Tribe Exploration: Brudvir Female

Greetings friends,

I smuggled this past Vanimus Prime for your viewing pleasure! We continue to work on quintessential sculpts for our tribes in order to make 100% certain that the character creator will be able to achieve the targets. This time...the Brudvir!

Players will be able to make customization choices during creation, of course, but this is what we consider to be an exemplary specimen of a female Brudvir.



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Drake County

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Not bad.

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She's lovely!

2/10/2018 1:48:44 AM #6

That looks incredibly smooth. Almost looks like a wildling. Fantastic work!

Any word (ha!) about languages or alphabet?

2/10/2018 1:48:52 AM #7

Very wolf like, probably the best looking one so far

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I'm feeling it.

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Looks good, still concerned why you posted the "extreme" version of Dras but the rest are considered "exemplary"

I'd like to know what a normal person would look like as Dras. I don't need to know what a Dras corpse would look like. It's nice to know how extreme I can push the customization system, but I'd also like to know what Dras actually look like if I were to play one and customize it.

2/10/2018 1:59:55 AM #11

I want one oh wait I'm a noble i'll take 2

2/10/2018 2:03:58 AM #12

Now I've gotta make my ig countess look like Ygritte!

Also I second seeing what an "ideal" Dras would look like

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I look forward to seeing more healthy versions of the tribes as well

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Looks great