[NA-E: The Conclave]: Economic Prosperity Plan

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Economic Prosperity Plan

Do you want to understand how you or your guild/association can be part of our vision of wealth and equality?

Read on to find where your contribution - from farming the dirt to mastering server-wide macroeconomics - will reap the most benefit, maximizing return on your efforts and investments.

The Conclave Today

The Conclave of Aritaur is a cooperative, prosperous and supportive home for all types of adventurers. We thrive and excel at planning, building, and executing initiatives in a manner which is consistent with our Guiding Principles; above all, maintaining a Balance between doing the hard work while ensuring cutting-edge knowledge and research guide our hands.

The Conclave is an economy-centric Duchy, designed to invest in, secure, and develop wealth-creating initiatives, which in turn will provide for a well-trained and well-equipped military. All citizens benefit from these wealth-creating initiatives, and will enjoy the collective prosperity envisioned by The Conclave. While we work hard, we also play hard, enjoying mild to wild (PG-13!) roleplaying, and a sense of community that is unparalleled in the lands.


The Conclave will maintain robust supply management capabilities as the foundation for its economic prosperity. Every step in the supply chain will benefit from a duchy-backed and centralised process for ensuring materials and the ability to create with them are a top-notch expertise of The Conclave, all done in a sustainable way. Explorers, Gatherers, Building Material Producers, Designers, Architects, and Craftsmen of both Goods and Services are all vital contributors - and shareholders - in The Conclave.

Choose between transactional returns (you’re paid immediately at a Conclave Counting House for goods or services) or to invest your money in Conclave Initiatives for a long-term return on your investments through The Conclave Investment Bank!


A Free and Fair market is essential for a thriving economy. By driving the creation of supply in a sustainable way, as well as the power of scale through cooperation, The Conclave will maintain collective influence on the trade market at multiple levels, including intra-duchy, intra-kingdom and inter-kingdom. Merchants, Contract Negotiators, Commerce Ambassadors, Economics Analysts and Logistics Experts will find their services highly valued in The Conclave, and will reap the return on their investment accordingly.

With a duchy-level support organisation focusing on creating and negotiating the intricate balance of supply and demand, ensuring it is streamlined and transparent, The Conclave citizens will have access to a broad and affordable market while also enjoying the wealth created through smart market investments.


The Conclave will sponsor - and secure - numerous economically-sound initiatives by using the wealth created and deposited into the duchy to invest in well-researched and vetted projects created by entities of all levels - Citizens, Baronies, Counties, other Duchies and even other Kingdoms. The Conclave citizens will benefit from both a well-funded and principled organisation to partner with to help achieve their dreams, as well as fair and equitable returns The Conclave receives from making smart investments.

Bankers, Accountants, Contract Specialists, Investment Analysts, Developers and Project Managers with a desire to expertly apply their honed skills in being good stewards of Duchy wealth will find a fulfilling and prosperous home in The Conclave.

None of our plans are possible without a well-trained and well-equipped military to secure our borders, our economic interests, and our people’s lives. Please see our Military Forum Post or join our Discord Channel for more information about how you can contribute to, and benefit from, being a member of the Conclave Military or Justice systems.

We look forward to meeting you, welcoming you to The Conclave, and hearing about your passion and plans. Feel free to join our Discord Channel for more information about living, working, and loving a balanced and prosperous life with us.



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The text reminds me of the original Scooby Doo. Otherwise, interesting post.


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Aha! You made me nervous, Lech. I can - with confidence - say that the font is entirely different and far more nuanced than the Scooby Doo font. Thanks for your time and attention to detail, though. It's always much appreciated! :)

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In regards to exploration services, I have a suggestion. I think it's a bad idea to pay outright for that service. The explored information should need to be verified by someone in the area it refers to before payment is made. Otherwise, it'd be far too easy for someone to make up false information for money since no one aside from other people who traverse the area would be able to refute their claims.

To rule is not to reign but to garner respect. To lead by example & not a show of force. It is the involvement in the affairs of others & not interfering in them. This will pave the way to honor & once you attain honor, you should never once let it go.

3/13/2017 5:19:22 PM #5

It was great meeting you in person at PAX east and was great to hear you speak passionately about this and other aspects of your Duchy

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Looking forward to joining

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