In-Game Name Reservation Starts Soon!

World building for Chronicles of Elyria has already begun, and your opportunity to leave a lasting legacy begins with name reservation! Forge your family's lineage, recruit your friends, and connect with the community to craft your history in the game.

In January, lock in your exclusive, one-of-a-kind surname for your family and dynasty. Claim that name you've been dreaming about in preparation for building your household name. We've talked about surnames in a previous design journal, but here's a quick primer: when you reserve a surname, that surname becomes a part of the game's history. Every character is born to a family in Chronicles of Elyria, and it's possible new characters will be born into your dynasty and will inherit your surname! Once you reserve a surname, no other player can claim it; it belongs to you, and you alone!

Because surname reservation is imminent, that also means we're working on account merging. After our account merging window, account merging will no longer be offered. More information on account merging will be made available in the coming weeks.

In January, we'll gradually let people lock in their surname in influence order. Make sure you have your name ready, so when your turn arrives, you'll be good to go!

Get ready for Surname reservation by double checking you have a either a minimum pledge package of Bloodline or above, or a Surname & Coat of Arms item from our online store.

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K. Edited to include Discord things,

Caspian - Today at 1:27 AM

  1. People don't have to pick when their window comes up. If they don't have a name they want to use, that's fine. They can wait.

  2. We'll be providing people an option to buy a rename, so if you claim one, and it turns out you don't feel like your name fits your tribe, you can always buy the rename later to make sure your get another chance.

  3. We know people want to make their names tribal in many cases, which is why Vye and I have been working on the languages for a while now, in addition to a random name generator. Behold!

Caspian - Today at 1:42 AM

We felt like people who were of sufficiently high prestige deserved some degree of brand recognition. So people who are Count+, will have their surnames automatically reserved on ALL servers - even if they don't plan to use them.

People below Count will select the server they'd like to reserve the surname on as part of reservation. If you still don't know what server you plan to play on, either don't reserve, or take a best guess. And again, if you decide you don't want to be on a specific server later, buy the rename token to change your reservation from one server to another. If the name you want is still available on the other server, you can reserve it there instead.

Why did we feel ok doing this? Because the servers are more or less homogenous now. People are either planning to join a server based on the community they want to be in, or they're going to join the one that's geographically closest to them.

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Let the fun begin!

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Woo hoo!

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What happens if someone maliciously locks down a surname before the original owner can submit it?

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lol morbiss so rude xD

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Hype train pulls into its next station :)

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Finaly lol we all love you.

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SWEET, that's awesome news and hopefully land selection soon thereafter? Than we Counts can build our community. (#happy holidays)

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Slight confusion on my part: If one has a custom surname, does the family selected by that player adopt that surname, or does the custom surname allow the player to change their character's surname, but not their family's? Or am I completely off the mark.

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Wiggles nose

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So, with groups of players whom have all pledged over bloodline level. What happens if they all want to share the exact same surname? Will they need to make a unique name for reach, or are they free to all use the same name?

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If I have 3 accounts with Surnames, when I merge them, do I still get to reserve 3 surnames?

Edit : I mean I do have a lore for my County. It would make sense for my lore characters to have decendants.