Community Ambassador Program

Introducing, for your consideration, the...

Ambassador Program

Greetings Elyrians, happy end to the work week!

The Soulbound Community team is excited to launch our new Ambassador Program, a community initiative intended to recognize and elevate members who go above and beyond. A Chronicles of Elyria Ambassador is a member of a prestigious group of like-minded teachers, helpers, movers and shakers; an Ambassador has a demonstrable and recognized dedication to helping new members of the community find their feet, they are keepers of the deepest and most obscure game knowledge, able to answer the toughest of questions, and they are paragons of what it means to be a member of the Chronicles of Elyria community.

The program is intended to recognize and empower those among the community who truly embody its spirit. Wherever they go, an Ambassador will be known as someone whose knowledge of the game is deep, whose commitment to the betterment to the community is unparalleled, and whose kindness and willingness to reach out and help other community members is beyond reproach. These are the traits of an outstanding member of our community; a candidate for Ambassadorship.

(Special thanks to Caelestius for his support on this project)

To learn more about this exciting new program, please visit the following link:

Community Ambassador Program Details

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

8/4/2017 8:00:14 PM #1

I am really looking forward to this!

8/4/2017 8:06:09 PM #2

I nominate mickdude, orange boy and jether

8/4/2017 8:06:47 PM #3

Cool beans! I've got a couple nominations in mind already! Very much looking forward to seeing the future of this initiative. 👍

EDIT: Nominations submitted for Gammea and Morbis. Good luck to you both; you definitely deserve it! :D

8/4/2017 8:09:57 PM #4


This is my coronation chamber right?

8/4/2017 8:10:22 PM #5

Well to ever who actually does become an Ambassador or Teacher or whatever you will most likely get targeted by people in the world of elyria. Not saying it in a bad way or anything but this program will put a target on your back so be careful.

8/4/2017 8:15:06 PM #6

Posted By Sanguinesh Eviscerator at 4:06 PM - Fri Aug 04 2017

I nominate mickdude, orange boy and jether

I humbly accept this nomination as a paragon of the community that Soulbound is creating.

8/4/2017 8:16:29 PM #7

The document states that a certain degree of activity is required, but it's not meant to be a full-time job. Are there more concrete ranges or limits on what is expected vs what exceeds the expectation?
Just to get a better idea, because there's a lot one could do in that role.

8/4/2017 8:17:21 PM #8

Good luck to whoever gets nominated!

House Storm

8/4/2017 8:18:03 PM #9

Odds are that being well known enough to become an Ambassador will have already been enough to ensure that you have a target on your back. :D

Everyone who is anyone is on someone's list :D

Still, a very nice initiative! Good on you for getting the community involved.

8/4/2017 8:20:16 PM #10

Can't believe you weren't nominated so far Scy. There isn't really a discussion who should be one of the first Ambassadors for Selene.

8/4/2017 8:26:02 PM #11

Posted By Saap at 3:20 PM - Fri Aug 04 2017

Can't believe you weren't nominated so far Scy. There isn't really a discussion who should be one of the first Ambassadors for Selene. I hereby nominate Scylurus for this illustrious order.

Since they're done via the hyperlink. To the announcement. Which has a link. To the form.

Nominations here in the forum thread are redundant and utterly pointless.

I'm certain someone has already nominated Scy and other EU representatives of the community via the correct way to do so.

8/4/2017 8:26:10 PM #12

Hi everyone,

Posting a reply here will not nominate someone.

Please use the form in the program guide to nominate someone, it is the only official way to do so.

Thank you :)

"Stupid questions make more sense than stupid mistakes."

8/4/2017 8:29:13 PM #13

EDIT: See post above

Note to everyone nominating:

Posting who you're supporting to take on this role is good but you will need to fill out the Ambassador Nomation Form within the linked document for it to take effect as well if you haven't done so yet.

8/4/2017 8:38:41 PM #14

Posted By Sanguinesh Eviscerator at 3:06 PM - Fri Aug 04 2017

I nominate mickdude, orange boy and jether


8/4/2017 8:39:52 PM #15

I have filled out the form and have nominated;

Lady Grace

Epabberi (Caracole)


They helped me make the CoE horse community a thing! They are such a good credit for the community.