[EU} City of Dawn's Reach (Duchy of Anor)


Dawn's Reach is not just the Capital City of Anorath but of the entire Duchy of Anor. The City has grown to such a size that it is completely unrivalled by any other City in the Duchy and boasts the largest most dense population centre. This huge population coupled with it's size provides a large melting pot of tribes and peoples, a true multi cultural utopia. Buildings in Dawn's Reach are some of the most architecturally beautiful aswell as some of the tallest ever seen.

Protection of the Capital of the Duchy is unquestionable and strong walls and forts provide extensive defensive capabilities for miles around.


The Sun Keep - The seat of power of Dawn’s Reach and home to House Alduin, Anor and Anorath. The keep contains the Hall of the Sun, Grand Council chambers and the hall containing the legendary Round Table of the Knights of the Sun.

Grand Cathedral of Virtori – The City contains the great Cathedral of Virtori. This inspiration is where the High Priest resides. Duke Alduin is a faithful Mann and donates considerably to the church.

University of Anor – The University of Anor is dedicated to the furthering of education, research and technology within the Duchy. This is made up of trainers and teachers who are paid whilst other members pay to receive training and gain access to the school’s resources.

Grand Barracks of Anor – The City contains the Grand Barracks of Anor. The barracks are for the elite guard of Dawn’s Reach. This is the Headquarters of the Royal Army of Anor. The Leaders of the Army are stationed here.

Stables of Anor – The stables where through breeds are breeding to ensure that the Knights of Anor and The Knights of the Sun are provided with the finest horses. The stables provide the sale of these horses to the Nobility to Citizens in Dawn’s Reach and the County.

The Guild halls of the Anorian Guilds of Industry and Masonic Order – The Headquarters of both Guilds are based here. This is where the guilds ensure that the chapters halls are distributed resource and training fairly.

Dawn Reach’s Market – This is the central trading hub throughout the Duchy.

There is a saying that all roads lead to Anorath and this is as true a statement as they come. Trade flows directly into Anorath from surrounding regions before moving back out to distant lands beyond the Duchies borders. Anorath is home to every profession you can imagine, Leather workers, cobblers, Butchers, Tailors, Paper-makers,Scribes, Dye-Makers, apothecaries, alchemists, Cooks, distillers, brewers, Blacksmiths, Miners, Jewelers, Masons and farmers. The list truly does go on.

Capitalism is a huge part of the success of the Grand County and it's thanks to Capitalism that the world can be your oyster, starting businesses in Anorath is very easy and always welcomed. Anorath is home to most of the Grand Council making it very easy to speak with Council Masters on matters of businesses and opportunity.

Current Vacancies - We are looking for the following:

Royal Household - Chef

Royal Household - Royal Architect

Blacksmiths - Tools, Armour & Weapon-smiths

Bowyer - Bow and Arrow makers

Traders - All individuals in trade including industry

Farmers - Including Livestock

Monks of Virtori (Will be promotion in game)

Anorian Guard (We will be looking at promotion in game)

Masons - We are looking to develop Dawn's Reach with new buildings and custom architecture.

Grand County Anorath is an enormous trade hub, goods are often imported from the surrounding Counties to be checked and processed and then exported out to the other Duchies in the Empire and beyond. The bustling hub brings in many traders, shoppers and delivery companies aswell as caravan guards looking to ensure safe passage of peoples and goods in and out of the region.

Within the Counties own rural areas, Mining for ore and precious stones and metals is a large part of the economy and so too is the manufacturing of weapons and armours for the large number of Baronies protecting the region.

Woodcutting and woodworking is just as widespread and laws exist to protect this valuable resource ensuring when wood is used it is also re-planted for the future.

The protection of the Duchy of Anor falls under the umbrella of the Anorian Guard, All Soldier's perform a number of different missions to ensure the protection of the Duchy.

The head of the Military is the The Duke and is assisted by the Knight Commander (Steward of Anor). This position is currently held by High Baron Creighton Halleck of the Barony of Londo.

