25 January

Account merging is almost here!

By Serpentius


A long, long time ago, when our community was much smaller, many dedicated and early Elyrians grew so fast, they outgrew their base packages. To assist them in their expansion plans to allow for more followers, we allowed them to purchase multiple packages with the knowledge we would create a method for them to merge them.

Now, in 2018, we are at the stage in our development cycle that we need to facilitate this. Merging must occur before we can progress to key future stages of the game road map. Surname reservation, VoxElyria access, Alpha access, and more rely on both players and the studio having a keen understanding of the makeup of their accounts. This is a very important feature for many of our early backers who, in their generosity and excitement, double or triple backed us. In order to say thank you we have long promised the ability to merge accounts, and therefore pledge packages.

Since there are a lot of steps involved with account merging, we've created this guide to answer all of your questions and get you ready before merging begins on February 1st. Read on to learn more.

Merging Eligibility

"I'm someone who wants to merge accounts I own. Can I merge one of my accounts with another of my accounts, what is the criteria?"

Below we list the criteria required for you to be able to successfully utilize the merging process:

  • Because you can only merge accounts you own, you'll be expected to have the following information. Be sure to dust off your old passwords on your secondary accounts before initiating a merge request. This includes:
    • Email access - you must have access to the email address attached to the account(s)
    • Username - you must have the correct username of the account(s)
    • Password - you must know the correct password of the account(s)
  • A single active layaway may exist on one account, provided the layaway package is higher than the packages on the account it is being merged with.
  • The two accounts cannot have shared Free Kingdom Tokens.
  • Both accounts cannot possess a Free Kingdom title.

All of the above are required to merge an account.

What will be merged?

Below we outline the various items you may have, how they merge, and if they stack.

  • All account activity and support contacts will be combined. Any existing disciplinary actions, such as bans, will persist through the merge. We'll treat these as all being part of a single user.
  • All user logins and other tracking history will be merged onto a single account.
  • All roles (such as moderator) are transferred to the MASTER account.
  • Friend code of the SECONDARY account will cease to be valid after the merge. Only the friend code of the MASTER account will be valid
  • Conquest activity and prizes will be merged. If you won the prize multiple times due to having a winner on multiple accounts, it'll be collapsed into a single item. No duplicates.
  • Influence awards will be combined, along with all Influence on each account.
  • Private messages will be combined. Any messages to or from any of the accounts will all be marked as being to/from the MASTER account.
  • All forum activity from SECONDARY accounts will display as if they were posted by the MASTER account. This includes:
    • All Posts & Topics.
    • All poll votes -- If this results in multiple on the same poll from the same individual, we'll put a note on your account.
    • All post reports
  • All shop history and transactions will be attributed to the MASTER account.
    • Highest Package will become the current package.
    • Layaway history is combined, and a single active layaway may exist on one account, provided the layaway account is higher than the package it is being merged with.
  • Kickstarterversary rewards from May 2017 will be granted after account merging is complete. The reward you receive will be based on your total amount spent toward packages.

In addition, the following applies when merging packages on multiple accounts:

Digital Extras do not Stack (Max 1)

  • Access to Newsletter
  • Exclusive wallpaper
  • CoE Soundtrack
  • Art book (PDF)
  • Strategy guide (PDF)
  • Town guide (PDF)

Prestige Items do not stack (Max 1 each)

  • Adventurer's Title & Cloak
  • Founder's Title & Cloak
  • Merchant's Title & Cloak

Note: After merging you will have a maximum of 1 cloak of each type you previously owned.

Social interactions do not stack (Max 1)

  • In-game text emote
  • In-game salute
  • In-game dance
  • Access to In-game Founder's chat channel

Developer access does not stack (Max 1)

  • Access to the exclusive developer's forum
  • Access to special, monthly video chat Q&A with the development team

In-game decorative items do not stack (Max 1)

  • Decorative Plaque
  • Statue
  • Homesteader Artwork
  • Ancestor Portrait

Custom Surnames sort of stack

  • Multiple accounts with surname items become a single account with one surname item.
  • Any additional surname items you had prior to the merge will become rename tokens (a new item!), so you can freely rename later if desired.
  • Access to expanded colors, sigils, or crests do not stack

Character Packs do stack

  • Adventurer's Pack
  • Founder's Pack
  • Merchant's Pack

Transportation & Pets do stack

  • Pack mules
  • Pets
  • Horse & saddlebags
  • Purebred Courser
  • Wagon
  • Ursaphant
  • War Trison
  • Carriage (from Carriage for two)

Furnished Manors / Villas sort of stack

  • Having more than one package with a villa upgrades it to a manor
  • All additional villas after upgrading to a manor will grant 600 EP, and all additional manors will grant 1,000 EP.

