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Welcome to Tyto Academy

“The owl is one of the most curious creatures. A bird that stays awake when the rest of the world sleeps. They can see in the dark. I find that so interesting, to be mired in reality when the rest of the world is dreaming. What does he see and what does he know that the rest of the world is missing?” – M.J. Rose


Tyto is dedicated to the furthering of education, research, and technology in the city of Orestia and all those who enter her gates. Whether it’s a new soul, new spark, your NPC children, or a mid-life crisis / change of profession; we aim to assist every mann. The Duke of Orpheus is our main supporter, and he has charged us to maintain a high standard of education within the City.

Out of game, feel free to visit us on discord

Who makes up Tyto

Surnia (Students)

The student body will be made up of first-time souls (first time players), future sparks (players trying to quickly catch up to their previous accomplishments or learning new ones), and likely NPC children whose parents hope they will get ahead of their counterparts.

  • Tyto Classes - Classes have yet to be determined. Domain selection should give us a clearer picture as to which professions will be readily available. However, it is our goal to offer classes for as many professions as we can cover. See the Student Exchange Program below for additional information on other available classes.
  • Tuition - Tuition fees are unknown at this time until further mechanics have been released, as well as what it takes to run the academy overall. We will use grants from the Duke to go towards internal costs while attempting to keep tuition fees low. We are also reviewing pricing options that will allow flexibility for the citizens to pursue their chosen education and research goals.
  • Work Study Program - Select members will be able to provide labor in exchange for their education or access to skills. Students need to apply for these limited slots in order to be accepted into this program, which is on a case by case basis.
  • Housing - While the majority of our student body is likely to come and go on a daily basis, one of our goals is to have housing available for rent. This should help those coming from around Elyria looking for that world-class education by giving them a place to stay.
  • Graduation - Tyto will work with graduates to find a suitable plan for them moving forward. Whether that is continuing at the academy as a researcher, or going out into the field and joining a guild.

Asio (Exchange Students) & Otus (Exchange Professors)

We have developed a partnership with the following academies to train exchange students, trade recipes/research, and exchange professors for special classes to fulfill needs that we cannot meet internally. Each will be taken on a case by case basis.

  • Bordweall’s Research Academy

If you have an academy that is interested in working with Tyto, please reach out to us here on the forums or on discord. We’d love to hear from the academies, no matter their location in the name of science.

Athene (Professors/Lecturers)

Paid professors help keep our classes at the cutting edge. We want to ensure all citizens are well educated in both skills and game mechanics. Professors’ compensation will likely be determined by their level of knowledge within specific professions. When a professor is not in class or teaching a student, they are expected to be furthering their chosen profession and scholarship skills. A few perks you can expect include, but are not limited to, priority membership for your future sparks in order to get you back in the classroom quicker. We also plan to look at options for a teacher’s living quarters. The proposed living quarters may be within the academy itself or in a nearby neighborhood.

Bubo (Staff)

The staff of Tyto manage the academy and ensure the school is well balanced and on track for continuous progress. The worst thing any organization can do is become stagnant.

  • Traveling Librarian - Responsible for the trade of new skills with friendly academies as part of the Exchange Program. Will partner up with explorers and merchants for their travels throughout Elyria.
  • Resource Librarian - Responsible for handling resources and goods. Will also be responsible for hiring and coordinating our own in-house resource gatherers. Supplemental resources will be purchased through the storefront.
  • Security - Responsible for heading up the security on campus and coordinating with local law enforcement and nearby baronies, to protect everything from our researchers to books. Our safety is in their hands...except during the occasional explosion, in which case their life is in the researcher's hands.
  • Gatherers - Responsible for providing crafting resources to our researchers and will be compensated for their work. Will have free access to the research founded by Tyto. Our goal is to keep them sharp and working with the latest technology, making them and us more productive over time.

Ninox (Researchers)

Paid employees whose goal is to further research. Professors will often double as researchers during their time away from the classroom. Salaries will likely be based on their professional skills, with more experienced individuals earning more pay. Commissions will also be paid for research discovered.

We have a few unique ideas for our research group, but for now those will stay within our leadership group until they can be further developed after the release of additional mechanics.

Strix (Board)

The board will be made up of: the Duke, R&D Manager for the Duchy, Orestia City Manager, high level teachers, and high level researchers. The board has potential to change over the years as characters die and start their research/education over again.

The Storefront

While most items will be torn down by the researcher and reused in further research, we will need a place to sell some of the quality items that have more value than being broken down.

The profit will be split between Tyto and the crafter based upon their profession tier as a bonus. This will help some gain a little extra spending money of their own.


The story behind Vör, the Owl of Orestia, and how Tyto came to be is coming soon...

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Been hearing about it for a bit, glad to see it finally coming to fruition!

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We will probably be working together at some point. Tips hat

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Looking forward to working with Tyto. :)

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A big thank you to Kenrik for this awesome post. If anyone has any questions about Tyto Acedemy, please don't hesitate to PM myself or Kenrik with any questions!

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Tyto is back, but now to be located in Alesia within the Duchy of Orpheus and it's capital, the city of Orestia.

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