6 February

Elyria and Chill Store Event

By Serpentius

Dearest Elyrians,

It's that time of year again - the frost reminds us of the season, and the tendrils of the chill in the air encourages us to get a little closer to the ones we hold dear. Winter's cold embrace still has us in its grasp.

The new year on Earth and in Elyria is a time for new beginnings, growth, renewal, and the blossoming of true love. In the spirit of this time of year, Soulbound Studios wants to share their affection and gratitude with you, the Community, who we hold so dear!

Starting today, we've added a number of love-themed items to our store. If there is a special someone in the community for you, if you need a way to say "I ♥ you!" to your partner, your crush, your family or your dear friends - we've got you covered.

Please note: These items are seasonal and are available in our online store for a limited time.

Welcome to...

Elyria and Chill

a special store update!

For a limited time, from today, February 6th, until February 19th at midnight PST, treat yourself to one of the below items, or purchase them for your friends, family, or that special someone!

Ring of Devotion

A elegant ring to declare your love or devotion.

Keep or gift this Ring of Devotion to your loved one. It can be used in a marriage ceremony, but does not by itself create a marriage contract between two individuals.


  • Ring of Devotion

Note: You can gift or keep this item.

Picnic Basket

A basket containing desserts, recipes and a hand harp, perfect for a picnic for two.

A picnic basket with a collection of desserts and their recipes. You'll also receive a hand harp to help you celebrate the day in style.

Includes: (bundled inside a picnic basket)

  • Chocolate Truffles + recipe
  • Strawberry Shortcake + recipe
  • Forget me not Wine + recipe
  • Hand Harp

Note: This basket is giftable, the package contents individually are not.

Deviant Package

For the more adventurous, get a chain mail bikini and briefs, and a cat o' nine tails.

While most in Elyria won't wear outfits like a chain mail bikini, you see the benefits for more private times.

Get that and chainmail briefs for the mann in your life. Also comes with a cat o' nine tails (meow).


  • Chain mail bikini
  • Chain mail briefs
  • Cat o' nine tails

Note: This package is giftable, the package contents individually are not.

Cottage for Two

Start off right with a cottage built for two and a Bloodline package.

Discover Elyria with a friend or loved one by purchasing an extra game copy and a Cottage for Two. You can live the cozy life in the settlement of your choice. Comes with a Bloodline package.


  • Cottage (bound to your account - limit 1)
  • Bloodline package

Note: You must own a Bloodline package or above to purchase this item. Also, the Bloodline package is giftable, the Cottage is not.

Song Birds

A pair of song birds to sing beautifully.

Keep or gift this pair of song birds which you will receive as a pet, and a cage to keep them in. This is a mated pair of songbirds, keep them fed and ultimately you will end up with a third.

Please note: This pet is different from the other currently available pets, as they have the potential to fly away and cannot be trained.


  • Song birds
  • Cage

Necklace of Fellowship + Pattern

Wear your Necklace of Fellowship or gift it to a friend.

Keep or gift this beautiful Necklace of Fellowship to a friend or loved one. Comes with a pattern to help you create one or more Necklaces of Fellowship in Elyria. Perhaps you'll create a jewelry shop and start a trend!


  • Necklace of Fellowship
  • Pattern for Necklace of Fellowship


Are the heady vapors of love clouding your mind? Do you want to know if Soulbound Studios likes you back? (We do). Do you have any technical questions regarding our store?

For these or any other inquiries, please email [email protected].

Visit the online store and make your purchases while you still can!

From the very bottom of our hearts (where the heck does that phrase come from, anyway?) we want to thank you, our Community, for making our forums and chat platform such wonderful places. You are our one, our only, our true love; our beloved Community.

You have our eternal gratitude for inspiring us with your dedication to our project, and to celebrate all of the wonderful new friendships and budding romances that have arisen within our Community. This update is dedicated to them!

Committed to Chronicles of Elyria, to love, and to you,

Soulbound Studios