamers, search the web for friend codes other people have posted, send PMs, Facebooks, Emails, and of course, Twitter.

Notes on Cheating and Exploits

The intention is that players trade their codes through exchanges and, in the interest of preventing people from writing bots to try random samples of codes or exhaustive lists, people who have more than 10% of "bad" friend codes will be eliminated for the day and their trades and attacks will not be counted.

Additionally, creating dummy accounts for the purpose of earning the registration prizes won't work either. We are looking for real people to join the community and have active accounts, not just fluff. Dummy accounts will be culled from the final count and will not count toward the Community prize.

Remember, this is a chance to interact with one another and entice your friends to come join you and get cool stuff! Don't waste this opportunity to welcome newcomers into the community and get some in-game swag at the same time.

That's all folks. Get started when the show opens if you've got 250+ Influence by going to ConquestOfElyria.com! And if you do use Social Media, Make sure to include @SoulboundStudio #PAXAus #ConquestOfElyria.

Wishing you all the best in your upcoming conquests,


P.S. The individual winners from PAX West were announced in this thread. The domain winners are listed in this thread. Sadly, the registration count for the community prize was not reached.