[TRYGGR]Duchy of Kvasir

Duchy of Kvasir

Kingdom of Tryggr

What is the Kvasir Duchy?

Kvasir is an EU Duchy that is a proud part of the Kingdom of Tryggr The Duchy serve as the Kingdoms eastern sea navy defense and force. The Virtori religion will play a major part in the duchies development and military.

Kvasir seeks to set the standard for discipline and devotion to the kingdom. Kvasir is what it means to be the embodiment of the Virtues.

Kvasir, as a military-focused Duchy, that will work on fielding a Navy to respond quickly to any threat that arises along the eastern side of the Kingdom as well as establish a central trade hub for the Kingdom.

As part of the Kingdom of Tryggr, all those that settle in Kvasir will ultimately abide by the High King's Laws and the decisions of the Royal Council.

One such decision is that every citizen who joins our ranks should be able to fight for themselves and for Tryggr. This is necessary to survive the hostile environment of Elyria.

Where do I find Kvasir Duchy?

The Duchy of Kvasir will be housed in the mixed leaf forests of Tryggr on the Selene (EU) Server on the eastern coast of the continent. The sacred burden of the Neran Virtori, is our gift to uphold as the swords of the Virtues, we must for King, Gods, and Country, hold fast.

The duchy seat will be a city called Vamielaga within in the county of Elk Heart. Just on the Stag bay along the eastern sea.

Through the lush dense forest, just on the edge of the motherland ...

There lies that fabled city of Vamielaga where the Duke, in his seat of power, watches over a land of majesty and beauty beside the ocean with his fleet at his command.

Weary travelers are welcome, as long as their intent is peaceful. The fires roar high enough in Vamielaga’s hearths to drive the moisture from your clothes. Please join us for a glass of mead.

Who rules Kvasir?

Kvasir Duchy is the ancestral home for Duke Lo-Kain Kilmaar and his family. Who claims to be the true Sword of Iustus, the divine guardian of the virtue of Justice.

The Duke is a fair man that keeps an open mind in any dispute brought to his attention. He will listen to both sides of the story and not rush to conclusions. He uses common sense and humor to solve most challenges.

While he strongly believes in reason and sense, the strong arm of Tryggr cannot be soft. Justice will be meted out fairly, but swiftly.

He will not hesitate to ensure that Tryggr, it’s members, and their values are protected.

If that requires a show of force, be wary of his temper.

His house motto will give you a fair idea of what he is like and what he expects of his people.

“Through straits to heights, no one will hold me from my goal.”

This is the motto that Duke Kilmaar lives by. He hopes that any who join him follow a similar code.

How is Kvasir organized?

Grand Council

The duke will be advised in all matters, on an as-needed basis, by a grand council. This Grand Council is composed of the following seats:

  • Chief Justicar - Open
  • Chancellor of the Senate - Chancellor LowGin
  • The Merkismathr - Open
  • The Master of Coin - Nefin
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs - Open

Each of these positions will be held by people with the Duke’s trust that have proven themselves capable.

Each chancellor runs an organization(s) that keep day-to-day life running smoothly for everyone.

More information about Kvasir's judicial & monetary systems, foreign affairs, or senate processes is available on request.

Call to Arms and Military

Kvasir Military

The Kvasir military is strong and well organized.

Challengers will give pause before meeting us on the battlefield. We will give no ground. If any have the spine to walk on our soil with hostile intent, they will soon find out that Tryggr is not to be trifled with.

The branches of Kvasirs military are organized as follows:

  • TBD (Army)
  • The Sjødragar (Navy)[Sea ​​Dragons]

Tryggr maintains other elite military groups not listed. Hopefully, you will not have to meet them…

Call to Arms

When Tryggr goes to war there will be a Call to Arms that goes out to all players and NPCs.

If we are attacked, all who are able, are expected to answer the call to arms. Not doing so will be seen as betrayal. This will not be taken lightly. All those in Kvasir are expected to stand together.

If for any reason, we go on the offense, there will be a Call to Arms as well. Anyone who is able is expected to take up arms. Inability to answer the call is understood and will not be punished.

If you are a Baron, Warrior, or PVP player, failure to answer the call to wage war will be considered a betrayal. This will have consequences.

There are several ways to assist a war effort. Tasks like scouting, supplying food, or healing injured are necessary parts of any military campaign. Those better equipped to contribute thus are welcome to do so.

Why join Kvasir?


Despite its military focus, the Duchy of Kvasir has space for players of all sorts. After all, an army marches on its stomach. An army cannot survive without healing. An army without smiths has no swords.

We currently offer a home to some very diverse counties

County of Amos

County of Blodrygg

County of Elborg

County of Wyntngras

County of Skógr Vik

County of Láturpípan


County of Gorges De Valcoeur


County of Istindmoen


County of Varðhaugr


County of FalconKnight


Barons & Mayors

The main difference between these two pledge types, as explained by SBS here is that a Mayor focuses on building a civilian town. A baron is the same pledge level but looks to build or rule a keep and focuses on military matters.

Being a Baron, or a mayor is not just personal preference, it also depends on a contract with a duke.

We currently have space for many more Barons. If you should like to negotiate a contract for your barony, please, join our Discord.

Mayors who are currently unsure of the county they would like to settle in, are welcome to have a look around. Get to know us and we’ll be happy to help you find a good count to settle under.

Other pledges

Our main focus will be an enjoyable gaming experience for everyone. So lord or farmer, warrior or smith, please feel free to inquire with us. If you’re more of the friendly type, just come meet and greet in the Tryggr or Kvasir Duchy Discord.

To make sure gaming is fun for everyone, we want your voice to be heard. Not just your count’s, your mayor’s or your baron’s. As a citizen you will have a voice in Kvasir, through a House of Representatives.

These representatives, one from each county, one noble appointed by the count, and one voted by majority of the people. They will provide a “voice of the people” for the Dukes and nobles to consider on any matters that impact us all.

These representatives are also available for dealing with disputes or if you have any requests that superseding the authority of your baron or count. The representative from your area can elevate these concerns directly to the Duke and his council.

How to become a citizen?


Not everyone living in Kvasir will automatically be a citizen.

Currently, all players that join us as a part of the Kingdom of Tryggr are citizens. Come launch there will be new, unaligned players popping in.

Some of these people will try to integrate into society. Some will go off and do their own thing. Some will become bandits, robbers, or grievers.

In order to be a part of the Duchy’s citizenry and have a voice in the Duchy you must:

  • Be a part of Tryggr, and join in the Tryggr Discord.
  • Have your character and pledge verified by a Duchy or County representative.
  • Be willing to defend your home in the Duchy, and your fellow mann, if they are under attack. (Or contribute in some other way to the effort).
  • Be born within the Duchy and/or gone through a citizen registration for the Tryggr Community.

Do I Belong?

Honestly, it’s not my right to say one way or another if Kvasir is for you, I have built this Duchy on the premise that everyone will put the greater good above one’s selfish desires. A Duchy where we are not segregated by nationality or race, but where we are measured by the strength of our community and it’s members.

Whether or not your right for Kvasir, it’s all down to your own character to decide if you are in company of fellow brothers and sister in arms. We will welcome you with mead and wine, but it’s up to you to decide if you wish to stay or move on.

How to contact us?

If you decide Kvasir is for you or want to give us a shot, the quickest way to get in contact would, of course, to message me on Discord via the phone or PC app. My Discord tag is @Jarl Lo-Kain Kilmaar#0648

However, a message on this post will eventually be responded to as well.

Either way, you could join the Discord either to discuss and/or ask questions should you want to know more.

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