[NA-E] The Brotherhood Of The Fallen Blade

Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade


The Fallen Blade were once a band of loyal soldiers and bannermen sworn to a large and powerful kingdom, coming to the Dukes’ aid whenever called. Despite their unwavering allegiance and fealty, their host Duke did not help the Brotherhood in their time of need. Cast out from their homeland, beaten and unfairly prosecuted, the remnants of the once-proud group wandered from settlement to settlement searching for a new home. Every new settlement brought with it more of the same: betrayal and ostracization. With nowhere left to turn, the Brotherhood found a welcoming home in Kairos, absent of any tyrannical nobles to once again turn their backs on the motley crew of mercenaries. With new roots established, the Brotherhood of the Fallen Blade rebuilt on the traditional principles that led its founders to glory: strength, respect, and unity.

Who We Are

Fallen Blade is a NA East community that strives to be a friendly, tight knit group. Once a small group of mercenaries, the first Brothers worked together to forge a new legacy. Building upon the traditional vocations of the founders, the modern Brotherhood consists of six unique divisions:

• The Might Division: The private military of our association, they have the opportunity to be bounty hunters, guards, or assassins. Members will also have the opportunity to explore ambitions outside of being a “soldier”; however when members are summoned, it will be because they are needed, and they must comply. The Might Division will also attempt to be in as many conflicts as possible.. So for people who want to make a name for themselves, this is a great bet.

• The Wanderlust Division: The adventurers of our association they include map makers and dungeon divers, who will be accompanied by might division when exploring. They may also take up quests which can be found at our company taverns. The explorer’s division is responsible for recording and keeping track of the lore and any items found while wandering.

• The Knowledge Division: The researchers of our association, they include botanists, alchemists, scribes, tinkerers, and other inquisitive minds. They will be depended upon for advancements in technology and techniques for the betterment of the community.

• The Inspiration Division: The crafters of our association, they include blacksmiths, leather workers, tailors, woodworkers, masons and so on. They will also include suppliers to obtain materials for the crafters in the guild. They will be the backbone of our guild as they will supply the other divisions with necessary gear.

• The Philozoic Division: The breeders of our association, they include farmers, and breeders of various animals, such as hounds, trison, horses, ursaphants and more. They will be vital to our guild in terms of traveling companions or mounts.

• The Assets Acquisition Division: The acquirers of our association, they be mailmen, traders, innkeeps, and more deviant acquirers of goods. They would obtain any required items by any means necessary.

What the Brotherhood is looking for

The Brotherhood is seeking skilled fighters, adventurers, crafters, researchers and any willing members, regardless of their playstyle preference. An active and vocal member is a desired member in our association. We will also interview the applicant to see where you would fit in best.

What the Brotherhood offers

We offer training, materials, housing and discounted prices on equipment. Older, more experienced members would take on less experienced apprentices and teach them their respective trade. Since CoE is not out yet we play other games together to improve skills, communication, teamwork and to build community. We will need to depend on each other when the time comes. We are currently playing Gloria Victis, Warframe, and Destiny 2.

Players that have proven their loyalty and are active members will receive:

• Free lodging within an aligned settlement.*

• Discount on basic Supplies and other necessities.*

• Training and access to guild exclusive buildings.*

• Access to any advancements made by any of the divisions, regardless of location.*

*In return, the Brotherhood will take a 15% contract fee.

The Way of The Fallen Blade


• Aim to become the best at your craft

• Be a loyal and active member of your community

Plans for the Future

Our goal is to establish ourselves as a renowned guild throughout Luna, home to famous and reputable members.

Contact Us

If you are interested you can comment below, private message myself, or join our discord. You will be responded to ASAP.

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3/28/2017 12:50:32 AM #1

The Might Division

There are 3 main combat subsets within the Might Division, The Enforcers, The Judicators, and The Infiltrators.

The Enforcers

The Enforcers are the physical branch of our guild. They are our shields and our swords. They are the strong arm of the guild. They will make up the infantry and soldiers.

Berserker: A member who desires battle and is highly aggressive, traditionally known to wield axes, but they may wield any weapon of their choosing.

Vanguard: An elite specialized rank that will be in heavy armor. This person must be willing to sacrifice him or herself for their team. This person will be the pillar of strength when there is no hope.

The Judicators

The Judicators are our ranged branch of our guild. They are to support the Enforcers from a distance. They will also help by being the scouts and the trackers for the guild.

Archer: A member who decided to become acquainted with a bow, perhaps will eventually become a good tracker and Ranger.

Ranger: A member who has mastered both the bow and a melee weapon. A member who is a good tracker and has a keen sense.

The Infiltrators

The Infiltrators are our stealth branch. They will supply us with information and target specific targets on and off the battlefield. They will help the Marksmen with scouting as well.

Assassin: A member who prefers to work in the shadows to take down a specific target. Most likely to take Elimination type quests.

Our Ranks

The Ranks will be a quick way of seeing how skilled and loyal a particular guild member is. The way we are planning to implement the rank is to have an armband that grows with you. When you first join you will receive an armband, and as you have certain achievements or you join a certain squad(see below) the armband will grow and change with your character, showing your personality and history through it.