The Anorian Guard is the absolute backbone of the Duchy's defensive and offensive capabilities and is commanded by the Duke. It is responsible for all military missions.

Aswell as the defense of the realm and going to war against would be aggressors the Anorian Guard deals with intelligence gathering and intelligence missions. With eyes and ears everywhere, scouts ensure they know precisely what is going on and who is or is not a threat.

Anybody willing and able can join the Anorian Guard. Benefits include access to the best weapons, armour and training facilities available aswell as payment for completion of Missions.

To learn what Missions may be undertaken please click here to visit our 'Organisations of Anor Thread' for more detailed information.

Nobles or Soldier's that are spotted can become a would-be Knight of the Sun. The Knights of the Sun are an elite chivalric order within the Anorian Military and only the finest menn and womenn gain the right to join. The Knights are usually handpicked from Nobles or the Anorian Guard when they have proven themselves worthy of Knighthood. So long as they prove their valour and their sworn loyalty to the Duke and the Duchy of Anor, they will join the orders ranks and take their rightful place after vigorous training and trials.

Knights are responsible for some of the more important missions, aswell as personal guard for the Duke and Duchess, should it be required and training and handing out missions to those of lower rank. All Knights gain access to a specially designed set of armour, designed by the Duke himself for such a prestigious group of warriors. Other benefits include payment for services and access to excellent equipment.

With the huge diversity of tribes and peoples in Anorath comes the blessing of different experiences. Living here gives Citizens access to a bounty of different clothing styles, architectural marvels plus a vast variety of foods, delicacies and fine wines. The imports that flood in truly gives an unrivaled standard of living for Anorians.

When one lives in Anorath no day need every be the same.

Duke Alduin understanding the importance of infrastructure works hard to ensure that all settlements within the County are fully connected and that perfectly maintained trade routes exist into and out of the region. Exports of the Counties ore, metals and other manufactured goods are of utmost importance.

Connecting Two Great Cities

Connecting the Duchies Capital City of Dawn's Reach and County Capital of Isilme is the Two King's Road. The road was named in honour of the alliance that was once formed between Line of Alduin and Line of Adley when they unified their forces to oppose a joint enemy who threatened their very early existence.

The alliance which was formed between the two was forged when both these menn met each other during the night at the midway point between their respective settlements, it is here where now stands the Two King's Inn that both menn signed their names to an agreement that would eventually bring them victory against a common foe. It is following this agreement and victory that Line of Adley would later be married into the line of Alduin.

Today the road is used by many people wishing to move between the settlements whether it be by tourists wanting to see the other City or traders moving their goods. The Two Kings Inn located at the central point of the road between the two settlements is known for it's delicious food, fantastic ale and pleasant welcoming atmosphere.

Along the roadway on either side, many citizens have been given the opportunity to develop the land, being able to purchase parcels and build homes and farmsteads along the entire length of the route meaning travelling the route is both interesting and safer.

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Want to earn money? check out the Organisations of Anor thread by clicking here and see what work is available from the Grand Council.

Within Dawn's reach is the Bank of Anor chaired by the Master of Coin. The Bank is a giant building located in the Cities Commerce sector, within which is located many vaults/rooms with only one way in and one way out, each vault door is reinforced and locked with a key which is held by the person depositing their valuable goods or money. Between entry to the building and the vaults there are heavily armed guards to prevent theft. All these private Bank vaults are hired via contract with a rental fee decided by the Master of Coin.

Learning is not attained by chance, it must be sought for with ardour and diligence

The more people that are members of a School/University in Elyria the faster and more greater it's accomplishments are when it comes to discovering new research and technologies, because of this it was decided that Dawn's Reach would be the location for a grand place of learning and the City now holds the largest University in the land which can be easily accessed by citizens across the Duchy thanks to the excellent road networks connecting the many settlements.

The university of Anor is dedicated to the furthering of education, research and technology within the entire Duchy. This is made up of trainers and teachers who are paid whilst other members pay to receive training and gain access to the school’s resources. The funding comes from a combination of paying members and grants from the Duchy. The main advantage of the University of Anor is that its members are offered increased and rapid opportunity for learning. This is in the form of consolidated access to skill trainers, and specialised research tools. As new technology is discovered, all students immediately gain access to the new knowledge. This will benefit the whole of the Duchy.

