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Well met, adventurer!

Welcome to Chronicles of Elyria, please, come in and hang your cloak right there, next to the door. We've got apple juice seasoned with answers for your endless questions!

We see what you may thinking about...

1) What's Chronicles of Elyria?

Why should we write a long boring explanation when you could watch this fantastic video? Enjoy. ;)

2) Chronicles of Elyria: Status? What package should I get? When is it going to be released?

  • Chronicles of Elyria is currently in pre-alpha. If you want to know more, you should read the lastState of Elyria. If it's too much for you to start with, leave it for later. It's also interesting reading previous ones, but note that some stuff might be outdated.

  • If you're not sure about what to buy, you should read more about the game, think about what experience you want to live in Elyria and, of course, ask for help and guidance from knowledgeable community members. Being a count of a glorious county or being an intrepid adventurer have very different needs. Read the Developer and Design Journals for further reference. You can find those in the website.

  • The time deadlines are estimations and are also subject to change. Estimated, it means that timing is not guaranteed. Developing a game takes a significant amount of work and effort and many things can happen during these two long years. Your patience is appreciated!

3) I've seen many kingdoms! They've asked me to join them but... I don't actually know where to go, is there a list with my choices?

Yes! Luckily, Kaizen posted a great list showing our current launch kingdoms. Have a look here and pick the one you prefer the most. It's highly recommended you choose a server closest to you, but there isn't a written rule that forces you to do so. It's your decision!

4) Community! I want to talk to people, know if there're non-native speakers and where to go if I feel like being social!

As you can see, every kingdom has it's own Discord, Here, we'll provide our Official Discord link and unofficial fan sites in different languages, if your native language is not English, you might find it interesting!
(Don't forget to say thank you to those who are working hard to keep those fan sites going). <3

Those links have been taken from Hellmoon's post, she has done a great job gathering more community-related & useful information. If you're feeling curious about it, visit her thread.

4) Ugh, I don't understand how does this forum work! How do I post a picture? And a Link? Your post looks so fancy!

Silv has saved us with this fantastic Forum Code (Markdown) Quick Reference Cheetsheet

5) Things to take into account.

  • Always respect our Code of Conduct. Ignoring the rules doesn't exempt you from being compliant with them. Both here and in Discord. Here there are rules regarding New Player Questions. Please, have a look.

  • If you need help anytime, please, ask our ambassadors, moderators or other veteran community members. We'll happily help you!

  • If you're ready to know more about this game, its people and this great adventure, please, read Noslim's Thread, it's a very detailed and a complete gathering of interesting and relevant information about CoE.


I hope you have a great day and an exciting adventure here in Elyria! Thank you very much for contributing to make this dream come true.

Pledged to keeping order, justice and positivity; The moderator team.