[Vornair - Rhynelands] Fort Pitt - The Steel Curtain

Fort Pitt – The Steel Curtain

Located in the below domains on NA-E


We are hoping to build in either a mountainous or forested area with rivers. We plan on building a fort on converging rivers going throughout the duchy.

Join us if you are interested in at least one of these categories:

  • You want to be a master blacksmith or above,
  • You are a chivalrous player wanting to become a knight,
  • You want to be part of a marine company that patrols waterways or man the fort walls,
  • You are a group of friends (or a guild) who play together looking for a place to call home, while feeling safe and protected while being a part of a military/crafter community,
  • You want to train or lead a War Academy,
  • You want to teach or be an apprentice at a blacksmith vocational institute,
  • You want to lead or be part of a blacksmiths guild,

Our Barony has:

A Fortress:

  • Fort Pitt is a stronghold for waterway and duchy defense.

War Academy:

  • This academy will be primarily focused on defensive strategies and waterway patrols.
  • This academy will be primarily duchy funded/owned. With this being said, the duchy's/barony's soldiers will be trained free of charge. All others interested in defense training can apply for the academy for a set fee (undetermined at this time).
  • The academy will accept militiamen of surrounding cities and counties in the duchy for a reduced nominal fee.
  • Fee collected will solely be used in maintaining the War Academy.

Knights of the Steel Curtain

  • Founded by Sir Frederick Jahn I, the baron's grandfather. (Backstory will be added at a later date.)
  • Stationed at Fort Pitt in the Grand County of Delgora, Grand Duchy of The Rhynelands, Kingdom of Vornair.
  • Serve as personal guard of the Baron.
  • It is the duty of a Knight to learn how to fight and so serve their liege Lord according to the Code of Chivalry.
  • A Knight is expected to guard the Fort and support his liege lord in warfare.
  • To gain Knighthood is a long and arduous task. Knighthood is not bestowed purely because a young man is the son of a noble. There are many steps to achieving knighthood, requiring years of training. The steps towards achieving knighthood starts with training as a page and then as a squire.
  • Must be a chivalrous character in order to become a Knight of the Steel Curtain.
  • Each Knight will be given 1 parcel of land.


  • Grand Master: Head of the Knights of the Steel Curtain (It has been customary for the Baron of Fort Pitt to lead the Knights of the Steel Curtain.)
  • Grand Commander: Second in command of the Knights of the Steel Curtain. Entrusted to the most loyal of the Commanders. Chief adviser, Chief administrator and acting substitute Grand Master as needed.
  • Justiciar: Chief lawyer and legal adviser. Also serves as judge to all disputes within the Knights of the Steel Curtain.
  • Marshall: In charge of recruiting and public relations.
  • Commander: Has command of all ranks below him on the battlefield. Issues orders that comes down from the Grand Commander.
  • Knight: Highly trained warriors that have demonstrated great chivalry and superior skills.
  • Squire: Assistants to Knights. Caring for a Knight's horse, weapon and armor acquirement, and guarding a Knight while he sleeps. Squires will accompany the Knight on the battlefield and in tournaments. Will be mentored by the Knight in combat training.
  • Page: Recruits who show potential chivalry and warrior mentality. Will start education and basic warrior training.


  • Will allow merchants to transport goods through waterways throughout the county/duchy/kingdom
  • Will harbor the marines vessels that are used for patrols
  • Will also have fisherman wharfs.


  • Every 5 Elyrian years a tournament will let you compete against others in various categories, also providing an opportunity for producers and merchants to sell their wares in a protected area. This will be held in the Military District.

Blacksmith Vocational Institute

  • Sponsored location from The Mining and Smithing College of Vornair which is a part of Hell Forge Industries.
  • Will have teachers for Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing and general Blacksmithing.
  • All discoveries with be Intellectual Property of The Mining and Smithing College of Vornair until determined by board for dissemination.
  • Admission is still a work in progress. Fees or Free still TBD.

Blacksmiths Guild

  • This guild will be privately owned and operated by the Baron Doskias AKA Frederick Jahn III.

  • This guild is a part of a larger organization, Hell Forge Industries and will be working as an independent contractor. Hell Forge Industries will be providing a Kingdom wide organization of blacksmith guilds working in concert to facilitate mass orders and distribution of crafted goods to prospective clients. Hell Forge will also have a sub-institute established in Fort Pitt which will report new technologies to the central institute for dissemination.

  • The guild will be ran as a business and will work as a coop/profit share based on rank/skill level and work output.

  • Below is the Rank Order:

Guild Overseer (Baron Doskias: Hereditary)

Grandmaster (1 for each section)

Master (1-2 for each section)

Artisan (2-4 for each section)

Journeyman (4-10 for each section)

Apprentice (2-5 for each section)

  • Each rank is automatically obtained based on skill level. Each member on merit/productivity may be promoted without the skill level.

  • Once the guild has been around for awhile people that are not at the skill level of the rank assigned may be dropped in rank in order to structure the ranks based solely on skill level. This will be once everyone has had plenty of time to reach the higher ranks by skill.

  • The goal as far as member roles is to have at around 60 people in the guild.

  • Guild Overseer will be the head of the guild in its entirety and be the Representative to Hell Forge Industries. Will manage the politics and trade agreements between the two.

  • Grandmaster will be second in charge, will maintain the flow of research and be responsible for crafting legendary/mystic armaments.

  • Masters will be managing large orders, distributing work, and crafting masterpieces.

  • Artisans should have the necessary skills to be doing most of the King's armaments.

  • Journeymen are the ones that do most of the ordinary work and will be assigned an Apprentice (when available) to help with tasks.

  • Artisans and Journeymen may take personal orders and purchase supplies at no markup.

  • Apprentices will spend most of their time training in the vocational institute and doing small mass productivity items.

  • The guild will be broken down into 3 sections, Weaponsmith, Armorsmith, Blacksmith/Tinkerer. There will naturally be more smiths in the Armorsmith section due to the numerous amounts of different pieces of armor.

  • Details will be hammered out over time as we learn more about the mechanics of the trade.

Affiliate of Vaetfang of the Virtori (Vornair's Military)

  • We are also an affiliate of the Vaetfang of the Virtori and have access to bidding on contracts. If you would like to get more information on them visit them by clicking the banner below.

Structure of the Stronghold:

The Stronghold will consist of 3 'Stars'.

  • The first star contains the Lodge and Manor, it holds the Knights and the Baron respectively, It also includes law enforcement/judicial buildings.
  • The second star contains the Blacksmithing District, it will house the Blacksmiths Guild and Vocational Institute along with Blacksmiths Housing.
  • Outside this is the Merchant District, it will be where merchants and other types of crafters can sell their wares and build their shops.
  • The third star is the Military District, this will house all soldiers, marines and cadets. It will also house the War Academy as well as drill area in the center.
  • Outside this is the Tavern and other related amenities to entertain the troops.
  • The remaining area around the stars will be for Farmers and Residences.
  • There will be an outer wall that encompasses the three stars and outlaying farms /residences.
  • Outside the outer wall on the water will be the Harbor.

Point of Contact is Baron Doskias AKA Baron Frederick Jahn III

To join or ask questions come to our discord:

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Updated some information on the Knights of the Steel Curtain and some banners.

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Updated some info.

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I am happy to announce that the Steel Curtain Blacksmiths are now an affiliate of the Vaetfang of the Virtori and have access to bidding on contracts. If you would like to get more information on them visit them by clicking the banner below.

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Fort Pitt has committed to place within the Grand County of Delgora!

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Really great info, I may be sending people your way

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