The Virtori are one of the five major religions of Elyria, practiced primarily by the Neran and Hrothi tribes. Virtori teaching is centred around the existence of powerful Gods and their Guardians, representing the 7 virtues and 7 vices.

Virtori believe that there was a war between the Virtues and Vices, with Mann-kind being caught in the middle and ultimately sealing away the Vices and Virtues to protect Elyria from the Gods.

The Virtori believe that this sealing split the world into Elyria, Haven (the place of Virtue), and Karcion (the place of Vice). The Virtori believe that individuals are pawns that are manipulated by much higher powers.

It has been stated that the Virtori fighters are the “Paladins and Clerics.” In Virtori lore, the Neran’s and the Hrothi are the Sword and Shield of the Virtues, respectively, and are often depicted as such in religious artwork.

The official Religion of Anorath is the Virtori faith and Virtori religious iconography and buildings can be found throughout the Grand Counties Capital City, where the awe inspiring great Virtori Cathedral towers over all things below it. People come from miles around to visit the Cathedral and practice their faith. As Anorath and Dawn's Reach act as the Duchies Capital the Arch-Bishop often resides here within the largest Cathedral in the land.


If you wish to join Triple Grand County of Anorath and become one of it's Citizens then please feel free to join the Duchy of Anor Discord. Please click the Discord image above to gain entry. Thankyou.

Dawn’s Reach was at its height of power in the early ages due to the military and economic might that it possessed. However, continued attacks upon their borders depleted its once plentiful resources and Mann power. This eventually lead to civil war and a devastating plaque that caused it to gradually decline over the next age, this lead to the fall of Anor.

Some tales say that as the Duchy grew more prosperous it came under attack from its neighbouring counties who sought to take its wealth and divide it among themselves. The war was long and arduous and famine and disease grew rife. In order for the Duke to keep his armies stocked he began to seize the crops grown by the common folk and to take the livestock as his own.

The notable House Adley saw the folly in his plans and sought to counsel against this. House Adley feared that it would turn his subjects against him and sow dissidence throughout the Duchy. This state of affairs continued for almost a year until the Duchy began to fracture. The Duke sent his Knights of the Sun to keep order in the Duchy. The Noble houses again asked the Duke to show restraint.

The Duke fell from power, losing Dawn’s Reach through the civil war and the plague. It was not until an age from then when Duke Arthuras Alduin arose, rightful heir to the Duchy. Duke Arthuras rallied the Noble houses and retook the capital. Arthuras took up his seat in The Sun Keep and began the long process of reuniting the Duchy through peace and trade. The population grew with the return of its citizens from the outlying towns and villages. The Duke focused on the Duchy’s infrastructure, economy and military. This lead to a new age, where the bannermen, and once more the Houses of Anor, were united behind their Duke.

However, there was still dissent amongst the common people who we loathe to trust this new Duke. It was then that Arthuras sought out the descendants of House Adley who well respected by the common folk but who had grown distant during the fall of Anor. After many talks he showed humility and restored their former titles, welcoming them once more to his court. Following on from this the Duke proposed that they join their houses and so the eldest daughter of House Adley was married to the Duke and since then this tradition has continued.

Again, the realm of Anor was engulfed with conflict. The Duke’s grandfather sought unification of a stronger and more noble Anor. This lead to the noble houses rallying to the House Alduin. Among the noble houses was the Great house of Inglund. At the Two Kings Inn, a solemn oath was exchanged between The Duke and Count. Henceforth that House Inglund would inherit the title of Grand Viceroy, the Duke’s most trusted advisor and ruler in his absence. The alliance between Houses Alduin, Inglund and Adley lead to a successful campaign against their common foes.

The current Duke Alduin, now seeks to once again make Anor prosperous and has sworn loyalties to the Demalion Emperor. >

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