NA-E Town Of Frank

Welcome to the town of Frank

Nestled in the foothills of Atrein county lays the humble town of Frank, truly a haven for people from all walks of life. be you a homesteader seeking a place to raise your kin, an adventurer looking for a town to call home, or a deviant seeking to sleuth around in darkened corners. Frank is truly a sanctuary for all walks of life. Kept safe by Mayor Hans Frank and his deviant security force you can be assured that any bandits, thieves, or ruffians who do not ascribe to his contract of peaceful coexistence will be met with swift justice, followed by a short drop and a sudden stop. Whether you choose to make a visit, or a home here, a warm hearth will surely be awaiting your arrival." Mayor Hans Frank.

Town Location

  1. Server: NA-W
  2. Kingdom: Free Kingdom Of Elyria
  3. Duchy: Pending Decision
  4. County: Atrein County
  5. Clan: Get Rustled (optional)

Town Goal

I Plan to run a well balanced town with all the main industries represented. production of nearly everything will be a primary focus and where I will be dumping my 7000+EP. I will be running a squad of hunters who will provide meats and other greens from the woods as our primary source of food as well as leathers (if this is not fruitful I may consider other means of production such as river fishing or livestock). I am also interested in running a lumber industry along with carpentry, siege weaponry, masonry and possibly getting a Horse breeder to provide the county with good supply of horses. As also stated above I will be open minded to those wishing to train in the deviant skill tree to further support our town and kingdom so long as they provide a secondary service (such as gathering or crafting) to the town as well as their service in the Night Watch. We will also use these skills to track down Bandits & outlaws their identities will be public record to limit the chances of criminal behavior in the town, any deviants who break the rules will be punished to the extent of the law... though bad things may happen to them when nobody is watching...

Who will we need?

Everyone. Being that my town will be hyper capitalistic and with low taxation I will need producers gatherers and every kind of player I can get my hands on (any role not filled will be filled my npcs such as paper makers lol). As well as security to help insure that crime is not an issue. Do you have what it takes to make our county great?


Blood, it runs through the very foundations of this place, stains fading with memory, the founding families of Frank were in a constant fight for power and wealth, leaving mere scraps for the lower classes to fight over. Shady dealings and fiendish plots oft ended in the blood of nobles to be spilled and the lives of anyone who just so happened to stand in their way. Know internally as “Shades” members of this secret organization pulled the strings and influenced events both in the town and abroad, only recently brought to light and made public by Heinrich Frank, Mayor and son of Otto Von Frank Grand master of the Shade and member of the family who led the expedition to settle on this land. Heinrich unmasked the members of the Shade and formed 2 organizations, those that wanted to turn their backs on a life of hiding but still remained loyal to the frank family became the “watchers” guardsmen and townsfolk dedicated to the preservation of everything they had built, but those who refused to give up their deviant affiliation became the “Night Watch” using what ever means necessary to insure the safety of the towns people and the frank bloodline. here is where exposition starts

Town Roster

So far I will be leaving the town council position to members of my clan whom I have been gaming with for the past 5+ years until I can find others I can trust to help me manage the town. Below are a list of roles that have been claimed (subject to change, Nothing is sacred.)

-Guard Capitan of the Watch - Igor

-Transportation/Shipping - Aznei

-Chief of Medicine, Botany and Mixology - Vespii

-Herd Master - Flameblasta

List will be updated as time goes on. (a lot of my clan members cant decide on a role until more info is available.)

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