Breed N Bleed

There are beasts to be tamed, crops to sow, and hell to raise!

What is Breed N Bleed

Breed N Bleed is an animal focused association containing a set of guilds, schools and associations that assists its members in training, placement and (if needed) the assistance in establishing a new branch or outpost. The headquarters for Breed N Bleed can be found in The Anemoi, a duchy devoted to raising the best animals and their products. (Ask about our new branch/outpost ep incentives!)

Breed N Bleed is a founding member of S.T.O.R.E

Bestial Breeding: The animal focused guild of Breed N Bleed, has multiple branches within the counties of The Anemoi and is always looking for more branch and outpost leaders/founders.

Hide N Stitch: The leatherworking and tailoring guild of Breed N Bleed, has multiple branches within the counties of The Anemoi and is always looking for more branch and outpost leaders/founders.

Tanning N Apparel: The leatherworking and tailoring school of Breed N Bleed, has multiple branches within the counties of The Anemoi and is always looking for more branch and outpost leaders/founders.

A.S.S (The Anemoi Schoolhouse of Survival): Breed N Bleed’s school focused on useful skills to help capture, care for and tame animals, has multiple branches within the counties of The Anemoi and is always looking for more branch and outpost leaders/founders.

History of Breed N Bleed

As The Anemoi was improving its techniques, there became a growing need for consolidation of the many groups’ knowledge and skills in order to continue to improve the quality of their products. Breed N Bleed was formed to centralize the knowledge of animals and their products and to improve the overall quality of goods produced by any member within Breed N Bleed.

What Breed N Bleed Offers

With The Anemoi being such a vast region of land, there became a growing need to consolidate the knowledge, products, and skills in-order to sustain the various regions and groups within its borders. Breed N Bleed seeks out any and all animal based guilds, schools or associations in order to form bonds to build trade networks for a larger supply and broader selection of goods for their skilled craftsmen to buy/trade for. This allows for its members to grow their skills and knowledge from both the access to a larger selection of goods to become familiar with and their ability to share knowledge, skills and recipes with other members within Breed N Bleed.

Breed N Bleed also strives to form alliances and business agreements with other guilds and groups who share similar gameplay goals but do not wish to be subsumed by Breed N Bleed at large. These alliances will be built on the sharing of expertise, skill, and business information to the benefit of both parties. This relationship allows them to remain as a separate economic entity, operating under their own leadership and market goals, while still benefiting from the relationships that Breed N Bleed builds abroad. As each alliance strengthens over time, so too will the flow of information and resources, with the hope of building a strong foundation of cooperation.

Though the ideal of the free distribution of knowledge and a large trade network of goods for the improvement of its members was the founding principle of Breed N Bleed, it was quickly seen that integration with the local economies around each branch could be leveraged for economic gain. Each branch strives to develop strong ties to the supporting markets that they both buy from and sell to. Whether those ties are to local merchants, traders, transporters or simply the local populace, this concentrated effort to build up contacts has become core to the success of Breed N Bleed as a whole. By sharing those contacts with other members of Breed N Bleed, each member can be certain that they can efficiently and productively sell their merchandise no matter where they happen to find themselves.

Association Structure


The headquarters will host regular meetings with all the Branch owners as well as hosting conventions where members from all the branches of Breed N Bleed are invited to travel to the headquarters. They will train with the best of their profession, trade knowledge, and trade goods/materials. The Headquarters will help new members venture out to form or join another Branch/Outpost. The Headquarters will also work to establish strong bonds with other organizations in order to work in conjunction with them on cross profession projects and crafting jobs.


Branches will operate similar to the Headquarters, but in a different county. Similar to the Headquarters, Branches will work to help new members establish or join an Outpost within the county. The Branch will establish trade routes and contacts within its county and coordinate with the Headquarters for trade between Branches of the association(cross county) and to establish communications for outside traders and allied organizations.

Branches will be responsible with managing and disseminating info to the Outposts within their county. They will host regular meetings with county Outposts’ leaders in order to distribute knowledge gained from the Headquarters as well as consolidate knowledge between the outposts.


Outposts will be formed in towns throughout a county which already has an established Branch. An Outpost will establish trade routes and contacts within its region and coordinate with the Branch/Headquarters for trade between outposts of the association(cross settlement) and to establish communications for outside traders and allied organizations.

Leadership Structure

There will be a council formed which includes the head of each organization that is a member of Breed N Bleed Organizations that have recently joined will start out attending the Council meetings, and as they develop their organization and relationships within Breed N Bleed, their opinions on matters discussed in the council will carry more weight.

The founding members will have the ultimate say on decisions made by the Council but no major decision will be made without the Council's input on the topic. The Council will meet regularly to coordinate each Branch with one another and to update each other on the current state of their Branch, its Outposts, and any other alliances/trade associations they may have formed. These meetings will also be the most opportune time to share the gained knowledge/skills of their trade between each Branch leader and the Headquarters, hopefully, sending each Branch leader back to their respective Branches with new knowledge to share amongst their Outposts and members.

Members Breed N Bleed


Houses the Headquarters of S.T.O.R.E and Breed-N-Bleed as well as multiple branches of both S.T.O.R.E and Breed-N-Bleed.

The Stormforge:

Houses multiple branches of S.T.O.R.E and Breed-N-Bleed


Breed N Bleed is currently open to recruiting:

Any members that wish to join any of the listed Guilds and Schools and their specializations.

Any new Outpost or Branch of the Association, guilds and/or schools. (Reach out for possibilities of assistance in launching a new Outpost or Branch) Any other guilds/schools/associations that wish to develop trade relations Please reach out with any questions or for more information on our Discord. Thanks for considering!

What is S.T.O.R.E

Stormforge Tactically Optimized Regional Economy formed as a joint effort within The Anemoi of multiple regions, The Stormforge, a county where mining, smelting, and blacksmithing are its core focus and identity,, and Zephyros, a county devoted to raising the best animals and their products. You can read more about The Stormforge and the duchy it resides in The Anemoi , which resides in the Kingdom of Vornair.

2/20/2018 4:30:51 AM #1

I look forward to working with Breed and Bleed to establish a branch within The Stormforge !

"Diplomacy is the velvet glove that cloaks the fist of power"

3/5/2018 4:15:11 AM #2

Look forward to working with you!

7/5/2018 12:45:52 AM #3

Breed N Bleed is seeking guilds and people to utilize our leather and wool. If you have a leather or tailoring guild or simply want to start one please pm me or seek me out on discord.

7/5/2018 1:08:42 AM #4

I will be working with Nimb as a mayoress to set up a town that will focus on medical-human and animal, husbandry and breeding for pets, hunting and protection. I hope, if mechanics allow, to open the first Veterinary guild and teach anyone interested.

12/29/2018 5:22:19 PM #5
9/4/2019 4:27:49 PM #6

Count me in for Breed n bleed when the time comes.

(edit) Oh, I will be operating out of Skara Brae.

Aeran Kruefaal, Brudvir, Anemoi, Vornair

9/6/2019 4:13:55 AM #7


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