[NA-East] Sunset County in Vornair

Sunset County - an NA-East County within the Kingdom of Vornair

Sunset County

Our County Discord

Join our discord channel or reach out directly to Count Vestan Drake (West) if you are interested in living in Sunset County. If you are interested in County or City management but do not have the funds to invest, there may be an opportunity for you to participate in the Sunset Council (see below) based on merit and subject knowledge.

About Sunset County

Sunset County can be found within the the Rhynelands of the Kingdom of Vornair and is owned by Count Vestan Drake. Much is yet unknown about the physical features of the county, but there is no doubt that it will be an exciting place to live.

The largest community within Sunset County is the Sunset City. In this city you will find a bustling economy, protected by some of the most renowned adventurers in all of Elyria. Gracing the center of the city is the Sunset Citadel, headquarters of the The Adventurer’s Guild of Vornair , the largest mercenary organization in the Kingdom of Vornair.

Residents and visitors alike will flock to the area for a chance to visit one of the greatest architectural marvels, the Sunset Coliseum! Here you can see gladiators square off against each other and against great beasts! Bards and entertainers of all kinds will perform before a large crowd!

All of those travelers of course mean big business for the Sunset Bazaar, where you can find rare goods from across the kingdom. Artifacts found in darkest dungeons and the most dangerous ruins will be brought here and sold to the highest bidder!

Located within King Evelake’s duchy, proximity to the capital of the Kingdom of Vornair makes this County an excellent satellite location and stopping point for trade caravans, knowing that they are under the protection of both the Vaeringjar Guard and the Adventurer’s Guild.

Sunset Coliseum


Mayoral Council

Our County-level body of government is the Mayoral Council, which is filled by Mayors. This is a system in which the Mayors all have a set amount of votes to be put toward County-wide law, policy, regulation, or initiative. The Count and their spouse have additional weight on this council, as well as the right to veto.

The Mayoral Council exists only to make County-wide decisions and laws. City-specific laws will be handled at their level by whatever means the Mayors choose to manage them, so long as the City laws do not conflict with the laws of neighboring cities, the County, Duchy, or Kingdom.

Until Land Selection is conducted, there is no guarantee that can be given to a Mayor that there will be an available location that fits their needs. Order of land selection will be based on IP and merit if possible. If there are not enough cities to go around, the Count will work with his contacts to help find you a home.

Sunset Council

Our Count is assisted in his roles by the Sunset Council system which mimics the High King Council. These positions are based off of merit and knowledge in their given fields of expertise, rather than pledge level. This allows the High King Council to have points of contact in the county to keep the management of their respective areas workable.

Major Organizations Headquartered in this County

The Adventurer’s Guild of Vornair

The Adventurer’s Guild is a Kingdom-wide mercenary organization headquartered in Sunset City in Sunset County. Their goal is to maintain a safe environment for all citizens of the Kingdom of Vornair through direct protection and elimination of internal threats. Their divisions include Adventurers, Bounty Hunters, Gladiators, Bards, Explorers, and Cartographers.

Vornair Construction Guild

Dedicated to the research, teaching, and provision of architectural services throughout the Kingdom of Vornair .

Contract Guild of Vornair

Dedicated to the research, teaching, and provision of contracts and contracting practices throughout the Kingdom of Vornair .

Major Families within this County

Clan Drake

The Drake Clan is a Kingdom-wide family focused on cooperation and economic domination. Many Drakes are members of the Adventurer’s Guild and make their home in Sunset County.

Their sigil, the Dragon: represents power, strength, and good luck. Their values include courage, cunning, ingenuity, knowledge, leadership, and wealth.

Drake County

10/5/2016 8:10:02 AM #1

Make the Drakes great again ;) hahaha

Drake County

10/7/2016 7:57:34 PM #2

Seeking crafters of all sorts to support the county's many industries. Come here for a built-in community of customers!

Drake County

10/8/2016 5:37:44 PM #3

The safest county in the kingdom!

Drake County

5/29/2017 6:42:20 PM #4

It's a great place to live!

Drake County

5/29/2017 6:56:17 PM #5

Please move to Luna Domain

Drake County

6/5/2017 1:49:11 PM #6

This is now a grand county encompassing two counties. We have 8 pledged mayors. Now is the time to join one of the fastest growing communities in all of Elyria! All trades are welcome and free land will be given to qualifying businesses!

Drake County

7/8/2017 11:17:26 PM #7

I have fixed the original post after an unfortunate change to photobucket's services. All is well!

Drake County

3/16/2018 9:02:37 PM #8

Updated some links and details.

Drake County

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