[NA-E] PeaceKeepers of The Conclave of Aritaur

An NA-E Duchy in the Kingdom of Vornair



Want to join an elite Justice System, serve your Duchy admirably, have a fulfilling career, and be handsomely rewarded? Read on!


The Conclave PeaceKeepers were born in a time of flux, when The Conclave’s Guiding Principles and oral traditions were still young and challenged. They are an elite force focused on safety and justice, whose purpose was and still is, to ensure The Conclave and her people are safe, balanced, respected and prosperous. They exist to uphold the laws of the Kingdom and The Conclave, protect the citizens, resolve conflicts, and ensure our guiding principles are upheld.



Vornair’s overall theme is to give you the tools to let you play the game the way you want to play. We stand by that vision in The Conclave of Aritaur and in The PeaceKeepers. Our infrastructure is designed to attract combat-oriented players, as well as the “carebears”, let them play with their friends and gaming groups with little interference, and to connect them to the Duchy as a whole for social ties, resources, and awesome gameplay content.

War & Peace

The Conclave has made a unique opportunity for those who feel called to serve in a Military, Justice or Judicial capacity. The Conclave’s armed forces (military), internal law enforcement (police), and judicial system (judges) are aligned in rank structure, rewards for service and command/control. In doing so, multiple career paths are available for The Conclave’s service members, enabling everyone to explore military and justice gameplay without losing time in rank or privileges of service. The departments under The High Elder of War and The High Elder of Justice are like a mirror; this brings unity, cohesion and balance between the two types of armed services.

Example Reward Tree for a PeaceOfficer

  • PeaceOfficer: Basic set uniform and survival gear, and a small stipend to cover travel/lodging
  • Month 1: Standard issue leather armour
  • Month 2: Mount of choice from those available at the breeders
  • Month 3: Evaluation! Every PeaceKeeper is rated based on performance and is given the opportunity to choose or change a career path that best suits their playstyle. This can range from changing divisions, promotion to a higher rank or officer, transferring over to the High Elder of War’s jurisdiction, or simply staying where they are. Those who show exceptional ability or leadership can be reassigned sooner. Whatever path a PeaceKeeper chooses, they will receive a bonus determined on a case by case basis. At this point, the PeaceKeeper owns all of their standard issued gear.
  • Month 4: Choose a branch to pursue – Law Enforcers or Judicial
  • Month 5: Weapon of choice with a wood or metal base OR upgraded set of armor
  • Month 6: Option to apply and train for The Nines – applicants will be tested in “The Tournament” by both the High Elder of War and The High Elder of Justice
  • Month 7: Veteran! Receive a retirement package when leaving service for that lifetime. Veterans returning for duty receive perks and are prioritized for certain initiatives.

NOTE: Willfully dropping out of service, on good terms, will cut your progress in half for the purposes of rewards and activity should you choose to reenlist at a later date. This is not retroactive for rewards. We understand that some who wish to serve may have erratic schedules due to their career or service. Those individuals that notify us of their situation and remain in good standing will not receive a penalty for stepping away from the game when their time comes.

PeaceKeeper Structure and Specialist Units

The following is the basic formation of each subsection of The PeaceKeepers. They are ranked in accordance to both their number of active positions and level of authority.

The Nines

The Nines are the official Ducal Guard, an elite infantry force that operates under the direct control of the House of Aritaur, tasked with defending the Duchess, Ducal House and their properties. They are a special division outside of the Conclave Armed Forces and fall under the command of the High Elder of Justice, swearing absolute loyalty to the Duchess and House Aritaur. As a highly trained special operations force, their duties will include: * Protecting the Duchess and other members of the House from assassination and harm. * Protecting properties owned by House Aritaur from attack or terrorism. * Launch offensive action on groups or individuals deemed a direct threat to the Duchess, though doing so requires explicit permission from the Chancellor of Cosmos or the Duchess.

The Nines are recruited from military personnel (Company Officer & Legion Commander), police personnel (Judge, Captain, & Sergeant) and civilian volunteers that have passed the rigorous training program and have proven their loyalty to The Conclave. Final selection of those deemed worthy of joining is personally completed by the Duchess, with the high recommendation from the Chancellor of Cosmos and the High Elder of Justice.