Titles do not stack

  • Additional titles increase the size of the domain or settlement based on the package merged (see bullets below). Each title will show up in your inventory for use during domain/settlement selection.
  • Mayor titles -> Increased settlement size, depending on the title being merged; an extra aristocracy title adds 9 parcels of land to the settlement, a county 25 parcels, a duchy 49 parcels, and a kingdom 81 parcels.
  • County titles -> adds an adjacent county, and twenty-five (25) parcels of land added to the settlement.
  • Duchy titles -> adds an adjacent duchy, and forty-nine (49) parcels of land to the settlement.
  • Kingdom title -> adds an adjacent kingdom, and eighty-one (81) parcels of land to the settlement.

User created content stacks

  • Multiple named stars or constellations
  • Multiple historical locations named
  • Multiple headstones

Breaking the 4th wall extends by 2

  • Each Launch party, studio tour, private dining party, or weekend of gaming extends your +1 by an additional two people. (i.e. +1 becomes +3, etc.)

Design Experiences sort of stack

  • Design experiences can be split under specific circumstances that are outlined in our DE FAQ that is coming soon.

Purchased and Received tokens stack

  • There is a max of 3 tokens per person. However, if you purchased tokens on each account whose combined total exceeds 3, you keep them all.
  • Villager and Guild token maximums remain the same.
  • If you have not purchased the maximum tokens, your maximum will not increase after merging.

Exposition Points (EP) combines

  • EP is added together from each account

Sparks & Souls combine

  • Sparks are added together from both accounts
  • Each package grants the user a Soul pack containing 3 random souls

Access is highest available

  • You will retain the highest access level that existed between the merged accounts.(Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Beta 1, Beta 2)

Store/Merchant Credit combine

  • All unused or outstanding store or merchant credit is added together on the MASTER account

When will merging occur?

Merging begins on February 1st, 2018, and concludes four weeks later on February 28th, 2018, at midnight pacific time. Merging takes time and requires extra attention to detail from everyone involved (including you).

Because it's crucial that each player's account comprise all of their items, we will only offer account merging this one time. After this, there won't be another opportunity to merge any accounts or receive merged lands, such as double Mayor packages. If you're at all interested in increasing the size of a settlement or domain through merging a second package, it must be done in February.

To ensure everyone is able to participate, we're going to provide extra attention and support during this period. However, it must be understood that after the account merging period has concluded, no new requests will be honored.

We appreciate your understanding and support for this important requirement. If you know someone who will need to merge their accounts and they may be away during this time, reach out to them and have them make arrangements so they don't miss out!

How will it work?

Follow these steps to merge your accounts.

Important notes regarding merging:

  • Each time you merge two accounts, you will want to identify each one as the MASTER and SECONDARY account for that merge.
    • The MASTER is always the account you log in with, and the SECONDARY is the account that will disappear after the process is complete!
    • You will always only merge two of your accounts at one time. If you are merging 3 accounts in total, you will perform the following procedure twice, etc..
    • Merges cannot be queued, you can only perform one merge at a time.
    • Once you are able to log into your MASTER account again, it is safe to initiate a next account merge.
    • It is highly recommended you perform this procedure on a computer and not on a mobile device.
    • Free Kingdom winners have already received their packages therefore do not require any additional information or instructions.
    • This process is irreversible. Do not continue if you have not read all of the steps below and are not confident you can complete everything requested.
    • Usernames of merged accounts (SECONDARY) will remain locked for an indeterminate amount of time.

