December Contest! Trials of Karcion (Community Contests): Part 2

Good day, Elyrians!

The Trials of Karcion are a series of community contests - for the community, by the community.

In the months to come, we will be holding a series of competitions to test creativity, wit, skill and determination. Today, December 1st, marks the second round of the Trials of Karcion.

Curious about the first round of entries? Check out the winner’s thread or the public drive with the Autumnal Elyria & The Thousand Words a Picture Paints Contest Entries!

The prizes are something that we as a community all appreciate: games! The 1st place winner will also be given a personalized icon which they are free to incorporate into their forum signature, avatar, or anything else to immortalize their win.

The ground rules are simple, but are without exceptions;

  • Anyone who wishes to participate in the Trials must be a registered member on the Chronicles of Elyria forums for at least two months prior to the announcement of that round of Trials - in this case, October 2017.
  • No NSFW or NDA-protected or otherwise exclusive information can be used in any Trial
  • One entry per person.
  • An entry may only win one prize per series unless otherwise stated.
  • Entries must follow the guidelines for User Content Creation and COE Brand Guidelines
  • No entry may violate either the Chronicles of Elyria Code of Conduct or Terms of Use
  • When submitting your entry, follow the short entry guide (bottom of the post), not including the form and/or sending an incorrect file name/type may mean that your entry will be disqualified.

With those pleasantries out of the way... on to the Trials! December’s Trial is "Fa La La La 'Lyria", a lottery and art contest!

Important Submission-related Dates!

Contests Open: December 1st at 8:00pm EST
Window for lottery & Art contest entries: December 1st - December 18th (last day to submit)
Submissions are CLOSED starting December 19th

A wild lottery appears!

Please note, no currency is involved in this kind of lottery!

In the theme of the season based around many culturally significant holidays and celebrations, this month’s contest asks contestants to create a Chronicles of Elyria themed picture altered to be in the holiday spirit, basically a "Holiday Meme" centered around COE. This can be any “winter-theme” of the contestant’s choosing, maybe there’s a desert shrub with baubles on it, how about a Dryas elk wearing a bunch of tinsel? “Festivus for the rest of us” in Elyria, holiday card? Put an ugly sweater on a Soulbound Studios dev! These are just few of many possible creations! ALL entries will be entered into a lottery, and the first three contestant names drawn win a game! And the contest doesn’t stop there.

Lottery Prizes

First entry drawn wins Jotun
Second entry drawn wins Super Meat Boy
Third entry drawn wins Garry’s Mod

Art Contest

We know that there are some artistically talented community members out there so we are running an art contest for those who want to submit an original work of art instead! Those who choose to create original works of art, centered around Elyria in the Winter, enter not only in the contest lottery but they also enter into their own competition between other original pieces, and the grand prize is big!
Suggestions: Illustration, comic, greeting card, Elyrian-religion based winter-holiday effigy/object/decoration, or other creative works that involve digital or traditional art mediums.

This month’s guest judge is none other than King Dleatherus of Bordweall! Anyone who has seen the fantastic Bordweall recruitment post or any one of his unique forum replies can agree that Dleatherus has a creative mind and an appreciation for all things artistic, which is why we brought him on as our guest just for this month's art contest!**

Art Contest Prizes

First Place: “Elyrian” Pledge Package, yours to keep OR gift to a friend* & personalized “badge of honor”
Second Place: Doodle God* & *Monster Loves You
Third Place: Day of the Tentacle

Winners will be judged by two organizers in the Conclave of Contests and a guest judge, and will be asked to consider the following aspects of each piece:
- How well does the piece depict or illustrate Chronicles of Elyria?
- How well does the piece represent the spirit of winter holidays?
- What is unique about the piece?

Once the winner is contacted, they will be required to indicate who they would like the gift to go to.
Unfortunately the package isn’t regiftable and has to be sent directly to the recipient from the sender. If the winner would like it gifted to another player, they have 60 days from the date of contact to decide who their recipient is.*

HELP! I don’t have Photoshop, I can’t make anything!

GIMP & Krita are both wonderful free programs that allow for photomanipulation. Feel free to DM me (Discord: Hellmoon#4053) if you have specific questions regarding either program.
Gimp - Not a very steep learning curve
Krita - Blend of Photoshop & Paint SAI programs, good for people already familiar with programs like Photoshop.

How Do I Enter?

All entries should be entered in the form of a PNG or JPEG to [email protected]
FILE NAME: [Forum usernameTOK2].filename (ex: HellmoonTOK2.png)

Please copy & paste the form below, fill out, and include it in the body of your email! Not including the form below, and/or using an invalid file name/type may disqualify your entry!

Entry Form

COE Forum Alias:

Domain/Organization, if any, you would like mentioned (if you place):

All entries are assumed to be entered into the lottery, if you would like to be considered for the Art Contest, please include the following:

Title for your piece (if applicable):

Art Genre (traditional drawing/Digital Art/etc):

Any other information you would like to include:

Winning entries will be displayed on the forums in a winners thread, and all other entries will be shared on the next immediate reply on the same post. Artists who enter the art contest, retain their intellectual property rights of their original work but are subject to the Terms of Service as stated on the COE website.


Important dates as they relate to the contest are as follows:

Contest Opens: December 1st at 8:00pm EST
Window for lottery & Art contest entries: December 1st - December 18th (last day to submit)
Submissions are CLOSED starting December 19th
Winners for the lottery and art contest are announced on the evening of December 27th *baring exceptions

What’s the bare, or should I say otterbear, minimum to enter into the lottery? Glad you asked, because this is!

* *If anyone submits this as their entry, you will be disqualified with no option to resubmit.

Let the Trials Begin!

12/2/2017 12:58:54 AM #1

The Trials of Karcion are a community effort and presented by The Conclave of Contests, a group of community members! We are proud to announce that two brand new members have joined the Conclave!

Welcome Narkari and Exanix!

These contests are not affiliated with Soulbound Studios in any way other than in that they are an effort by members of their fanbase. Please do not direct any enquiries regarding the Trials to a member of Soulbound staff - please reply to this thread on the Forums or email [email protected]

All contests are judged by a panel of contest organizers as well as guest judges chosen for their experience in the areas being contested. If you are interested in volunteering as a guest judge, contributing prizes, or assisting in any other way - please get in touch!

A huge shoutout to our November judges Moohasha from the Kingdom of Vornair (NA-E) and leader of The League of Explorers and Liva "the Fairy Queen" from the Kingdom of Al-khezam (EU), both were fantastic judges in the Autumnal Elyria & 1,000 Words a Picture Paints contests!

Questions? Comments? Queries? Feel free to contact us on this post, direct messaging on the Forums, or on Discord!
12/3/2017 10:48:54 PM #2

Our first lottery entry has been submitted, SOOO MUCH HYPE! :-)

12/6/2017 7:32:46 PM #3

We've had some fantastic entries come in so far, looking forward to seeing the others! Anyone who's thinking about entering but isn't sure what they'd like to do or don't have the experience, feel free to reach out to myself and Hellmoon to brain storm or for some editing advice (although admittedly, Hellmoon is much better with those things than I!).

Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat them.

12/8/2017 4:50:55 PM #4

There's about 11 whole days left to participate! <3

12/10/2017 3:28:31 AM #5

Submit a meme...maybe win a prize! :-)

12/12/2017 9:13:42 PM #6

We've been getting some fantastic entries so far! Keep them coming!!! :-)

12/16/2017 1:38:55 AM #7

If you are planning on submitting a meme/photshopped image for the lottery/giveaway or a piece of art for the art competition...this is your last weekend! :-)