Nines Structure and Units

There are always exactly 99 Ducal Guards at any time, due to the significance of the number 9 in The Conclave’s ancient history and culture. All Ducal Guards are warriors, and no logistic branch exists for the Guard.

The Ducal Guard is divided into nine 11-mann, company-sized "divisions" known collectively as the Nines (Nine Units). The Nines consists of two divisions responsible for protecting the Duchess, two divisions for protecting the Ducal Seat, and five "reserve divisions" of Guards responsible for the protection of Ducal House properties and members elsewhere in the Duchy, as well as reinforcing the preceding divisions if needed.

Elder of Law

The Elder of Law is the chronicler of laws and policies that have been issued for The Conclave. In addition to this very important duty, the Elder will be responsible for the maintenance of courts in The Conclave, and advising on the placement of judges in these courts. They will also report on trials in Duchy Baronies pending and completed.


The role of the judge is to oversee court proceedings primarily ensuring justice is upheld in a fair and succinct manner. They also have military training so in times of war they become commanders of an assigned unit reporting to the High Elder of War in order to maintain both our principles and honour in battle. Our Barons who will oversee their own hearings will sit alongside the appointed judges outside of the official Justice system. The Elder of Law will report on trials overseen by Barons both pending and completed.

Elder of Civil Protection

The Elder of Protection will oversee the PeaceKeeper force, maintaining an appropriately-sized policing force to ensure protection of the people and their leaders, ensuring peace and the enforcement of all laws of The Conclave, and working with the entire governance system to provide expert advice on duchy-wide matters.


Captains are in charge of a field of operations that can encompass anywhere between 2-3 hamlets up to a large city, depending on their home base. They are in charge of the daily operations of their brigade, rotating patrols and ensuring their menn and womenn are kept in shape. They are also trained in the healing arts and double as head doctors / healers when required. Captains get their orders directly from an appointed marshal in The Nines or The High Elder of Justice. For every Captain there are three sergeants.


Sergeants serve as leaders of their ‘unit’ (a group of 6 peaceofficers under them). They relay information from the Captain and ensure unity is maintained throughout the brigade. Sergeants are tasked with investigation of crimes, including gathering evidence and interviewing of potential criminals. If they have reason to suspect a crime has been committed, they will determine if the crime should be prosecuted in their local Judicial jurisdiction, or if it requires escalation to a higher court. Sergeants also double as field medics with moderate training in healing.

Elder of Inquisition

The Elder of Inquisition will be tasked with overseeing the special investigation division, which will sometimes require them to look into the darker side of justice. They will liaise with The Jenarii (the guild tasked with criminal investigation whom are separate to Justice) and report findings directly to the High Elder of Justice. The Elder of Inquisition will also oversee a network of information gatherers in order to highlight any criminal activities before they take place.


The inquisitors are trained in the darker forms of justice, espionage, stealth & disguise masters and in some cases (when required) elimination of a confirmed hostile entity.

Peace Officers

The Peace Officers are the menn and womenn who ensure internal safety is maintained for our people and properties. They are the greatest in number within the PeaceKeepers as a whole as they span across the entirety of the Conclave. As the ‘mann power’, their duties range from conflict resolution in both domestic and commercial areas, up to aiding in defence of the Duchy should the High Elder of War require.

Rewards for PeaceKeeper Service

The Conclave, as a whole, will be an economic powerhouse and will take care of those who choose to protect it. We don’t just throw a bunch of money at you and hope for the best; instead we give you the tools you need and let your loyalty earn you those tools for life. Enlisting as a fresh soldier gives you a lot to look forward to!

All people who serve the PeaceKeepers will be provided equipment needed for their tasks (uniform, club, short sword, etc.). Every month of service brings tiered rewards, including ownership of equipment, upgrades to weapons and armor, an increase in salary, and then finally a veteran’s retirement package to assist in a player comfortably ending their life and starting their next. All actively serving PeaceKeepers may replace broken or worn out personal gear at a massive discount if they return their old gear for recycling.

None of our plans are possible without a well-trained and well-equipped military to secure our borders, our economic interests, and our people’s lives from external threats. Please see our Military Forum Post or join our Discord Channel for more information about how you can contribute to, and benefit from, being a member of the Conclave Military.

We look forward to meeting you, welcoming you to The Conclave, and hearing about your passion and plans. Feel free to join our Discord Channel for more information about living, working, and loving a balanced and prosperous life with us.



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