Recruits will have a Leather armband with no insignia on it.

Once they have spent some time with us and earned a few notches onto their armband they will become a member and be given a copper or bronze armband with the guild insignia on it, as well as any squad symbols. The previous armband will be incorporated into the new one in some way(up to the user).

If a member has been with us for a long time and has proven themselves capable and loyal time and time again they will be given an iron armband.

The next level is a steel armband with the members key strengths and good qualities. If they are a good leader they will be given a symbol to represent that. If they are a strong fighter they will be given something to represent that as well. And so on with variety of skills.

The Last level or last two will be given a rarer sort of metal (was originally thinking silver or gold) and will be given to those exemplary members who are dependable and are the pillars of strength that help support the guild.


Once a recruit becomes a member they will be assigned to 5 man squads in one of the three branches. They shall do everything together, from fighting to feasting. Ideally this shall be a group that you can depend on and trust. This is to develop a sense of comradery and be able to function together as a team. To not just be a squad, but brothers.

Soldier: A brave warrior who is a part of a loyal squad under the command of a Captain. Soldiers are the backbone of our force, and as such will be treated with the utmost respect. We will depend on you and if you consistently prove yourself to be a capable warrior you will get a promotion. (3-4 per Squad)*

Captain: A level headed leader who can think on his feet. If the soldiers are like the arms and legs of our force, the captains are like the brains. They will be expected to make sure their squad is in top shape. This includes bringing the squad to training sessions. A lot of responsibility is expected, however it will be worth it. (1 per Squad)

Adviser: A warrior who has a lot of experience, but chooses to not be a Captain or is not leader material. They will assist the Captain and will take command when they are unavailable. If the Captain is like the brain, the adviser is like the heart. They will help raise the squad's morale and ensure that everyone trusts one another. A team that cannot rely on one another is doomed to fail.(0-1 per squad)

Commander: This will be the 3rd highest rank. This ranks responsibilities are to make sure that the squads are running smoothly and are able to communicate and cooperate efficiently. They need to be experienced and calm to be able to make rational decisions for his squads. They report to the Leader(myself) or the Second in command if I am not available.

Second In Command/ Right Hand: A capable individual who has shown not only military and tactical prowess, but also leadership skills and compassion. Someone who genuinely cares for his comrades and puts the good of the brotherhood before himself(or herself). This person will assist me in all manner of dealings, and will be in charge when I am not available.

*Soldier is used as a catch all term for those members who choose to be part of a squad. A soldier can be any type of combatant they choose.

Alternative Path

Lone Wolf: This anyone (Iron or higher) who will choose to not be a member of a squad but still chooses to be a part of the guild. This individual will have a little less structure and a little more freedom but will still have to answer to a Commander.

Everyone must lend a hand when needed, regardless of the task, until we have a stable and independent operation.

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3/28/2017 11:54:12 AM #2

Great post, I look forward to seeing your organization in action, in-game.

3/28/2017 10:49:22 PM #3

So happy to see the group making progress, wish you the best of luck.

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3/29/2017 1:43:09 AM #4

Thank you guys, I appreciate all the support

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3/30/2017 12:58:58 AM #5

AOL? That is an email address I haven't heard in a long time. oldbenkenobi.jpg

3/31/2017 10:56:36 PM #6

Aol thats how we do

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4/1/2017 3:57:48 AM #7

Wonderful post, I hope we have a great deal of business in the future.

Guild Master

4/3/2017 11:44:17 PM #8

We shall my friend. I plan on needing a lot of armor and weapons

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4/10/2017 12:53:17 PM #9

Carefully Exanix, he might kill you with them O.o

4/13/2017 6:53:18 PM #10

The Elyrian Travel agency would like to say it is pleasure doing business with you :)

4/17/2017 3:02:59 AM #11

@VividEcho I wouldn't kill him with his own weapons. What kind of evil guy do you take me for. @Tabletop likewise, hope to hear more from you soon

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4/18/2017 2:56:49 AM #12

Picks up the fallen blade

Will you now rename yourselves to the Brotherhood of the Risen Blade?

...Please don't kill me.

Right now, I'm just a sloth. Just a motionless sloth. A sinful sloth. Please don't make me work. Can't you see how troublesome it would be to get up everyday and actually be productive? Just leave me be. Let me be a sloth.

4/20/2017 11:40:33 AM #13

I most definitely will have to kill you for that one. But the fallen blade is to honor our comrades who have died in battle. We carry our loss with us. As a reminder.

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4/21/2017 11:11:11 PM #14


Guess I'll make a brotherhood of the Risen Blade for myself, which will consist of all the dead people that I turned into skeleton warriors :]

Right now, I'm just a sloth. Just a motionless sloth. A sinful sloth. Please don't make me work. Can't you see how troublesome it would be to get up everyday and actually be productive? Just leave me be. Let me be a sloth.

4/22/2017 3:32:23 PM #15

Look forward to working with you all. :3