Bestial Breeding

There are beasts to be tamed, ore to be mined, and hell to raise!


Bestial Breeding is an animal husbandry guild within the Breed N Bleed association located in The Anemoi.


Our goal is to provide an environment where those seeking to capture and breed animals will be successful.


  • Guilds looking to focus on Animal Husbandry
  • Members looking to join a guild, school or association focusing on Animal Husbandry (Leadership Opportunities Available)

Links and Additional Information

For Additional information visit The Anemoi

Join us on discord

Simply Click to Join Discord. A member of leadership will greet you and do their best to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

3/5/2018 3:40:03 AM #1

Please feel free to contact me for more information. I am also looking for guilds from different walks of life.

7/11/2018 6:31:15 PM #2

I am hoping my town is close enough to your school to attract some to be townsfolk during and after training is complete since Sirona will need hunters, breeders, and crafters with this kind of training