Submitting a NEW merge request:

  1. Login to your MASTER account - this is the account you want to keep that your SECONDARY account will be merged into.
  2. Access your Account Management page on your MASTER account by clicking on your CoE username in the top right corner of the page.
  3. On the menu to the left, click the Merge option below Inventory.
  4. When you click the Merge option, the merging page will load.
  5. On the merging page, enter your SECONDARY account credentials and press the Submit Merge Request button. This is the account that will disappear when complete.
  6. You will receive a message letting you know about the email confirmation being sent to your SECONDARY account.
  7. Find the email and click on the link to continue the merge process. Remember, the confirmation goes to the email attached to the SECONDARY account, NOT the MASTER.
    • Important: This merge confirmation link will expire in four (4) hours!
  8. Once you click the link in the SECONDARY account's email, you will be redirected back to the merging page in your MASTER CoE account. If you are logged out for any reason, ensure you log back into the MASTER account.
    • Note: Prior to clicking the link in the above email, you may suspend the merge request by simply deleting or ignoring the email. No process has been started before this step that is irreversible.
  9. At this stage, if you have completed all of the above steps correctly, the Merge Accounts page will now provide an Initiate Merge button, along with a reminder of which account will be merged into your current account.
  10. If you click the Initiate Merge button, a new popup should appear warning you that this is the final chance to change your mind. If you are confident you have followed all of the above steps correctly, click "I ACCEPT". If you have one shred of doubt, contact us for help prior to clicking "I ACCEPT".
  11. Once you confirm by clicking "I ACCEPT" in the previous step, a final Confirm button will appear. Click this Confirm button to start the merging process.
  12. After you click Confirm, the following occurs:
    • The dialog will close
    • You will be logged out
    • The merge process will begin

When a merge is in process:

  • BOTH your MASTER and SECONDARY accounts will be locked for up to 10 minutes. Afterwards, the SECONDARY account will no longer be accessible.
  • Because your accounts are locked during this process, only one merge may be performed at a time.

Other options we've been asked about

Give a package as a Gift

If you wish to gift someone a package you may purchase the gift package either before or after merging, on either account. If you merge an account that has giftable packages in its inventory, they will end up in the inventory of the MASTER account once the merger is complete. In addition, when you gift someone one of the unclaimed packages in your inventory the following will occur

  • All rewards associated with the gift package will transfer to the other account.
  • Your Total Influence remains the same.
  • The person receiving the gift package will receive no Influence from the gift, but they'll have the package!

Transfer All Titles & Lands

If you have a package but wish to give a set your titles and lands to another player, there will be an opportunity to do so before Settlement & Domain Selection. This does not occur prior to Merging.

Here's what would happen when that time comes:

  • A Title Bundle would transfer to the new account, along with whatever rewards go along with that title (full stack of titles, lands, cloaks, surname & crests, etc). If you have another stack of titles left, those remain on your account.
  • Your Total Influence will stay the same since you still paid for it.
  • You retain all other package rewards (launch party tickets, sparks of life, design experiences, etc).

Note: This is not the same as willing one of your titles to another player. Willing a title to another is done after Settlement & Domain Selection and you will still be responsible for picking your domain and/or settlement before willing them to another.

For example, if you want to have a county but give a friend your duchy, you'll do this after you've selected the lands.

Merging FAQ

Click here for more answers!

Still have questions?

If you are unable to find your answer on the page above or in the linked FAQ, you can get help via one of these alternate methods:

EDIT 1/31/18 - If you have more than one villa after merging your account they will combine into a manor. Beyond that, all additional villas will grant 600 EP and all additional manors will grant 1,000 EP.

EDIT 2/2/2018 - After you merge, the "Member since" date on the final account will be from the MASTER account, not the oldest date between the 2 accounts.

EDIT 2/3/2018 -When merging more than one account, if you encounter any issues, make sure you log out and back into the CoE website and then click on the 2nd link you were sent.

EDIT 2/14/2018 Regarding Design Experiences:

When account merge occurs, your merged accounts will not affect the value or quantity of your promised Design Experiences.


  • A Royal pledge would earn that backer one (1) $5,000 value DE
  • If a backer owns 2 Royal accounts and merges them, they will have one double-duchy, but will still retain the two (2) separate $5,000 value DE’s they purchased with each of their packages.
  • If you merge 2 Royals that each have one $5,000 value DE, you cannot combine them into a $10,000 value DE.