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The Aritaurian Guard


The Conclave of Aritaur was not always a military power. The Conclave rose to prominence as an economic powerhouse within the Kingdom of Vornair within the past century. The merchants and nobles of The Conclave quickly realized that a strong military guard force would be required to protect its economic interests. The Aritaur family sought out the warriors, mercenaries, brigands, and survivalists living within their borders. They offered many benefits to include pardons, wealth, and influence to those combatant groups in exchange for unconditional loyalty to the Duchy. Those group leaders that swore fealty rose to prominence in The Conclave military. Thenceforth, the Aritaurian Guard was born. A century later the Aritaurian Guard is one of the most powerful defensive forces in the world, and the descendants of those first military leaders comprise the Barons that are represented throughout the Duchy’s counties.


The Arituarian Guard is focused on defense of the Duchy borders and security throughout the counties. The Conclave of Aritaur will be an extremely wealthy Duchy due to the economic prowess of the citizens. The wealth of the Duchy will inherently make The Conclave a target for those seeking conquest spoils. Therefore, a dominant combat force must be present in the Duchy to secure the wealth and economic interests.

Military Profession

Competent field commanders in the military are an invaluable resource to the Duchy’s economic, political, military, and security interests. Select few people exist capable of competently directing large scale forces in the field of battle, normally known as “Shot Caller” duties. It requires practice, discipline, and a detailed understanding of classes and abilities. The Aritaurian Guard has a detailed process for developing military field commanders, as well as promoting military commanders into the appropriate role within The Conclave.

The Conclave uses a similar concept that the Romans used in the Marian Reforms. The Romans realized that they had general citizens that could not afford to outfit themselves or buy land. Citizens who didn’t own land had no power and could not be included in the census; therefore, they did not benefit for remaining loyal to the Roman army. Subsequently, the Roman army could not entice competent commanders to remain poor citizens at the expense of years of service to the army.

Thus, for the first time in history, a world power realized it needed a paid standing army with career benefits in order to keep competent warriors for a career. The standard before this reform was for landowning nobles, the current military leaders, to divvy out spoils. However, in times of regular duty not involving conquest, there are no spoils, thus keeping men in service without the ability to gain personal wealth or land was untenable.

Similarly to the Roman problem after their conquest of much of the known world, The Conclave is not considered a conquering/plundering force and is primarily designed as a standing defense force, except in times when the Kingdom identifies a pre-emptive or strategic campaign which requires offensive forces. Military commanders must be able to achieve benefits of personal wealth if they are intended to focus their livelihood on military affairs.

The Conclave has a unique vision for our military-profession-focused players that will be supported by the Duchy’s economic wealth. Contrary to other PVP-focused groups where players must rely on conquest plunder to accrue influence, power, or wealth; The Conclave intends to make a military officer profession that receives enormous benefits from the Duchy for military service. Because of the economic wealth of The Conclave, we will be able to fully support players that desire only to be combat focused.

Military Officers

The Conclave has created a military officer rank structure that promotes Lieutenant through General after meeting established criteria. The rank structure serves three purposes. First, it allows The Conclave leadership to assess a level of combat tactical control competency. We wouldn’t let just anyone who says “I enjoy PvPing” take tactical control of an entire army. On the flip side of that, we want to know who has capability to shotcall an entire army. It also gives us the ability to develop and support the growth of shotcalling ability in our military commanders. Second, the rank structure provides an increasing level of benefits for service. The expectation is that a General, for instance, spends the majority of their gameplay leading combat. As such, we must hold that player in the highest regard and award status and wealth accordingly. Otherwise, a basic candle maker could have more wealth than a General that spends his entire time controlling the Duchy army. The Conclave leadership believes that doesn’t make any sense! Lastly, the rank structure allows us to promote people based on merit in the military. You can join the game with an Elyrian package and based on PVP & shotcalling prowess you could be commanding multiple Baronies worth of combat units. In The Conclave of Aritaur we strongly support merit based leadership throughout, including leaders in our military.

Military Benefits

Members that decide a life of combat is the gameplay they desire will receive significant benefits from the Duchy. This includes outfitting of all combat related equipment, rank incrementing tax breaks, payments, and land & title settlement rewards. We don’t want to put our secret sauce in this post of exactly how we intend to accomplish benefits, but if you understand how the Romans treated military leaders, you get the jist of it! If you don’t, stop in and chat with our War Department!

We look forward to meeting you, welcoming you to The Conclave, and hearing about your passion and plans in our military. Feel free to join our Discord Channel for more information about living, working, and loving a balanced and prosperous life with us.



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