Cinder's Hollow

Who am I? I am Freyr Thorvard Cinderthorn.

Location: We are located in The Kingdom of Vornair, in The Grand Duchy of Erzhalden, within The County of Raumsdalr. As for where the city would like to be placed is in a area of rollings hills, hopefully near a forest area and some water source. This would allow us to use what is around us to create what we need to build a great city.

City Goals: The goal of Cinder’s Hollow is to create a very affluent and active community of players. We plan on doing this by focusing on making the city a hub for craftsmen and merchants. We will focus heavily on infrastructure of the city and surrounding areas. We will also focus on making the city a safe haven for everyone who resides within or is just passing through. A effective city guard will be put in place to make this possible. The city will also be a place of extreme beauty, we take great pride in the appearance of our fine city. Planning will be a top priority to make this possible.

Infrastructure: We will heavily focus on building excellent roads (and possibly canals) within the city and in the surrounding areas. These will be great tools to help move people and resources effectively around the city and the county we reside in.

Military: Our military structure will have two branches. A city guard will be put in place to protect and patrol The City of Cinder’s Hollow and its inhabitants. We will have a group of of well trained fighters who live ordinary lives within our borders. They will be used when The City, County, Duchy, or Kingdom call upon them. A militia of sorts.

Supporting Our Citizens: In addition to military protection we will strive to support our citizens in whatever way we possibly can. Players who assist each other and grow together are built to last. I believe that is what will make our city a great place to reside.

Religion: The City will have no official religion. It will be a place for people of different religions or no religion to freely worship together in peace.

Government Structure: The day to day decisions will be made by myself and a council of landowners within the city. Members of the council will be elected by residents of the city. We will listen to all concerns and ideas from citizens while making important decisions about the future of our city.

What I am Looking For: I will be looking for active and ambitious players from all backgrounds to help make Cinder’s Hollow into a diverse and prosperous place to live.

Discord: Cinder's Hollow

County Info: County of Raumsdalr

Duchy Info: Grand Duchy of Erzhalden

Kingdom Info: Kingdom of Vornair

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